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The Best Guideline To Create Product Videos For Your Amazon Product Listing

Amazon presents a huge opportunity for businesses to sell their goods to millions of customers globally as one of the biggest online marketplaces. Utilizing product videos is one of the best ways to promote your goods and differentiate yourself from the competition. We’ll provide you the best advice for producing Amazon product videos for your product listing in this article.

What are product videos on Amazon?

Short videos called “Amazon product videos” highlight the advantages and features of a certain product that is being sold on the website. In order to give customers a more interactive and immersive buying experience, these movies are typically produced by the product producers or sellers themselves and published to the Amazon product page.

Why do we list products using Amazon product videos?

Amazon product videos are helpful for product listings for a number of reasons:

  • Increased engagement: Product videos hold the attention of prospective buyers better and inspire them to spend more time on the product page than static images or text descriptions do.
  • Improved product comprehension: Videos can assist customers better comprehend a product’s features, functions, and benefits so they can make educated purchasing decisions.
  • Sales growth: Videos can support sales growth by displaying the product in use, emphasizing its unique selling propositions, and answering potential customers’ queries or concerns.
  • Enhanced credibility: The authenticity and credibility of the product and the seller can be established through the use of product films, which can increase consumer trust and the possibility that they will make a buy.
  • Better customer experience: Making product videos available to customers can help them have a more engaging and fun time buying, which can increase their satisfaction and loyalty.

In general, Amazon product videos are an effective tool for sellers to highlight their goods, improve client interaction, and boost sales.

What rules apply to the videos for Amazon product listings?

We’ll look at the finest guidelines for producing Amazon product videos for your product listing in this article.

  1. Keep it Brief and Simple

Keeping your video brief and to the point is essential because there is so much stuff vying for our attention today. Make every second count because Amazon suggests that product films be no longer than 30 to 60 seconds. Put your attention on emphasizing the product’s salient characteristics, advantages, and differentiators.

Consider beginning your video with a hook to draw in viewers and keep them watching. It might be a mesmerizing image, an audacious claim, or an issue that your product resolves. Always make the first few seconds of your film count since they are the most important.

  1. Showcase the Product’s Advantages

Customers ultimately want to know how your product will benefit them, even though it’s crucial to highlight your product’s qualities. Emphasizing your product’s primary advantages might help it stand out from the competition and appeal to potential customers.

For instance, if you’re trying to sell a kitchen gadget, emphasize how convenient and easy cooking may be with it. When promoting a fitness product, be sure to emphasize how it can help customers reach their fitness objectives. By emphasizing the advantages of your product, you give clients a strong justification for buying it.

  1. Display the Product in Use

Showing a product in use or outlining its main features is a great way to get people interested. To show off your product from various viewpoints, use close-up views and a variety of camera positions. Customers will gain a better understanding of your product’s appearance and functionality as a result.

Think about including images of customers using your goods. Customers who can see themselves using your goods will feel more sure in their choice to buy as a result.

  1. Use top-notch audio and visuals

Invest in top-notch hardware and editing tools to produce a video that looks professional. To showcase your goods and make sure the audio is crystal clear and understandable, use strong lighting. Your video’s effectiveness can be negatively impacted by distracting lighting and poor audio.

Think about utilizing a tripod to steady your images and a microphone to record audio that is of the highest quality. If you’re unsure of your ability to edit videos, think about hiring a pro to assist you in making your video.

  1. Add subtitles and captions

Considering that many people watch videos without sound, adding captions and subtitles might increase the viewership of your movie. Additionally, they can assist in reiterating important points and aid viewers in comprehending the advantages of your product.

Use subtitles to make it easier for viewers to follow along with the content of your film and think about including captions that emphasize the main features and advantages of your product.

Sellers have to conform to strict requirements set forth by Amazon for product listing videos. 

The following are some essential rules:

Video content: Videos must truthfully portray the goods being sold and must not include any false information. They should be pertinent to the product and free of any watermarks or branding from outside sources.

Video length: Videos should be between 30 and 40 seconds in duration. Possibly, longer videos won’t be accepted.

Video quality: Videos need to be of a good quality and ought to be taken in landscape orientation. They should have good lighting and crystal-clear audio and pictures.

Video format: Videos must be under 500 MB in size and in the MP4 or MOV format.

Content restrictions:Video content must not include any violence, vulgarity, or adult material. Additionally, they must not contain any material that contravenes any intellectual property rights or Amazon’s standards.

Upload instructions:The Amazon video upload feature can be used to post videos straight to the product listing page.

It’s vital to remember that videos that don’t adhere to these rules or that are in violation of any of Amazon’s regulations may be rejected. In order to ensure that their products are featured and marketed properly on Amazon, sellers should make sure that their videos adhere to these rules.

In conclusion, producing a successful Amazon product video takes meticulous preparation, execution, and focus on the little print. These recommendations will help you make a film that highlights the features, advantages, and distinctive selling points of your product in a way that appeals to your target market and increases sales.

make in mind to utilize high-quality graphics and audio, make your movie brief and to the point, emphasize the advantages of your product, demonstrate it in use, and include captions and subtitles.

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