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eComClips is a Bespoke house including eCommerce solution on Magento. Magento is currently the most robust eCommerce platform. More than 22% eCommerce sites in world are built with Magento. Along with free open source community edition, Magento is packed with powerful Inventory Management solution, Shipping Calculation, Coupons and Discounts, Payment Gateway Integration, Fully Customizable Themes and very resourceful APIs which can easily be connected with any softwares and services.

Led by a passion to deliver the best quality services and constant innovation, we’ve delivered over 50+ Magento sites to this date. With our extensive knowledge in eCommerce along with the help of Magento, you can leverage your brick and mortar business to a Multi-Channel giant. Our Graphics team has the creative eye needed to make the store look fantastic, device compatible and responsive with a great user and brand experience.

Looking for a magento development and listing management service?

eComClips will be the partner for your Magento project

Magento development process

Study on Business Pattern:

Business Model is the pattern of its processes and actions. Theoretically and practically, business model represents the core aspects of the business like its purpose, procedures, infrastructure, organizational structures, target customers, operational processes, policies etc. Studying the business pattern is the building block of Magento projects.

Analyzing Requirements:

Requirement analysis is a very important part for Magento development. Requirements which are product variation related, performance related, security related or Category related can vary from project to project. After analyzing the requirements we define client’s needs in a clearly written format.

Defining Scope and Simplifying:

Project scope is a part of project planning. It defines the project boundary and how many deliverable we need to work out during the project life cycle. We simplify the deliverables before starting the work.

Selecting a Promising Solution by Involving The Expert’s Judgment:

Experts are always treated as assets on all organizations. Our Experts of the eCommerce industry at eComClips can save a massive amount time during the planning process. They can highlight the risk, improve product quality and provide accurate forecast of your Magento projects.

Designing System Architecture, User Interface and User Experience:

Experts at eComClips will define Magento system structure, which includes development methodologies (Rational, Waterfall, Agile, etc), how modules will interact with Magento, recovery system etc. Designers at eComClips will design interface and Front-End Representation for the end users.

Development, Testing and Debugging:

Its the building phase of the project. Testing and Debugging is a simultaneous process which is needed to make sure that the project achieves its optimal goal.

Deployment for Live:

After passing User Acceptance Test [UAT] by Clients we deploy the project live. At this stage we start collecting user behavior on the website using Google Analytics.


Maintenance is one most necessary part of Magento Development Life Cycle. Maintenance Activities include optimization, fault correction, enhancement of existing features etc.

Why should you choose eComClips for Magento:

  • For an extensive eCommerce Experience
  • Our experience of working with 50+ projects that started with Magento and expanded into Multichannel eCommerce business.
  • We are Recommended and Trusted. 99% Client Retention. We build long-term partnerships with clients
  • We are Highly experienced at Multichannel eCommerce Project Management
  • Our Dedicated Magento programmers, Highly experienced with Magento Core features.
  • Vast experience with 3rd party software integrations using Magento API
  • We have the Best practices and Strategies to startup your eCommerce Business
  • Great communication and cooperation
  • We provide Very competitive pricing. Starts as low as $500.00

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