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The Process of Working on Hubstaff: A Workforce Management Software

In your company, how do you handle time management and employee supervision? On the market, there are thousands of time tracking and staff monitoring solutions. Among them is Hubstaff, which is well-known for personnel monitoring, tracking, and productivity evaluation.

In this post, we’ve presented an in-depth evaluation of Hubstaff, covering its features, pricing, benefits, and drawbacks. If you’re an user of the monitoring and productivity tool Hubstaff, this in-depth review will be quite useful.

Hubstaff: A Brief Review

Let’s have a look at the features and get a brief review of Hubstaff before diving into the details.

Hubstaff is primarily a time management application that includes features such as tracking, monitoring, productivity analysis, scheduling, GPS tracker, and invoicing. It helps you grow your organization by organizing and managing employees through an efficient manner.

The user interface is simple and straightforward, with all the necessary features. Hubstaff’s key services are as follows:

  • Work monitoring features include automated monitoring, timers, mobile tracking and reporting, adjusting time, and adding comments.
  • Budgeting and monitoring project management, multitasking, and team leadership
  • Action reporting, spending reports, budget reports, hour off reviews, invoicing updates, scheduling reports
  • Employee management, payroll, and invoicing are some extra services available.
  • Over 40 integrations, including Asana, Slack, and others.
  • Windows, Android, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Web are all supported.

Hubstaff’s Benefits and Drawbacks


  • You may quickly and easily switch between projects and tasks using the time tracking software.
  • The automated time assists in the accurate collection of the data for invoicing, payroll, and reporting.
  • It has a comprehensive review system in several areas that allows customers to save more hours.
  • The worksite facility is highly valuable for individuals that work in multiple places.


  • For a single user, the free edition provides very limited functionality.
  • In comparison to other time tracking apps, Hubstaff is expensive.
  • It is necessary to improve the payroll.

Hubstaff’s main characteristics

Time Tracking

Hubstaff has a simple timer that allows you to simply track your time. It has both desktop and mobile applications. It keeps track of time for each project and task. Each project can be started or stopped using the start/stop button, or the timer can be started by choosing every program.

The most beautiful things you could ever reach for-

  • Notes on the time, edit the time entries if you need to make some crucial work notes.
  • From the timer, you can create, change, or delete tasks, as well as track them. It will assist you in becoming more organized so that you can manage projects more effectively.
  • Without the timer, using the completely automated time tracker.
  • Receiving notifications and alerts for screenshots and idle time, etc.
  • The timer can be set for specified hours and days.

Employee Observation

Hubstaff offers a comprehensive employee monitoring procedure that is packed with useful features. You won’t have to worry about how your employees return their work hours: screenshots, apps, and URLs, as well as activity tracking.

Let’s look at it a little more.


Every ten minutes, Hubstaff captures a random screenshot. This function is in high demand among users. As a result, you shouldn’t be concerned about your employees’ jobs because you can see what they’re doing on their screens.

  • Each person’s screen capture can be customized.
  • The number of screenshots taken is also adjustable.
  • To protect the privacy issue, you can blur the screenshots.
  • It sends a notification each time a screenshot is taken. You have the option of turning off the notice.
  • You have the option of deleting a specific screenshot.

Activity tracking

Hubstaff increases the productivity of the team, constantly monitoring keyboard and mouse action. A productive bar may appear, representing the entire percentage of activity. This graph depicts the average number of hours spent using the keyboard and mouse.

It displays the performance graph every ten minutes. It also determines the activity percentage. Furthermore, it gives a percentage rating and displays a relative percentage of the previous day’s activity.

As an example, green signifies 50% and up to 100% activity; yellow means 20% to 50% activity; and red means 0 to 20%.


Hubstaff’s configuration is simple and basic. To sign up for their 14-day free trial, simply enter your email address and create an account. The remainder of the options are straightforward.

Hubstaff review
  • You can create your own organization or join an existing one as a team member after completing the email verification.
  • Hubstaff provides a variety of industry options to enhance your personalization. Create a new organization with a name, team size, and co-owner if your organization matches theirs.
  • You must choose which features to utilize. You’ll also need to fill out your project and task information. Hubstaff also offers some project suggestions.
  • After that, you have the option of choosing a plan or skipping for a bit. And it is from here that you will access the dashboard. You have the option of using the web app or a specific software for your device.

Plans for Pricing

On a yearly and monthly basis, Hubstaff offers four pricing plans. The plans differ in terms of the services and features available. It also offers premium tools with the freemium scheme. A 14-day free trial is available to you at no cost.

Among the plans are:


Hubstaff is completely free for a single user and includes only the most basic time tracking tools.


The monthly fee for this plan is $7 per user. This package is appropriate if you require a major time tracking solution.


This is the most popular plan offered by the company. It costs $10 per month for each user.


Monthly fees are $20 per user. This plan includes all the features and services.

If you pay annually, you can get two months free on all programs. In addition, in the annual plan, the plans are reduced.

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