What is Amazon brand registry, and why do you need Amazon brand registry?

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The fierce competition within Amazon’s marketplaces is well known to those who sell on Amazon. As a way to help registered brands overcome trademark infringement struggles, Amazon offers a free program to registered brands.  

The purpose of this blog is to discuss the benefits of becoming a part of the Amazon Brand Registry program to its members and how brands can benefit from it.

In this blog, we discuss the Amazon brand registry. But before knowing the brand registry, you need to know what is a brand?

“Brands are names, terms, designs, symbols, or any other features that distinguish one seller’s product or service from the others.”

What is Amazon brand registry?

The Amazon Brand Registry program helps intellectual property owners and content owners on Amazon protect their content. Ultimately, the Brand Registry facilitates a better shopping experience at the store by delivering accurate and authentic information to customers.

Amazon Brand Registry tools provide new ways to connect with customers or quantify store performance.

Why do you need Amazon brand registry?

There are many reasons you need Amazon brand registry. These main points include:

  1. Ensure the security of your brand’s product listings

Your product listings are completely protected when you use Amazon Brand Registry. Therefore, you have control over how product listings appear on the platform and how you promote your products. Therefore, you can feel confident that all information about your brand is secure.

Third-party Amazon sellers cannot modify your product listings. When Amazon shows off your products on its platform, it will always prioritize the brand information you registered.

Further, Amazon sellers who are lacking the proper brand protection may sell their low-quality products under your brand name. As soon as it detects fraud, the Brand Registry blocks it, so your brand remains protected.

  1. Increase your product sales

You’ll likely benefit from several features when you sign up for Brand Registry. Amazon’s intentional weeding out of fraudulent listings and prioritization of your information may give your business an immediate boost in sales. Amazon Brand Registry will optimize and promote your brand.

Even if not every business leader notices a financial impact immediately, enrolling is free, and it’s worth the investment. As well as protecting your brand, the Amazon Brand Registry can help you grow your business. If buyers are unaware that the product is a knockoff, they may have a negative reaction, which can result if other sellers are using your brand name fraudulently to generate sales.

  1. Analyze data to gain a better understanding of your customers

The advanced analytics feature of Amazon Brand Registry gives you access to information on customer searches and the purchasing behavior of your target audience. With this information, you can determine what products are performing best with your audience, what search terms they use frequently, and which demographics they fall into.

Based on those insights, you can improve both the store experience and the products you offer. If you want to improve your Amazon strategy, you won’t need to guess anymore.

  1. Get access to Amazon’s A+ Content feature

The A+ Content Manager, part of Amazon’s Brand Registry program, can assist stores in improving the display of their product listings. Your item listing can be customized by adding additional text, high-quality images, and brand stories.

By enhancing your brand content, it’s easier to showcase your product’s unique value proposition and convince your customers.

There are times when an image or a change in listing copy is all it takes to improve sales and conversions. A+ Content Manager allows you to compare the results of different product listing structures in seconds, saving you the time you would otherwise spend guessing which structure is best.

  1. Expand your ads options

Amazon Brand Registry also gives users access to Sponsored Brands. Sponsored Brands allow businesses to advertise up to three products.

The Sponsored Brands appear above Sponsored Products in search results, which is even better. Our company can create a more comprehensive advertising campaign by using this additional advertising option. Typically, Amazon Brand Registry approval takes less than 24 hours, meaning Sponsored Brands can begin as soon as possible.

  1. Make sure your brand is represented well

Your product detail pages on Amazon become more controlled when you use Amazon Brand Registry. You can get immediate updates for any listing containing your company’s branding. Your content is also displayed when a shopper views a product listing, not that of a third-party seller.

You could lose control of a product detail page to resellers of your product or knockoff versions of it if Amazon Brand Registry did not exist. Your brand may be misrepresented as a result of this shift in power, causing damage to your company’s reputation. Amazon Brand Registry provides you with the benefit of not having to worry about your reputation on Amazon being harmed by another individual.

  1. Ensure your customers have a positive shopping experience

You can instantly improve the experience of your online store with Amazon Brand Registry and make it easier for your customers to engage. With all the tools available, you can easily differentiate your Amazon store from the competition.

For example, you can use Brand Registry’s easy-to-use store builder to create a custom Amazon storefront for your store. Several templates are available for you to choose from, or you can start from scratch if that’s your preference.

With Sponsored Brand Ads, you can increase brand recognition and drive more traffic to your products. To help improve the visibility of your product offerings, these ads appear on top of Amazon’s search results page.

What are the advantages of joining a Brand Registry Program?

  • The control of product details (such as title, description, and images).
  • It should be possible for products to be listed with different product identifiers than UPC and EAN.
  •  Advanced seller support should be provided.
  • Machine learning should be employed to automate predictive processes
  • The Amazon Seller account gives sellers access to A+ Content (also known as Enhanced Brand Content).
  • By using Amazon Store Builder, you can easily create and maintain your own customized and streamlined private page in which all of your products are displayed together.
  •  Brand owners benefit from advanced marketing and advertising tools with Sponsored Brands Ads.
  • Amazon Live Creator is a live chat tool used to answer questions from potential customers.
  •  Amazon Vine Program invites the most trusted customers on Amazon to give honest and unbiased feedback on their products and, thus, attracts new shoppers. 
  •  Analyzing social media, display ads, PPC, and email marketing data using the Amazon Attribution tool gives marketers insight into their performance.
  • As well as providing you with control over your product’s resellers, it also allows you to choose who will sell your product.

There are many benefits to Amazon Brand Registry that every seller should know:

It is highly essential for Amazon Sellers who manufacture or sell products under their own brand to join Amazon Brand Registry. It not only helps protect Amazon trademarks but also makes the purchasing experience more trustworthy.

Here are the key reasons to go for the registry scheme:

  1. Ensures brand security by preventing product theft

Many sellers have a fear of what will happen if any merchant steals their product under their brand when they are selling under their name. The Amazon Marketplace is a highly competitive one, and a large seller base means there are hundreds of thousands of sellers who go the extra mile to stay competitive.

Amazon’s Registry service, which can also register brands, is responsible for the “Amazon Buy Box”. This means that even if someone theft the product, the authorized or actual seller can contact Seller Support to have it removed.

  1. The ability to sell a brand to a wide audience

Amazon’s registry option allows brands to choose who can sell their products. These five types of sellers are eligible:

  •  Brand owners, distributors, online retailers, and wholesalers.
  • Manufacturers that sell products.
  • Sellers that are actually private label brands.
  •  As well as sellers who manufacture white-label goods.
  • The sellers who own the content or trademarks on Amazon based on their company status as distributors.

Need more help with the Brand Registry?

In this blog, we have discussed the Amazon brand registry. If you do not understand any point in this blog or if you have any questions about the Amazon brand registry or want to know more about the brand registry, you can contact us. We will help you in any way we can.

If you find this guide helpful, please comment, share, and subscribe to our blog. Also, do not hesitate to ask if you have any queries in any field of eCommerce. We would be glad to hear from you and answer your questions.

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