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ChannelAdvisor VS Sellbrite: Which One Is The Best MultiChannel Management Software For You?

ChannelAdvisor is one of the most powerful and expensive tools. Apart from ChannelAdvisor, there are other multi-channel softwares with the same functionality and working methods. An example of other multi-channel software that helps users greatly can be Sellbrite. Both of these applications support Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, and other major marketplaces. Sellbrite and Channeladvisor both offer the following features. Despite having similarities, both Sellbrite and Channeladvisor have some differences in working methods and functions.

Comparison Between ChannelAdvisor and Sellbrite

You will be able to find many similarities and differences between ChannelAdvisor and Sellbrite. This is the main reason each multi-channel software is unique in its own way. To properly understand the uniqueness of each software, we will need to conduct a detailed and elaborate comparison!

In today’s article, we are going to go over these specific comparison points which are:

✅  Supported Programme Interface
✅  Marketplace integrations
✅  Type of customers
✅  Pricing
✅  Key features
✅  Shipping
✅  Advertising
✅  Support or helpline

Supported Programme Interface 

The platform of both Sellbrite and Channeladvisor is Web-based. The web GUI is pretty much nifty and hassle-free to use. All the buttons and menus are self-explanatory. But, Sellbrite is not as heavy as Channeladvisor. But using Channeladvisor is like flying a plane, while using Sellbrite is more like driving a Car. 

You can say that Channeladvisor wins by a long shot, but it will definitely require you to have complete knowledge of Handling multi-channel management software. In this category, we must say that Channeladvisor wins.

Marketplace Integrations of ChannelAdvisor and Sellbrite

In the stage of Marketplace integration, you can use both Sellbrite and Channeladvisor for Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, and other eCommerce platforms.  The Marketplace integration part is pretty much similar for both of these platforms. But, if we go over the entire process of marketplace integration, we will find that the Channeladvisor wins.

Type of Customers for ChannelAdvisor and Sellbrite

Normally Mid-range business owners and Freelancers choose Sellbrite. On the other hand, large business owners with so many items use ChannelAdvisor to manage their business, and Channeladvisor wins on a large scale of usability.

Pricing of ChannelAdvisor and Sellbrite

Pricing is one of the biggest headaches that business owners think about before buying a tool. The pricing of Sellbrite starts at $29 per month, whereas the Channeladviser starts at 1500$ per month. 

So you can definitely see that the biggest difference between Sellbrite and Channeladviser is the pricing. We can clearly see that in this part, Sellbrite is the winner.

Key Features of ChannelAdvisor and Sellbrite

Key features are the main features that a multi-channel management tool offers to its clients.  Here I will not go into the in-depth process of features; rather, I’ll just point out the key features that each tool offers. Let’s look at what features Channeladvisor has to provide to its users.

✅  API
✅  Categorization
✅  Analytics
✅  Management
✅  Cost Tracking
✅  Customizable Templates
✅  Data Import/Export
✅  Data sync
✅  Drag & Drop

Now, let’s see what Sellbrite is providing its customers.

✅  Categorization
✅  Analytics
✅  Forecasting
✅  Inventory Control
✅  Inventory Management
✅  Multi-Channel Marketing
✅  Multi-Store
✅  Order Management
✅  Partner Management
✅  SEO Management
✅  Shipping Management
✅  Third-Party Integrations

After accessing the key features of each multi-channel software, the winner can only be decided by you as it completely depends on the type of usage. If you are looking for a tool to solve all your issues, then Channeladvisor is clearly the winner.

Shipping for ChannelAdvisor and Sellbrite

Shipping is one of the biggest steps of handling an eCommerce business. When it comes to handling and printing shipping labels, Sellbrite does not offer its customers to print shipping labels with a customized SKU. But then, Channeladvisor totally offers their customers to customize their shipping labels and print in bulk.

Some of Sellbrite’s supported carriers are:

✅  Shipstation
✅  Amazon FBA
✅  Easyship
✅  FedEx

Some of Channeladvisor’s supported carriers are

✅  ShippyPro
✅  Shipstation
✅  EasyPost
✅  Shippo
✅  UPS
✅  FedEx

At this point, I must say that Channeladvisor wins this race of shipping management. 

Advertising for ChannelAdvisor and Sellbrite

You can start, edit, monitor, and manage promotions and marketing campaigns from your ChannelAdvisor dashboard. On the other hand, Sellbrite doesn’t offer any marketing or advertising features. So the Channeladvisor is the hero here.

Help or Customer Support for ChannelAdvisor and Sellbrite

Last but not least, the Helpline or customer support of both Sellbrite and Channeladvisor is very active and professional.  You can get them via phone and online chat. There are so many video tutorials for both of these multi-channel applications. But when it comes to video tutorials and guidelines, you will find more materials for Channeladvisor than Sellbrite. So, Channeladvisor wins in this case.


In the article, we have compared Sellbrite and Channeladvisor together. We have not gone through the in-depth comparison but did a summarized comparison going through only the basic points. Going through this content, you will get an overall idea before buying any software. We hope this content will help you understand the features and overview of Sellbrite and Channeladvisor.

I hope this post has been useful for you; if yes, please share this post with your friends and the e-commerce community. You can also let us know your opinions about this post in the comment section.

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