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Build a Successful Brand on Amazon within 90 Days – Proven Strategies to Get Succeeded on Amazon

Amazon, the world’s largest and most renowned e-commerce platform, offers immense opportunities and challenges. As the number of sellers on Amazon continues to soar, it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish yourself from the competition. 

If you are new on Amazon and want to establish your brand within the shortest time, it would be more difficult or have fewer chances. Then,  how can you effectively establish your brand?

Take heart and don’t despair! Building a successful business on Amazon within a few months is possible. Yes! You heard it right.

With proper strategy, determination, and perseverance, you can ascend to heights you never thought possible.

In this article, we will share with you some proven strategies to establish a successful brand on Amazon in the shortest possible time.

Why will you choose Amazon?

As the unrivaled giant of shopping platforms worldwide, Amazon has secured its position as the go-to destination for consumers. Remarkably, a staggering 89% of customers place their trust in Amazon above all other e-commerce platforms. What sets Amazon apart is not only its unmatched popularity but also its unwavering commitment to supporting brands. 

With a plethora of services dedicated to building, nurturing, and safeguarding your brand, Amazon stands as a friend and ally for businesses seeking to make their mark.

From the esteemed Brand Registry to invaluable brand analytics, captivating A+ pages, and customizable stores, Amazon presents an extensive array of tools and resources for those aspiring to grow their brand or company. 

This platform’s appeal extends beyond its retail prowess, as it has emerged as the preferred choice for product searches, surpassing even traditional search engines, courtesy of its powerful A10 algorithms. Amazon has truly transformed into a paramount channel for brand building, a league of its own with no rival platform in sight.

Now, let’s open all the secrets.

  • Product Selection

Product selection is very crucial to establish a brand and get success within the shortest time frame. So, should have to select the product very carefully. To select the most suitable product to get success you must analyze the product with 3 parameters.

  1. Profitability
  2. Demand
  3. Competition

With these 3 parameters, please focus on 1 point very strongly. For product selection, we were troubled most in the product selection process! And to overcome this, we gave priority to “Improvement Potential with High Demand.

We went through the high-demand products WITH GOOD MONTHLY SALES but had NEGATIVE REVIEWS.

To find it out we used Helium 10 Black Box. There are filters that you can use to find out your desired result – like you can select any filter from the filter library – or you can select a specific category.

As we were looking for the low rating products with good sales – we kept the max rating at 3.8 and 600 minimum sales and then analyze all the products one by one!

So after we found out some niches what actually we were looking for – 

we went to the product’s negative reviews and tried to analyze what are the most common problems that people are complaining about.  After that – we tried to understand if we can solve these problems.

[A quick note] – To analyze the reviews, we used Helium 10 Review Insights features. 

Prior to the product section, we checked a few things regarding the legal concerns:

1. Make sure that our products are not patented. 

2. Registered and trademarked our brand to get the extra facilities from Amazon. 

3. Sometimes, for some categories, Amazon has some restrictions and sometimes it requires some documentation certifications. you should check prior to avoid such issues

  • Finding the Suppliers:

After selecting the right product, now you need to find out suppliers who can give you the product at a good price without those defects that clients complained about against products.

But here is another challenge to find out products or suppliers. Usually, people go to Alibaba but as you know it is very famous, and most of the people are sourcing from it. So, if you source products from the same platform then it might be difficult for you to complete on Amazon. 

So you can try to source products from other alternatives like you can try Global sources, Chinabrands, etc.

Having this in our mind, we tried to source products from other alternatives. After analyzing all the things, we order an item as a sample from our selected supplier to check the product.

Please keep in mind that, without checking the product and getting confidence in the product that you are going to sell – do not go for further orders. 

Always make sure that you like the product you ordered and you will give 5 stars to the product if you were to buy this. Always think from the perspective of a customer. This is very important.

Once you are satisfied with the product, then move forward with further orders.

  • Fulfillment Method and Selling Plan

Assessing your business requirements and considering factors such as speed, cost, inventory, and growth plans will help you make an informed decision. So, selecting the correct fulfillment method is vital for timely delivery, cost efficiency, inventory management, customer experience, and scalability. 

On Amazon, you can select either FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) or FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant). If you select FBA, then the whole fulfillment task will be completed by Amazon on behalf of you, but you should pay for this. You just need to send the inventory to the Amazon warehouse, and they will pick, pack, and ship your items to your customers. This means, you don’t need to take a headache on fulfillment, so you can focus on your business 

On the other hand, If you want to fulfill the orders from you, then you should select a suitable carrier, process the order, and deliver it to the customer’s location, which is really time-consuming task. Also, you need to take the hassle of a return order as well.

In our case, We selected Amazon FBA as our fulfillment method because there are many benefits like – as low shipping cost, efficient return management, faster delivery, Amazon Prime eligibility, etc

Also, we selected Amazon private label as our selling plan. Because Private Label is the most popular and suitable to establish a brand. With the private label, you produce or source your product from anywhere in bulk to sell under your own brand or label.

