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The Limitation of Amazon A+ Content Design

A+ content is one of the most effective aspects of any Amazon marketing campaign. It is a valuable retail space that allows brands to control their product visuals and product details, resulting in consistent branding across channels and legitimizing the product on Amazon.

In this blog, we discuss the limitation of Amazon A+ content design. But before knowing the limitation of Amazon A+ content design, you need to know what is Amazon A+ content?

What is Amazon A+ Content?

A+ Content is a way for sellers to describe their product listing and promote their brand with enhanced images and video content. These kinds of content allow sellers to alter product descriptions on Amazon-branded ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers) with the help of rich texts and embedded videos.

Why do sellers use A+ content for their products?

A+ has now become very popular among the sellers to use as their product introduction at a glance. With the help of A+ content, one can describe their product visually to the buyer. Too much information makes a gathering and buyers usually don’t read it as they find this way boring. So Amazon comes with the idea of creating an A+ for their product within their given module so that the buyers can find the information at a glance and also looks very interested in the lifestyle on the A+. This helps the seller to increase the sale and get benefited.

When Creating A+ Content, what should you avoid?

• Symbols and special characters should not be used.

• Always check the requirements before using them.

• Never provide the company’s contact information.

• Never describe your business as a distributor or reseller.

• Don’t give any information about shipping.

• Avoid getting quotes from third parties.

• Do not use the same picture twice.

• Avoid links to other websites.

• Be sure to adhere to Amazon’s policies and categories.

• Be sure to avoid giving any guarantees or warranties.

• Please avoid using debatable terms and opinions (for example, “The Best”).

• Don’t use buzzwords such as green, eco-friendly, or cutting-edge.

The words we can’t use in Amazon A+ content

  • Certification assertion (for example, recommended by, certified, tested, approved, proven, validated) and awards must be substantiated by a note in the text describing the awarding body, study, publication, or other indication of the year.
  • Environmental claims with words like “eco-friendly,” “biodegradable,” and “compostable,” including their symbols, are not allowed either in text or in images. A product’s claim to be recyclable or environmentally friendly must be supported by a note in the text along with supporting information, such as the materials used or the certification body.
  • Satisfaction assertions (for example, “100% satisfaction guaranteed”), and boastful claims such as “#1 rated,” “top-rated,” “best-selling,” and so on are not allowed.

These words cannot be used in Amazon A+ content design. If you want to know more about those words, CLICK HERE.

Amazon A+ content guidelines

Make sure that your A+ content is clear and useful by following the guidelines. Amazon has specific terms and policies regarding types of content that may not be allowed, so read the following list carefully. If you do not follow these guidelines, the system may reject your ASIN as a restricted product, or you may be removed from the restricted product list.

Note: Please ensure the images and text you use have all the necessary rights.

Formatting images and text

• Supported image file types include: .jpg, .bmp, and .png in the RGB color space. CYMK color space is not approved. Individual files must keep under 2 MB. Resolution should be at least 72 dpi. The use of animated images is prohibited.

• The use of blur or low-quality images and watermarks images or small text that is unreadable when shown on mobile devices, is not approved.

• Submitting image alt-text that does not describe the image and that would not be useful for a customer in the case of a screen reader application, content can be rejected when it is not useful for the customer.

• It is important that the images and text are unique to A+. Keep your image gallery fresh by not reusing any of the images currently published there. Unique aspects of a product or brand should be highlighted in A+ content.

• Ensure that the text includes only one brand logo and only icons that assist the customer in navigating the text. There is no requirement to use logos and symbols from partners, but if they are logical and beneficial, they may be allowed.

• Spell out all numbers under 10, use consistent punctuation and serial commas, and capitalize each major word in a header. In addition to grammatical errors and punctuation errors, misspellings, large strings of text in all caps, abusing font features, and adding unnecessary or repeated information, the content will be rejected if it contains any of these errors. Bold and italic formatting is only intended to be used to highlight headings or a few select words.

• Content written in languages other than the one specified in the content, including HTML tags, is not permitted, and except as long as it is part of the brand’s identity, small amounts of text in another language are acceptable.

Note: Amazon rejects a product listing that does not adhere to its guidelines.


So, these are the points that are important for Amazon A+ content. But that’s not all. There are so many ways that are needed to know. We will give you some more information and tips in the future.

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