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How to Make Quicker and Faster Competitors Research Using Helium 10

To grow a thriving e-commerce business on a single platform like Amazon, everything you need to know is detailed competitor’s keyword research, as it gives you a glimpse of buyer intent allowing you to stand out in a massive competition. To increase sales you must know how to do faster, and more powerful product research. Here you will find a smart guide with details that are aimed to lead you through the smart listing creation process so that you can create high-ranking listings every time.

Make High Ranked Listing Using Helium 10:

Step 1: At first, you are required to log in to your Helium 10 Account. Go to the Dashboard and search in ‘Research a Keywords’ with the item name you will sell on Amazon. 

Step 2:  Here you will find the top-selling products of your competitors. To get more click on Research These Products in Black Box.

Step 3: You will find popular products similar to what you have in mind. You have to pick 10 ASINs of the best-selling products. You can also download the top-selling product list by clicking on Download to CSV.

Step 4: Click on the Tools section and then go to Cerebro and hit on it to open the Cerebro page. 

Step 5: Now you have to insert 10 ASINs of top-selling similar products that you have selected for top ranking keywords. These ASINs will produce a very wide array of search results when input into Cerebro. You have to filter out the keywords based on important criteria. 

Step 6: Finally you will get a plethora of useful information about those competing products. Information includes valuable insights like monthly search volume and likely longtail keywords. You just need to incorporate these high-ranking keywords into your product listing. 

You will get a phrase as a keyword and not an individual word. This translates into buyer intent. If someone were to go onto Amazon with the intent of buying they will type in phrases to get a match for what they’re looking for.

As you have learned the right strategies, hope this will help you stand out from thousands of competitors. Keep watching us and stay up-to-date and ahead of the curve with the latest strategies for serious Amazon sellers and learn to integrate sustainability practices into your financial business model for long-term returns.

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