  • Launching Strategy

Product Launching Strategy plays a pivotal role in the success of a new product entering the market. It encompasses a carefully planned and executed approach to introduce a product to the target audience, generate excitement, and drive sales.

Before launching a product please consider the following things.

1. Category selection: Choosing the right category is very important to get visibility on Amazon. Based on your category selection, the Amazon algorithm will show your products, when a customer searches on the Amazon search bar. 

For example, once you enter the main product name on Amazon to select the category, you will find some suggested categories based on your search, where you can list your products. Now choose the one with the less competitive but with the most potential to get the BuyBox and have a chance to become the best seller afterward!

2. Canonical URL: Canonical URL on Amazon is something that can only be set at the beginning of creating your listing. So, it’s a must to set it up properly to get More External Traffic. For example – if your canonical URL is set properly – you have the chance to get ranked at the top of GOOGLE.

3. Honeymoon Period: You should be 100% ready to Utilise Amazon Honeymoon Period properly: Amazon honeymoon period is something that exists only for a few weeks after you list a product on Amazon. This period presents a massive opportunity to boost sales, get reviews, and promote a listing. Amazon gives a boost to the products you newly list and you need to take advantage of it. 

4. Optimization: Your listing should be properly optimized with Backend and frontend Keywords, alt text, and other attributes with proper texts and images so that when someone visits your product – he or she should convert to a sell!

Before listing the product, we were 100% ready with proper optimizations using long-tail Keywords, prepared different kinds of product images to showcase it properly, and also prepared videos highlighting the key areas of the product. 

5. PPC (Pay Per Click): To get good traffic initially, start PPC or pay-per-click campaign on the same day when launched the product. Because PPC will help you to gain visibility, and search velocity, and increase traffic, ranking, and impression.

  • Pricing Strategy:

Your pricing strategy decides how good you will do on a marketplace like Amazon. therefore, you should be creative enough in pricing your product before launching.

Let us share with you an example so that you can understand. 

Normally most of the experts will suggest that if your product cost price is 30 dollars then you should sell it for 90 dollars to cover up all the cost and to have near to 30% profit margin.

But our target was to establish the brand in the market! – Not just getting the profit overnight! So we knew that – if we can set up our brand properly we can easily make profits.

Our target was to sell the product at 90 dollars to keep around a 33% profit margin – but not in the initial stage. Therefore we divided and decorated our pricing into 6 phrases. 

1. First, we kept our profit margin around 5% for the first 2 weeks. So for the first 2 weeks, our price was only 65 dollars – whereas it was supposed to be 90 dollars. It means we were offering the unbeatable price knowing that we will make less profit. 

2. after every 2 weeks, we increased it. Like, from 65 dollars, we increased it to 70 dollars after 4 weeks. This way – after 12 weeks, we reach our targeted pricing, 90 dollars!

Actually, we increased our price slowly to avoid high pricing errors on Amazon. we followed this strategy because this helped us in multiple ways like Amazon found us offering the lowest price, so it gave us a better organic rank than usual,

Also, we were offering a price that none could beat therefore, it helped us to get some initial orders. As a result, we started getting some positive reviews.

  • Reviews and Ratings:

Reviews and Ratings are crucial on Amazon because they provide social proof of how good your product is. 

After launching your product, you will notice that your product is getting good traffic but the bounce rate is high. Because of the trust issue.

You are offering comparatively low prices, following all the best practices, but when people come to visit the product detail page, they could not trust it because of the lacking of enough reviews and ratings.

So you should focus on review and ratings. There are some ways to get reviews and ratings you can use the review insights tool from JungleScout, you can use Amazon Vine, email campaigns, etc

In our case,  We enrolled our ASIN in Amazon Vine which is a program of Amazon for getting verified reviews and ratings. With Amazon Vine – we got a good number of ratings and reviews. Also, we started using insert cart properly – where we encouraged the buyers to give positive and honest reviews. 

This way we we managed to get initial reviews that played a big role in gaining the trust of our customers. 

Apart from this, there are a few things you can consider like running promotions.

To conclude,

Building a successful brand on Amazon can be challenging, but with the right strategies, it’s achievable. Begin by carefully selecting high-demand products with room for improvement. Find reliable suppliers beyond popular platforms like Alibaba. Opt for Amazon FBA to streamline fulfillment and ensure efficient shipping. 

Consider private label options to have more control over your brand. Plan a strong product launch strategy, optimize your listings with relevant keywords and compelling content, and leverage PPC campaigns to increase visibility.

Gradually adjust your pricing to strike the right balance between profitability and competitiveness. Focus on providing excellent customer service to earn positive reviews and ratings, which are crucial for building trust. 

Additionally, running promotions and exploring marketing opportunities will help drive growth and expand your brand presence. With these tactics, your brand can thrive and succeed in Amazon’s vast marketplace.

If you have any queries, please let us know through the comment box or email us at the following email address: 

To know more about Amazon, please check out our other blog. Also, you can check our YouTube videos related to Amazon.

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