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Check Your Listing Score Using Helium 10 Listing Analyzer: A More Comprehensive Listing Analysis

Listing optimization is one of the most important pieces to successfully selling on Amazon. Helium 10’s Listing Analyzer is the ultimate tool that allows you to investigate your listing giving you a depth knowledge for an extreme listing makeover. Built for the top-ranked sellers in mind to help them organize and create strong listings, or to research the content needed to develop strong listings. Listing Analyzer helps you to check your listing score and shows where you need to improve in your listing. You can also use this tool to make competitors’ research, resulting in you getting a lot of information about your rivals, allowing you to compare your listing or incorporate the top-ranked keyword into your listing.

Let’s See How It Works: 

Step 1:

Firstly, you have to log in to your Helium 10 account and move to the “Tools” option. After that, you have to hit on “Listing Analyzer”


In this section, you have to select the marketplace and then insert the ASIN of your item in the “Enter A Main ASIN Field”. Click on “Run Analysis”.

Step: 3

This will give you instant access to the information you need to put out your best listing and get more sales. It will enable you to see things like your Listing Quality Score, price, stock, review count age of items and get a quick glance at your niche.

Sales Estimation Overview:

You will get up-to-date sales statistics and alerts for the ASIN, including FBA and FBM, and allows you to filter results based on date, sales amount, and sales units. 

Category & Subcategory BSR: 

This section will display how well an ASIN is currently selling on Amazon when compared to competitors.

Listing Quality Score (LQS) Analysis:

This section displays an analysis of the listing’s copy, media, and reviews. Hovering over the green checkmark will show which ASINs receive a passing grade for that criteria, and the ‘X’ (cross) will show which ASINs receive a failing grade.

Competitor Analysis

This section compares the performance of the chosen ASIN with the market’s top performers and the average performance of the group.

Top Keywords Analysis

This section displays metrics for top keywords and displays the strength of the opportunity that each keyword potentially has for each ASIN.

Get your top keywords that are performing with one click, instead of going to Cerebro. Click on Cerebro, and this will produce a very wide array of search results when input into Cerebro. You have to filter out the keywords based on important criteria. 

Plan Limits:

Plan limits are specified to research competitor product listings based on the plan limits below:

  • Elite: 125 searches per month
  • Diamond: 100 searches per month
  • Platinum: 25 searches per month
  • Starter: 2 searches per month
  • Free: 2 searches per month

Finally, you will get a plethora of useful information about your listing and competing products. This tool gives you instant access to the information you need to put out your best listing and get more sales. As you have learned the right strategies, hope this will help you stand out from thousands of competitors. Keep watching us and stay up-to-date and ahead of the curve with the latest strategies for serious Amazon sellers and learn to integrate sustainability practices into your financial business model for long-term returns.

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