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Why should we need to use Amazon A+ contents?

Using enhanced brand content in your product description is a terrific way to increase conversions and the overall performance of your Amazon product listing. When shoppers browse your list, giving them a visual experience helps develop trust and transparency. This structure can feel fairly constraining if you’re a digital marketer or e-commerce manager seeking to break into Amazon’s vast marketplace. Wouldn’t it be great if you could choose how your goods and brand are presented?

That option is available, which is great news!

We’ll go over all you need to know about A+ content in this blog article.

What is Amazon A+ Content?

The term “Amazon A+ content” refers to a listing’s product description that allows brand owners to express their narrative with improved images and video material.

Amazon A+ content goes beyond basic information to provide a great online purchasing experience. This enhanced content combines many modules to deliver all the information about a product that internet customers require.

What does an Amazon A+ content page contain?

An Amazon A+ content page contains:

  • A variety of modules where we can apply images
  • An introduction that is both brief and informative.
  • A list of bullets that isn’t too long.
  • Scannable headers for supporting paragraphs.
  • There’s also a section called “What’s in the Box.”                 
  • A comparison chart to showcase your other products.

What is Premium Amazon A+ Content?

Premium Amazon A+ or A++ content is an advanced technique of enhanced brand content. It is not free for sellers.

What does a Premium Amazon A+ content page contain?

  • Full-page photos that make the most of the available space.
  • A video module that can play in full-screen mode or a video module alongside text.
  • Limited text.
  • Clickable Q & A option.
  • Comparison charts in various formats.
  • Carousel module.
  • Startup module for adding the owner’s description.

Why should we need to use Amazon A+ content?

Sellers should use Amazon A+ content for the following purposes:

  • Amazon A+ attracts customers’ attention rapidly.
  • It definitely increases the sales rate.
  • It helps to put your product in the spotlight.
  • It helps to improve the conversion rate.
  • It creates a complete online buying experience.
  • It makes it easy to inform about cross-selling to customers about all the items within a product family.
  • It helps to get better reviews.
  • Fewer returns.



Who can use Amazon A+ content?

Only Brand Owners and Professional Sellers who have been approved as Brand Owners through the Amazon Brand Registry (ABR) program have access to Amazon A+ content. A+ Content is a Vendor Central Program that is only open to those who have been invited.

A+ Content Set Up:

A+ Content is a feature available only to professional merchants. Simply register your business as a professional vendor on Amazon Brand Registry to have access to Brand Stores and other special content features. Once you’ve enrolled, you may use the A+ Content Manager to create your A+ content from Seller Central. Simply select the product you want to promote and begin creating eye-catching content.

The limitations of A+ content on Amazon:

There are 2 cases in which you won’t be able to add A+ Content to your goods listing:

  • When content has already been published by a retail vendor for an ASIN, you may encounter issues. In this case, Amazon will not enable you to submit more A+ content.
  • Because the brand registry is not available for products in the media, video, digital, or book industries, vendors in these industries must rely on word of mouth.

Allow us to create your A+ pages

We are here to help you create successful Amazon A+ content. Some recognizable businesses have benefited from our strategic approach to A+ content. Content production, design, delivery, SEO, optimization, and analytics are all aspects of the Amazon content lifecycle that we are familiar with. 

If you found this information useful, please leave a comment, share this blog. Also, if you have any questions about A+ content, please don’t hesitate to ask. We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.

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