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What Jungle Scout Is, and The Brief Explanation of the Jungle Scout Tool

Do you want to rank your product listings on the first page of any marketplace? Jungle Scout is here to do that for you and make your life easier and effortless! Properly grouping your business in the right way will help you see a large profit ratio in the future. This is where having proper SEO for your listing is very important! Jungle Scout also helps you in this perspective greatly.

What is Jungle Scout

Jungle scout is the leading all-in-one platform for selling on Amazon, with the mission of providing data & insights to help entrepreneurs and brands grow their businesses.

It is an Amazon research tool that helps you find winning products, estimate sales, research keywords, and spy on competitors from one easy-to-use dashboard. It instantly shows you what products will be the most profitable and easiest to grow your business with.

How can Jungle scout help you? Here are the advanced features of the jungle scout that immensely be profitable for your company.

✅ Niche Hunter
✅ Product Tracker
✅ Product Database
✅ Keyword Scout
✅ Ease of Ranking and Keyword Difficulty
✅ Relevancy Score

These are the tasks we can do with JS which benefit our business tremendously by:

✅ Saves your hours of work
✅ Identifies the best products to sell for your business
✅ Shows you exactly which terms to use to optimize your listings
✅ Shows you the entire history of the number of sales so you can make informed decisions
✅ Explore every niche instantly to find untapped products to sell

Vital Tools on Jungle Scout

On the home page, you will find information like total sales, total profit, stock details, and other details of your Amazon seller account. Please note that the Home page won’t show any sales graph if your seller account is not linked to your Jungle scout account. Here are some of the tools that you can find in the “Toolbox” tab in Jungle scout.

Sales Estimator On Jungle Scout

The Sales Estimator will show us the estimated sales per month for a specific category, which will help you to decide which item will be more profitable.

Listing Grader On Jungle Scout

It mainly works for Listing Optimization Score measures product title, description, key features, keywords, images, and other data points to give you instant feedback on any listing.

Product Research On Jungle Scout

Conducting accurate product research on your specific item will greatly help it to have a better reach to customers and gain proper ranking on the marketplaces too. Here are points that we are going to discuss in detail:

✅ Product Database
✅ Product Tracker
✅ Opportunity Finder
✅ Category trends

Product Database On Jungle Scout

The product database of Jungle Scout is enormous. It has a lot of options to help you drill down into Amazon’s catalog and find your next potential product. You will get the option to search for the best products from the millions of products on Amazon. We can use this tool directly from the dashboard of Jungle Scout.

Product Tracker On Jungle Scout

You can access this tool directly from the dashboard of Jungle Scout. You can find this below in the product database. Using this tool, you can monitor the sales of these products and see which products are potential for your business. Here you will get all the added products from the product database that will show on the Product Tracker tool. This tool tracks the performance of all the products you’ve added. The whole thing is made possible, among other things, by the fact that you can track sales at the same time.

You can also monitor the turnover or the best seller rank of certain items. If you have discovered attractive products, you can also group them. The most important key figures here include the daily turnover, the price, or the sales rank. You can also download the results from the Product Tracker as a CSV file.

Opportunity Finder On Jungle Scout

Opportunity Finder is based on the Jungle Scout algorithm to measure product demand, competition, and listing quality that evaluates how likely the product is to succeed on Amazon.  

Want to find product niches with just one click? Then use the Opportunity Finder tool directly from the dashboard. You must enter high-demand or low-demand keywords in the search box to find the best niche ideas for your business. You can also select product categories before running the search to narrow down the opportunities.

You will also get data metrics like monthly search volume, niche score, average monthly units sold, seasonality, monthly sales, competition, and so on.

Category Trends On Jungle Scout

The Category Trends show us which category is in trend on Amazon. Also, we will get the option to select a category from many categories and see the trending subcategories. You follow the trends based on the time and date as well.

Supplier Module On Jungle Scout

We already know that Jungle Scout has a huge list of suppliers, but we want to know how the supplier module works. Below the product research module, you will get the Supplier Module. After expanding this, you will get two features:

✅ Supplier Database
✅ Supplier Tracker

Supplier Database On Jungle Scout

Similar to the Product database, Jungle Scout also has a supplier database that you can directly access from the dashboard. You can search for suppliers based on 4 options:

✅ Supplier Name
✅ Company
✅ Product

Supplier Tracker On Jungle Scout

If you are selecting more than one supplier, then you will need to do something to track all those suppliers as well. That’s where the Supplier Tracker tool comes in. Here, you will see all the suppliers you will add to the supplier database. It helps to manage multiple suppliers at once.

Keyword Module On Jungle Scout

The Jungle Scout dashboard will get the Keyword Module feature after the supplier menu. The keyword module of Jungle Scout has many tools that help you find the best keywords and manage them easily. Yes, Jungle Scout comes with one of the best keyword research tools available out there. If we expand the Keyword Module, we will get 4 tools here.

✅ Keyword Scout
✅ Keyword Lists
✅ Listing Builder
✅ Rank Tracker

Keyword Scout On Jungle Scout

Keyword Scout is the most accurate and comprehensive Amazon keyword research tool. It helps to discover high-converting keywords and get direct insight into which keywords our competitors are ranking for! Use the Keyword Scout tool to create an Amazon listing field with the best keywords. You will find this tool under the keyword section on the dashboard of Jungle Scout. 

