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Wayfair Advertising : Do’s and Don’ts in Wayfair Sponsored Ads

Wayfair is an e-commerce company that was founded in 2002. They ship furniture, home decor, and other household things all around the world. The company has continually developed, and now has over 15 million goods and over 12,000 suppliers. Wayfair has also recently integrated search-based digital advertising into its e-commerce platform. Similar to Amazon and Walmart, Wayfair now offers sponsored product ads, which appear in search results based on keyword targets searched by consumers. These ads show up in organic search results, automated and driven by categories.

When it comes to advertising on Wayfair , there’s a lot to contemplate and follow accordingly. Irrespective of the type of advertisement, there are a few do’s and don’ts to be followed.

Do’s and Don’ts of advertising on Wayfair :

  •  Do: Concentrate on the Keyword Research :
    Research on keywords and focussing more on them will help you efficiently project your PPC campaign. The keyword testing specialty will help you maintain your ACoS value at a controllable level. This test will let you figure out which keyword suits the best for conversion rates to stay high.
  • Do: Go through Wayfair Guidelines :
    Wayfair Guidelines are a set of rules set by the Wayfair. Those who’d want to enter the advertising field of wayfair  must be aware of all these guidelines. The rulebook says to follow all the rules for any wayfair  PPC campaign. Starting from the typeface to the discounts, wayfair  has to approve the advertising campaign including the logo, sizing, and the graphics used in the ad.

  • Do:Make sure to create all types of campaigns :
    Wayfair allows us to create both “ Product targeted “ and “ Keywords targeted “ campaigns.While starting with product targeted campaigns we should gradually move to keywords targeted campaigns .By creating keywords targeted campaigns we have more control on keywords for which we are spending on per click .

  • Do: Check overall ROI and made adjustment based on that :
    To make the advertising profitable ,we have to check ROI on campaign level to make sure we are spending on the campaigns having good ROI in number besides we can check the “conversion rate “ for the items and spend money more on the items having good returns.

  • Don’t: Stop depending only on  Auto Campaigns:

If you are new to this field, it’s okay to go for the “Auto campaigns “ But being more dependent on it will denigrate your PPC end potential of the advertising campaign.

  • Don’t: Stop rushing into making budget changes for your Product Ads campaign

Most beginners commit mistakes when it comes to making changes in the budget. Always wait for it to leave an impact on the viewers. Trying to make budget changes so soon wouldn’t help you understand your PPC advertising campaign’s potential or the impression on your ad. Many successful stories suggest you wait for at least one to two weeks before making any changes to your product ads.You should let the budget be enough to get your advertising  through the whole day.

  • Don’t: Overspend on Expensive, High-Volume Keywords :

Don’t overspend on the keywords that are having high search volume but low conversion rate .Try to add some more new keywords from search terms and product relevant keywords .

  • Don’t: Don’t create duplicate campaigns and keywords :

Don’t use the same campaigns twice or do not use any items in multiple campaigns ,that may cost you money twice for the same products and may lower the conversion rate for your advertising campaigns .

Speaking of the competition ,it’s important to realize that Wayfair is a unique advertising ecosystem. So if you can optimize your ad campaigns perfectly ,it can make a huge difference to your advertising ROI and the overall success of your campaign.

Hopefully, now you have a clear idea about what should be done and what shouldn’t be done for  your wayfair advertising. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any queries on any advertising field of eCommerce. Please let us know if you face any issue. We are always here to hear from you.

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