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Walmart Plus Week Sale 2023 | Guide for Seller’s Success | Rivals of Amazon Prime Day

Walmart+ Week is coming, and it’s a huge opportunity for sellers to increase their sales. According to Walmart, last year, 78% of Walmart customers logged on to during retail deal events. That means there is a lot of potential traffic for your products during Walmart Plus Week.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is Walmart Plus?
  2. What is Walmart Plus Week?
  3. Walmart Plus Week History
  4. When will Start on Walmart+ Week in 2023?
  5. What Walmart sellers can do to prepare for Walmart Plus Week 2023?
  6. Benefit of Walmart Plus Week
  7. Tips for Sellers of Walmart+ Week
  8. Insights

1. What is Walmart Plus?

Walmart+ is a membership program from Walmart that offers a variety of benefits, including free shipping, discounts on gas, and early access to sales. Walmart+ costs $98 per year or $12.95/month, Plus applicable taxes and it is similar to Amazon Prime.

This is not the first time Walmart has given Walmart Plus members early or exclusive access to sales Walmart Plus launched in 2020, and it’s the retailer’s loyalty program, similar to an Amazon Prime membership. 

Watch our youtube video to get proper idea about the Walmart+: Walmart Plus | What You Need to Know about Walmart+ | Alternative to Amazon Prime!

In 2021, Walmart Plus members had early access to Walmart’s Black Friday Deals for Days event, and in 2022, the retailer hosted Walmart+ Weekend, a sale only members could shop.

2. What is Walmart Plus Week?

Walmart Plus Week is a week-long event where Walmart offers exclusive discounts and deals to its members. It is similar to Amazon Prime Day, but it is open to all shoppers, not just Walmart Plus members.

In previous years, Walmart hosted a sale that coincided with Amazon’s Prime Day, known as Deals for Days. However, in 2022, Walmart decided not to hold Deals for Days in July due to many of its products being already on clearance. In 2023, Walmart+ Week marks the comeback of a more organized sale, as Walmart aims to rival Prime Day and compete in the market.

3. Walmart Plus Week History

Walmart Plus Week is a week-long event that Walmart hosts every year in July. During this event, Walmart offers a variety of discounts and promotions to its Walmart Plus members.

2022: In 2022, they organized Walmart+ Weekend, an exclusive sale exclusively for members. The event featured deals on a wide variety of products, including electronics, home goods, toys, fashion, and more. Walmart+ members had early access to the deals, and there were also a number of exclusive deals available to Walmart+ members only.

2023: Walmart+ Week is scheduled to take place from July 10-13, 2023. The event is expected to feature even more deals than the first Walmart+ Week, and Walmart+ members will once again have early access to the deals.

4. When will Start on Walmart+ Week in 2023?

Walmart+ Week starts on July 10 for Walmart Plus members and will feature limited-time deals. Then, on July 11, the event opens up to all customers and will last until July 13.

Walmart+ Week is a savings event where Walmart+ members get first dibs on summer’s hottest must-have items on, including exclusive deals and limited-time offers.

5. What Walmart sellers can do to prepare for Walmart Plus Week 2023?

Plan your Inventory:  Analyze your inventory and make sure you have sufficient stock to meet the potential increase in demand during Walmart+ Week. Consider popular products, seasonal items, and any specific promotions you plan to offer.

Price competitively: Check your pricing strategy and compare it to your competitors. Consider offering discounts or special deals to attract customers during Walmart+ Week. However, ensure that your pricing is still profitable for your business.

Set up promotions: Walmart suggests sellers offer promo pricing with at least a 10% discount for a chance to highlight your products in highly trafficked areas on Create and schedule promotions or special offers specifically for Walmart+ Week. These could include discounts, bundle deals, or limited-time offers. Use Walmart’s Seller Center or API to set up and manage your promotions effectively.

Set a higher budget: There will be higher traffic during these days. So to compete with others and avoid the chance of getting out of budget you need to increase the budget 2 – 3X higher than usual. 

6. Benefits of Walmart Plus Week

Walmart Plus Week is a special event that offers Walmart Plus members exclusive access to deals and discounts. This can be a great opportunity for sellers to reach new customers and boost sales.

Increased visibility: Walmart+ members are more likely to see your products when they are searching for items on This is because Walmart+ members are shown a dedicated section of the website that features products that are eligible for free shipping.

Higher conversion rates: Walmart+ members are more likely to complete a purchase when they see that your product is eligible for free shipping. This is because free shipping is a major selling point for many consumers.

Increased sales: As a result of the increased visibility and higher conversion rates, sellers can expect to see an increase in sales during Walmart+ Week.

7. Tips for Sellers of Walmart+ Week:

  • Ensure fast and reliable shipping: Walmart+ members expect fast and reliable shipping, so make sure you have a shipping plan in place that can meet their expectations. You can also offer free shipping to attract customers.
  • Make sure your listings are optimized for search: This means using clear and concise titles, relevant keywords, and high-quality images. You can also use Walmart’s Listing Quality and Rewards Dashboard to get feedback on your listings and improve your ranking.
  • Run special promotions: Offer discounts or free shipping on specific products during Walmart+ Week.
  • Track your results & Metrics: It’s important to track your results during Walmart+ Week so you can see what’s working and what’s not. This will help you improve your marketing for future events.
  • Give excellent customer service: Walmart+ members expect excellent customer service, so make sure you are responsive to their inquiries and address any issues promptly.

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By following these tips, you can increase your sales and reach new customers during Walmart+ Week.

8. Insights: 

Walmart+ week is an essential occasion for sellers to capitalize on increased customer traffic and boost sales. By preparing inventory, pricing competitively, setting up promotions, and employing effective marketing techniques, sellers can maximize their success during this event and reach a broader customer base.

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