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ChannelAdvisor for Amazon: Features Of ChannelAdvisor

ChannelAdvisor is a leading provider of cloud-based solutions to eCommerce companies. They have made the process of selling items across multi-channel platforms much easier. Through ChannelAdvisor, eCommerce retailers send a single product data feed to the system. This system then transforms, optimizes, and synchronizes the feed with dozens of marketplace channels simultaneously, and it reduces the time of work for all marketplace. If you are an Amazon seller, then the ChannelAdvisor is very beneficial for you as it can handle everything a retailer needs from a marketplace to fulfilling orders and other tasks.

Features of ChannelAdvisor

There are numerous benefits a seller can get from ChannelAdvisor to improve their business strategy for Amazon. You can also use these benefits to increase your profit margin by a lot to gain even more benefits from Amazon. Maintaining proper structure for receiving orders, managing shipping, and handling inventory is vital to profitability in a selected marketplace. That is where ChannelAdvisor steps in with its huge-ranging helpful abilities.

Main Key Features

✅ Submitting new items
✅ Update old items
✅ Order management
✅ Inventory management
✅ Creating promotion

Submitting New Items

For submitting an item on ChannelAdvisor, we have to know several key things that will help us list the desired product accurately without any sort of hiccups. 

✅ Creating items
✅ Creating a new attribute field
✅ Marketplace template mapping
✅ Uploading images

For submitting an item, we might need several attribute fields, which we have to create ourselves to fulfill the requirement of the marketplace. Now I will show you guys how to create new attribute fields on Channeladvisor.

ChannelAdvisor template helps us to know what attributes Amazon requires for submitting an item as per the item’s category, and in that case, Channeladvisor helps us to know all the attribute names for each item category. 

Then we just have to submit those attribute values as per ChannelAdvisor’s suggestion. To follow the ChannelAdvisor template accurately, we have to create some customized attribute fields to fulfill the ChannelAdvisor template requirement before submitting the item to Amazon.

Uploading product images to Amazon require a very long time compared to the time taken by Channel Advisor. Through ChannelAdvisor, we can upload the images very easily to the Amazon marketplace.

Update Old Items

Through ChannelAdvisor we also can edit and update Amazon’s old items and make changes to the content, image, price, and inventory easily. Making all these changes and edits from ChannelAdvisor takes less time compared to Amazon’s intricate details inputting frame.

Inventory Management

When we are going to submit an item to Amazon, we have to always remember and check if we have provided the item with its quantity accurately. We can also update the product’s inventory on Amazon via ChannelAdvisor which can easily be done through the Excel sheet file. ChannelAdvisor also allows you to connect to other 3rd party tools to alter and make changes to the Amazon inventory.

Creating Promotion

Selling items on Amazon sometimes may require us to run promotions for our product. We can run these promotions and coupons on Amazon, through ChannelAdvisor. ChannelAdvisor will conduct all the work with Customers to identify, recommend, and implement promotional and pricing deal opportunities. Channeladvisor will submit approved promotions via Customer’s Portal account on behalf of Customer and monitor their performance.

Final Words!

By following these steps we can easily create, edit, and update the Amazon item through ChannelAdvisor. Hope that this article will help you to properly list items on Amazon with the help of ChannelAdvisor. In the entire post, we have seen the benefits of ChannelAdvisor and how it can help you edit and modify your Amazon product listings and create new ones.

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