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EtsyHunt Overview – Best Keyword Research Tool for Etsy | EtsyHunt Review, Pricing, Pros & Cons in 2023

Choosing the appropriate tools is crucial for any retailer using retail eCommerce platforms like Etsy. Knowing the market and the state of the competition is essential whether you sell products that are manufactured to order, print them as needed, or purchase them from a source.

For a store to succeed, sales volume is essential. Additionally, merchants who use the tools to enhance their listings and increase store traffic profit more.

However, getting the assistance you require and the proper tool for the job might be challenging. Because there are lots of keyword research tools available in the market for the Etsy marketplace like Alura, EtsyHunt, Marmalead, Sale Samurai, ERank, etc. 

Among them, EtsyHunt is one of the best tools that helps Etsy sellers improve their rankings in search and make them easier for your buyers to find. It has a lot of helpful tools that you can use and bring in more sales for your shop. Here is our review of EtsyHunt!

In this article, we will discuss in detail the EtsyHunt tool. By reading this article, you can easily make decisions about whether will you use the EtsyHunt tools or not. So keep reading till the end of the article.

What is EtsyHunt?

EtsyHunt was developed for Etsy sellers to increase their exposure and ranking in Etsy searches. It is a free analysis tool with some paid options as well. It entails much more than just product research; it goes well beyond that. There are numerous data points in it that can be utilized in statistical studies.

It currently displays almost 30 million goods from Etsy. There is a thorough data analysis for each product, including the overall product sales, weekly sales totals, product review ratings, etc. Obtaining this information through EtsyHunt is simple.

With its resources, you can identify items with high demand, get ideas for your store, and enhance your store to increase your sales.

Why will You Choose EtsyHunt?

EtsyHunt can be a very useful tool for you if you’re an Etsy seller that specializes in selling products on the platform, as you can utilize it for Etsy SEO operations. In addition, it can be a great tool for researching products, conducting keyword research, and analyzing Etsy businesses’ rankings.

  • EtsyHunt is a product research database with more than 48,000,000 products available for analysis. 
  • Its database contains information about the products available on the Etsy marketplace. 
  • You will know the details about the product name, price, seller, product images, and additional information provided by the seller, such as the materials used or the product’s dimensions.
  • Helps you to discover the most successful Etsy stores.
  • You analyze search results based on various criteria and learn what strategies work for successful Etsy sellers. 
  • Get an idea about keywords like how many people search for particular keywords and how hard it is to compete with other sellers for those keywords.
  • The reminder tool helps sellers follow up with their customers, get more positive reviews by sending them personalized messages, and converting them to return customers.
  • The Free Plan lets you try and use this tool without any commitment
  • The Basic Plan is very cheap and offers some great features for single-store owners.
  • User-friendly
  • Its features help you improve your rankings and visibility.

EtsyHunt Features at a Glance

EtsyHunt offers some excellent features for sellers who are selling items on Etsy. Hope you already have a good notion of how EtsyHunt might be useful to you, but what features does it offer? Let’s examine their characteristics and discuss how you may use them to grow your Etsy business.

We can categorize all the EtsyHunt features into 5 sections.

  • Product Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Shop Analyzer
  • Operations 
  • EtsyHunt Toolkit

Product Research

EtsyHunt product research database gives you access to millions of top-selling products on Etsy. You can enter search criteria to find the items you need, or type in a store name to view all of their products. A range of filters can help narrow down your searches, such as reviews, shipping origin, favorites, pricing, and more.

When you click on a product, you can learn more about tags, monthly performance, sales, favorites, and more. Additionally, you can filter by ‘bestseller’ and export your search results in a CSV file.

For digital product sellers, there is an option to check off only digital products. The Etsy Product Chart also provides an insight into popular items, featuring the Top Selling Chart and the Rising Chart with recently increasing sales.

Keyword Research 

This tool can be useful in helping you identify words and tags that can make your Etsy listings stand out. It provides the top trending tags in real-time. By searching for a specific keyword or phrase, you will be able to see how it is performing in terms of views, sales, and competition. 

Furthermore, you will also be provided with other useful information such as the top-selling products associated with the phrase, the country where it is doing best, and more. 