All you need to do is enter a particular keyword or add up to 10 ASINs to get another keyword list for your listing. If you’re looking for something specific in data metrics, then you can use filters like Keyword Count, Product Category, Product Count, Keyword Search Volume, and more. You can set the filter and get the best result you desire.

Keyword List On Jungle Scout

In the keyword list, you can create an Amazon listing using the keywords you found on the Keyword Scout tool. You just need to enter keywords, and it will show you all the related metrics such as category, 30 days search volume, PPC bid exact, recommended promotion, the difficulty of the keyword, and PPC bid broad. Also, you can download the list in CSV format to use it later.

Listing Builder On Jungle Scout

The listing builder allows us to build a listing based on your keyword and product research. Use the listing builder directly from the dashboard of Jungle Scout and top keywords to create listings. Clicking on the “Create listing” button to start creating the product listing. You can also optimize any existing listing from the Listing Builder. As you add the products to your listing, you will also see the listing score on the left side of the screen.

Rank Tracker On Jungle Scout

The Rank Tracker of Jungle Scout works for tracking the rank. Here you can track the ranks of your selected keywords. Also, with this feature of jungle scout, you can spy on ranking your competitors’ keywords. You need to add products manually to start the tracking.

Marketing On Jungle Scout

Below the keyword module, you will get the Marketing module. At the Marketing feature, you will get two tools accordingly.

✅ Promotions
✅ Review Automation

Promotions On Jungle Scout

The promotion feature allows Amazon to easily promote and boost your product from Jungle Scout, which increases your Amazon sales. You can run your amazon campaign from the Jungle Scout. Amazon products directly within Jungle Scout and jumpstart early sales with promotional campaigns. This great feature will allow you to refresh your product’s listing to the top of the Deals page for shoppers to find it more easily. Here only active products can be used to create promotions.

Review Automation On Jungle Scout

Review Automation lets sellers automatically send review requests for new orders. Depending on your plan, you can also access advanced settings that will give you more control over which of your products send review requests and unlock additional review-focused information & data.

Sales Analytics On Jungle Scout

Then the feature comes Sales analytics; let’s see what’s special about this tool. The Sales Analytics feature allows you to view and analyze the financials of your Amazon business easily. When the Amazon account and jungle scout are connected, all of your Amazon data, including sales and fees, are synced automatically with Jungle Scout throughout the day. 

You can also add your product and shipping costs and other costs or revenue related to your business for a complete picture of your profitability. After expanding the Sales Analytics feature, you will get three advanced tools here.

✅ Profit Overview
✅ P&L Statement
✅ Other Transaction

Profit Overview On Jungle Scout

The Profit Overview page is the main page within Sales Analytics, where you will be able to see product-level details for all of your items. A company-level view and a Multi-Product view will show you data for each product separately.

Profit & Loss Statement On Jungle Scout

For Amazon sellers, the Profit and Loss statement is one of the best tools for evaluating the past performance of your business. Net income is calculated by adding up all of your various business expenses like Pay Per Click campaigns and monthly Inventory Storage Fees and subtracting them from total revenue. Net income is also what is used to determine taxable income in a given year.

Other Transactions On Jungle Scout

Here is the Other Transactions section to enter additional expenses or income associated with your company or individual products. There are two main sections; Manual Entries & FBA Inbound Shipping.

Advertising Analytics On Jungle Scout

Advertising Analytics offers you PPC metrics from both Seller Central and Campaign Manager to help you analyze and understand the impact your advertising is having at a company level. Depending on your plan, you can access this feature after you sync Jungle Scout & Amazon accounts and enter in costs within your Product Settings.

Manage Product On Jungle Scout

After the Advertising, you will get the Manage Product menu, you will get the three features here.

✅ Inventory Manager
✅ Product Setting
✅ Product Cost

Inventory Manager On Jungle Scout

Inventory Manager syncs directly with your Seller Central account to accurately predict how much stock you’ll need for your FBA business and when to order it. The Inventory Manager will help us with the following area.

✅ Calculate Amazon inventory needs
✅ Predict FBA sales and profits
✅ Monitor inbound inventory
✅ Avoid Amazon storage fees
✅ Prevent stockout

Product Settings On Jungle Scout

Once you sync your Amazon account, all your active products in Seller Central will be automatically activated in Jungle Scout. You can manage all your ASINs directly from the Product Settings option within the My Products menu. With the product set, you can search for individual SKUs, edit the product name, manually refresh images, add your Product Lead Time & Reorder Days of Supply, and toggle products on or off (active/inactive).

Product Cost On Jungle Scout

Here at the Product cost feature, Jungle Scout automatically imports all of your Amazon sales and expense data to get an accurate view of your profitability. Each time for a sale, it uses the Total Cost Per Unit (along with order-related Amazon expenses it automatically records, like fulfillment fees) to calculate the total costs for an order. The total costs are then subtracted from the sales price to show the profit.

Jungle Scout’s Academy On Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout Academy offers a wide range of courses to teach everything you need to know about selling on Amazon. Each course is divided into videos that are at most 10 minutes short, bite-sized content that you can follow along with at your own pace.

Extension Of Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout’s Chrome extension is a Chrome and Firefox extension that allows you to conduct product research when you browse Amazon. By using Extension, you can get sales estimates in real-time, view historical data, and determine the demand and competition for any given product on Amazon.


Throughout the entire post, we have explained what Jungle Scout is and how it can benefit your company greatly! But Still, if you have any questions or confusion, Let us know in the comments box below.

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