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Amazon Business Seller Program – Sell B2B on Amazon

One of Amazon’s business opportunities to increase your sales is selling B2B on Amazon. You can start selling B2B if you become a part of the Amazon Business program. Only having a business account allows you to sell big volumes. It also provides you access to a lot of Amazon business features such as business pricing, quantity discounts, analytics, and many more. You can also create B2B price offers specially for business customers and other companies who want to buy in bulk. This price will only be available for those business customers and companies.

Here we will share all the information you need to know about the Amazon Business Seller program, also known as B2B selling program.

What is the Amazon Business Seller Program?

Amazon Business Seller Program is a platform that provides sellers with features to help them grow their sales on Amazon business. The main feature is the ability to offer products only to business customers in bulk with various discounts.

B2B on the Amazon Business Platform has Two Programs

  • Amazon Business Seller Program, which is a program for sellers; provides sellers with features to help grow their sales on Amazon Business.
  • Amazon Business Buyer Program, which is a program for buyers; allows buyers with an Amazon Business Account to purchase items for their business on the Amazon marketplace.

In this article, we will only discuss the Amazon Business Seller Program.

How Does Amazon B2B Work?

Amazon B2B enables your company to become an Amazon Business Seller. Amazon Business Account is to sell in bulk with bulk pricing, offer discounts & tax exemption to only businesses, and much more. Amazon B2B is not for every seller as every program comes with some specific purpose. Amazon B2B is perfect for –

  • Retailers who are focused on B2B.
  • Brands that are focused on B2B.
  • Retailers who have some products with margins. It allows them to target business buyers with bulk orders.
  • Sellers who want to fulfill high-volume orders.
  • Sellers who offer business-only discount pricing on one-off purchases.
  • Offer quantity pricing.
  • Offer products that businesses will need and use.
  • Brands whose product is dual purpose for B2B and B2C.
  • Manufacturers & suppliers with B2B-related products that are looking to go directly to your consumer.
  • Dealers who represent many brands with products conducive to B2B sales.

When you sell B2B on Amazon, you don’t have to make your entire catalog available on Amazon Business or go “all in”. You can make some of your products available to business buyers.

How to Join Amazon B2B Program?

To become a member of the Amazon Business Seller Program, you need to have a professional selling account on Amazon. You can easily create a professional selling account by following the steps given below:

  • Step 1: Register on Amazon Business

To create a professional selling account, go to and register it, following the directions from Amazon. Existing sellers can add Amazon business features through their seller central.

  • Step 2: Create a Business Profile

Your business profile is the ‘face’ of your brand. You can tell your brand story, logo, and type of business, and add your quality certifications and diversity credentials for discerning business customers. You can use a profile editor for making your business profile.

  • Step 3: Set up the Products

After creating your business profile, you need to add your catalog using Amazon listing tools and the Enhanced Content feature to make the variety of your product visible to your customers.

  • Step 4: Start to Sell

If you have done everything right in the previous 3 steps, now you are ready to start selling on Amazon. Set your business price and start selling on B2B Program.

Facilities for Amazon B2B Sellers

Every program comes with some particular facilities for the users. If you become a registered Amazon Business Seller, here are the facilities you are going to have as a B2B seller –

  • You can create an Exclusive Business SKU. Businesses can create listings only for businesses that can only be seen by business buyers.
  • Changes to search that make it easier to find your products.
  • You can give Discounted business offer prices and tiered quantity discounts are only available to customers in the Amazon Business Buyer Program.
  • As B2B sellers, businesses can provide tax exemption for qualified purchases.
  • B2B Businesses on Amazon can set credentials such as ISO 9001­ certified, small business, business for women­, minority­ and veteran-­owned business which are displayed to business customers.
  • Businesses can provide manufacturer & distributor part numbers (MPN/DPN) or National Stock Numbers (NSN) after they join the Amazon Business seller program.
  • You can Upload Enhanced Product Documents such as CAD drawings, User Guides, and more.

Amazon B2B Offer Price

One of the most important features of the Amazon B2B Program is that you can create a B2B offer price for business customers only. Now we will discuss how you can create business offers on Amazon. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Log in to your business account.
  • There will be two price sections. One is for regular customers and another is for business customers.

  • The business price will be automatically set when you will enter the regular price. You can also edit the business price by clicking on Business Price for your B2B customers. 

  • Select the product in the business price and press the Quantity Discount on the business price option.

  • Insert your quantity and the discount price you want to give to your business customers.

  • Fix the price or you can give them a discount on their bulk order.

  • Press the set price. Your business price will be set and you are good to go.

After creating an offer price like this, buyers will get Business-only prices and special offers we have created. Also, if they have a Business Prime Account then they will get Free 2-day “Business Prime” shipping.

How much does it Cost?

If you want to grow your business on a large scale with B2B Seller Program, it is better to sign up for the Professional Seller Account. You have to pay a monthly subscription fee, which is $39.99 for professional sellers. Also, you may need to add some Referral Fees, depending on the category of your items.

Cons of B2B on Amazon

The downsides of the Amazon B2B Seller Program are –

  • Paying a monthly subscription fee, most sellers are required to pay additional fees, according to Amazon Seller Central.
  • Standing out from competitors is more difficult.
  • Buyers can easily bypass your products for cheaper items from a different seller.
  • It’s much more difficult to establish strong brand loyalty.
  • FBA costs money, and a bad shipping experience may turn customers away from your product.

Final Thoughts

You need to act now if you’re a seller and want to make your name on the Amazon Business platform. The competition is still relatively low, but it won’t remain an open market for long. The Amazon Business Seller Program gives you access to business customers who are interested in bulk purchases. This is an excellent opportunity to grow your visibility, sales, and reviews in ways that are not available on a professional account. If you have any queries about B2B Seller Program, feel free to comment below.

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