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How To Update Pricing in Bulk on Amazon and Walmart through ChannelAdvisor

For marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart and others, we can easily update the price through ChannelAdvisor using a feed file. This article aims to guide you so that you can easily update the price through ChannelAdvisor using a feed file. To do so, you need to follow some simple steps that you can see in the following discussion.

Follow the steps below and learn it. First, you need to prepare the feed file. Then upload the feed file on ChannelAdvisor.

Prepare Feed File: First, we need to prepare the feed file(excel file) and fill out only SKU/Inventory Number and price.

And Save this file in text format.

Upload Feed File on ChannelAdvisor: After preparing the feed file we need to upload this file on channel advisor-

Go to Products then, Click on “Import a File”

Now select the price update file.

File Processing should be (Updates Only)

Then Click on Import Button.

That’s all. All marketplace price updates are the same procedure. But depend on your template mapping in the price field because the price field is “Buy it now price”, “Retail Price” etc. That’s why you need to check Amazon, Walmart template mapping price field and price rules, then update the price on channel advisor.

Import Type=Inventory

File Processing=Updates Only

That’s all in this process. If you have any queries or questions, contact us by commenting on the below section.

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