A full service ecommerce solutions company

At the core of Ecomclips, we are all eCommerce experts. We stay on the cutting edge of the eCommerce industry and share our insights with our network of Clients and Partners. Ecomclips is a company made up of talented, hardworking, passionate and fun-loving individuals. These driven youngsters will work tirelessly towards radically improving the Data Management process of your eCommerce Business and implementing Automation in its massively complex industry.

The goal of Ecomclips is to provide a Quality of Service that is not just the best, but legendary. We strive to provide clients with a premium quality and consistent experience. As we care about the success of our clients/partners and treat their business as if it was our own, we bring together experts in the eCommerce industry and introduce them to our clients. We value our relationships with the clients and partners and look for growth opportunities together. As we believe in long-term relationships, we want to help our clients grow their businesses with scientific and effective approaches while maintaining a very responsive communication. We like to listen to our clients and we have learned a great deal by listening carefully to business people from many different parts of the world.

Our Story:

Established in 2012, Ecomclips is a fully self-sustained eCommerce solutions company. We aim to be more than just a solution provider for your eCommerce Business; we intend to be your guide and adviser in your online business venture. By partnering with us, you’ll not only gain the benefits from our technical experts but also from our eCommerce business automation process which is designed to fit all your business needs, goals and aspirations.

Our Promise:

Every project we take on will have a dedicated Project Manager. A Senior Manager will also be assigned to monitor and fine-tune the project communication and deliverable. On top of that, the Co-Founders of the company supervise every single project. Project Manager acts as a link between client and rest of the team consisting of Data Management Officers, Web Developers, Graphics Designers, and Digital Marketers. We encourage daily meetings with clients and continuous follow-ups between both sides. However, the final method or system of communication is worked out between client and Project Manager. Our main focus is on creating a single point of contact for all your eCommerce needs. Our chain and hierarchy of the management allow us to adapt to changes very quickly and communicate effectively. By choosing Ecomclips as your partner, you can be certain that you will be fruitfully guided throughout your journey in the eCommerce World.

Our Culture

We care about the future of our team members. So, we listen to them and make sure to place them in the best suitable positions where they can succeed. We are devoted towards improving the lives of our staff through programs that cultivate self-improvement, teamwork, creativity, and most importantly: fun. These core values that we carefully nurture over time define our brands, services, and business strategies.

  • Your success is our success
  • TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More
  • Create solutions not excuses
  • Positive attitude towards growth and learning
  • Work smarter not harder
  • Self-starter and always takes the initiative
  • Create fun and positive vibes around everyone
  • Honesty, Integrity and an open Mind.


Our company culture is focused on complete collaboration and achieving results as a team. We value honesty and integrity. We are a team of smart, switched-on people with different passions and interests with some common goals and values. Most of our staff are regularly involved in strategic meetings, setting company directions and tracking our progress as a business. Even if someone is not involved in the actual meeting, their input is valued and will be heard and evaluated during the meeting.

Performance Evaluation!

We view performance evaluation as a participatory process that evolves over time. Each year, Team members work together to identify, achieve, and assess their progress toward some clearly defined objectives and goals. Guidance and support are offered directly through regular opportunities for professional development. All team members undergo a yearly performance review program so that the team members can grow very fast to become supervisors if they have acquired the skills required.

Monthly Review!

We have a monthly performance review process that enables us to establish goals for all our teammates. And we help them succeed in what is important to them. We actively create careers, put people on leadership development paths, and offer to mentor and career advice. Also, we encourage self-development and training, pay for professional certifications, send our staff to training courses, conferences, industry roundtables etc.

Special Events Every Month!

Every month we arrange an informal birthday party when we celebrate our teammate’s birthdays of that month. We Party all day long on, talk about Company progress and success, new approaches and collaboratively manage our workloads so nobody is overloaded. We also arrange a delicious Cake and Lunch together. If you would like to be in part of our next Birthday boy/girl, get in touch!

Open Positions!

We are constantly looking out for talented people to join our team. Whether you’re looking for a work experience, want to take the next step in your career or want to work for an agency that focuses on eCommerce and digital business solutions, please send your CV to jobs@ecomclips.com or look at our open positions.

We Do Extra Mileage!

We pride ourselves in going the extra mile for our clients and exceeding their expectations. All of our team members are creative, honest, passionate, attractive and smart individuals who are always trying to push themselves toward excellence. The individuals regularly follow up with our clients and deliver amazing results together.

We Create!

We let everyone in our team to dedicate up to 25% of their time in researching new ideas. And we let our teammates work on things they’re passionate about in the vast eCommerce segment. We call this research session “Create”.


We organize lots of fun team events, which can include anything from going for a team dinner, arranging pool and carom tournaments, having a BBQ party, Yearly picnics and many more.

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