Additionally, the Hot Word Cloud is a compilation of the most popular keywords related to the search term, which can be used to get new ideas for products and services. 

Shop Analyzer

EtsyHunt’s Shop Analyzer provides useful insights into the success of the most successful stores on Etsy. It also allows you to search for a particular shop and view data such as the number of sales, reviews, favorites, and the date when the store was created.

You can explore the shop of a top seller on EtsyHunt. This will give you an opportunity to take a peek at their items and understand what makes them so successful.

In addition, from the product list, you can access the product research tool to get an analysis of the products being sold by the business.

Operations Tool

With the Listing Optimization tool, you can get an overview of your listing performance with the premium version, including the number of views, sales, conversion rate, and SEO suggestions. 

This version also has a Follow-Up Reminder tool, which helps you stay organized and remember to follow up with customers.

EtsyHunt Toolkit

EtsyHunt Toolkit is a collection of tools designed to enhance the Etsy shopping experience. It includes a free e-commerce plugin, an Etsy tags extension, an Etsy quick view extension, and an Etsy fee calculator. 

Together, these tools aim to improve the functionality and usability of the Etsy marketplace for buyers and sellers alike.

Let’s give you an idea about the EtsyHunt toolkit features.

Free E-commerce Plugin

EtsyHunt Plugins provide a comprehensive range of free e-commerce plugins that can assist you in optimizing your online store. These plugins offer sophisticated tools such as product research, sales tracking, SEO optimization, store & traffic analytics, data export, and more.

Whether you are trading on Amazon, Shopify, AliExpress, Etsy, eBay, Walmart, or any other platform, EtsyHunt Plugins has the tools you need to succeed.

Etsy Tags Extension

Etsy Tags are part of the Tool Kit that can be used for your shop. This Chrome plugin allows you to quickly view the tags of your competitors’ products, shops, and other pages on the Etsy website. You can use this tool to check the tags of products on a product listing page, a competitor’s shop page, the homepage, and more.

Etsy Quick View Extension

The Quick View Extension works with Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers and can be used to view and analyze listings on Etsy quickly. It provides an overview of the product including the title, description, images, price, reviews and ratings, tags, and keywords. 

Etsy Fee Calculator

The Etsy Fees, Profits, and Pricing Calculator is a great resource for helping you figure out the various fees that will be deducted from your profits, depending on the price you have set. 

It takes into account labor, material costs, delivery fees, and more, so you can get an accurate estimate of your total profits. 

Etsy also provides a summary of each fee it deducts, enabling you to decide whether you need to adjust your prices.

EtsyHunt Pricing

There is no doubt that EtsyHunt may be utilized for a variety of purposes for your Etsy business operations based on the capabilities and resources it offers. Well, EtsyHunt offers 3 different pricing plans, including the free plan.

Free Plan: You can use this plan, which is free, to test out the various features that EtsyHunt offers. Additionally, this can be a great method to familiarize yourself with the user interface.

Basic Plan: The Plan has several services, including product research, keyword research, listing optimization, etc., and costs about $3.99 each month. If you are an intermediate or novice, this will be the best fit for you.

Pro Plan: With all the services included in the Basic plan, the package is approximately $19.99 per month. In addition to all of this, you may also take care of a few more features like Multi-Store Binding, Discontinued Products, and Amazon Handmade. 

There is another pro plan option on EtsyHunt. If you take the yearly plan at $189 then it’ll cost $16 per month which means you can save $58

Cons of EtsyHunt: We didn’t find any major disadvantages of EtsyHunt except the following.

  • The Free Plan has limited features.
  • Some users feel overwhelmed by the vastness of the data.

Final Thoughts

The performance of your retail business can be significantly impacted by optimizing your Etsy store. If you don’t employ Etsy SEO techniques, you will fall behind the top Etsy sellers. To assist with product research for all of your Etsy listings, EtsyHunt offers keyword, search, and sales data. 

EtsyHunt is an excellent tool whether you want to perform keyword research, competitor research, market research, optimize a current product listing or utilize product data to help you uncover a new niche or product line.

We tried to reap all the important things which will help you to take decisions about whether you will use EtsyHunt or not. If you have any queries about EtsyHunt, please let us know through the comment box or email us at the following email address 

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