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Overview Of Wayfair Marketplace | List Items on Wayfair

Finding the right marketplace to sell your home decor items is very important! Even though it is a broad niche, some selective customers only look towards searching for home decor items in particular. In this category, the Wayfair marketplace has taken up the stand and is dedicated to selling everything related to home decor items in particular. So, any seller who is interested in selling products in this category should consider researching the Wayfair marketplace in-depth. Wayfair provides its client base with numerous beneficial facilities that help buyers to grow their businesses effortlessly.

What is Wayfair

Wayfair marketplace is dedicated to selling home decor items. Here, you can find products like furniture, appliances, and other items for your house. Customers can choose from dozens of categories relating to the home, including tools for construction and pet and baby supplies. Wayfair collaborates with hundreds of brands and also owns and runs a few lifestyle brands of its own too.

How to Become Profitable on Wayfair

Wayfair’s business model makes money using a kind of drop-shipping method. In this business model, the company doesn’t need to own any inventory. Instead, it has a wide supply network, which will ship its products directly to the end consumer.

This way, whenever a product is sold on one of Wayfair’s websites, the appropriate supplier is notified. Then, it packages the product and ships it directly from its storage place to the customer who’s purchased that. Wayfair currently offers more than 18 million items, from over 7,000 suppliers. Wayfair doesn’t handle 95% of the goods its websites sell, the buyers do all the work by themselves.

Listing Items on Wayfair

When listing on Wayfair, there are several steps that you need to follow to get your product listed accurately. We will be going through all the steps in detail that you need to complete to perfectly list your item on Wayfair.

Step 1: Login into Wayfair

First, you will need to log into your Wayfair account and you will see the main dashboard of Wayfair. From there, you will need to click on the “Products” tab and click the “Product Management” tab.  After that, you will need to click the “Add Products” button underneath the “SKU Addition.” 

Step 2: Downloading the Wayfair Product Sheet

After selecting “Add Products”, you will be taken to a new page. Here, you will have to select the “SKU Addition” tab.

Then, you will be taken to a new sheet where you can select your brand. If you did not create your brand yet, then you can simply add your new brand by clicking on “Add New Brand”. Once everything is done,  you are now ready to click on the “Download Blank Template.”

After clicking the download option, you will now have to choose how you want to get your sheet. There are two options available, one Product Sheet Only and the other one Product Sheet with Specific Details. We will select the Product Sheet with Specific Details and add the required Category and Class for the product and download the sheet.

Step 3: Filling in the Wayfair Product Sheet

Once you open the downloaded sheet, you will see numerous blank options to fill in. Wayfair has already highlighted all the required fields where you will have to insert information to upload your product. You will also find optional category sections where you may or may not fill the field in. We advise you to fill in all the details that correspond with your product. Doing so will help customers to better know what your product is and in turn increases the selling chances.

Step 4: Uploading and Submitting your Wayfair Listing

After you fill in all the categories, you will need to upload this sheet to Wayfair. You can drag and drop the sheet to the Wayfair page or browse your sheet manually.

Once the sheet has been successfully uploaded, you will again need to provide Wayfair with all the required information at the top part of this page. After providing all the information, all the specification tabs will show a green approval sign. Now you are ready to submit your product listing to Wayfair. You will need to wait as Wayfair will now review your listing.

Once all is done, Wayfair will notify you if your listing has been posted or not. If there is any problem with your listing, Wayfair will also notify you about that too.


To summarize this blog, we have introduced you to Wayfair Marketplace and gone through all the important parts. We have also gone over the step-by-step process of listing a product on Wayfair. If you follow these steps to the point, then you can easily list your products without any problems. If you’re more interested in Wayfair advertising, please visit this blog post.

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