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Amazon A+ Content Designing Technique for Beauty Category

On Amazon, there are so many categories. But not all the categories have a good selling command. If we particular the category, then Amazon has 36 types of categories with more than 25,000 sub-categories. Among these, the Home & Kitchen & Beauty & Personal Care categories have top-selling records. The sell percentage is 32% & 23%, respectively.

To reach a good selling point, they must have A+ content on their product page to showcase their product that will help to get profit on Amazon. With the help of Amazon A+ content sellers can quickly grab customer attention & also have good sales.

Today we will share some valuable points on how to design a Beauty Product  A+ content and make the A+ stand out.

Beauty products are an essential part of every person’s day-to-day life. Whenever it comes to beauty products, everyone is concerned about the product with the material used, and also the measurement and packaging. So, whenever we want to give a beauty product an A+, we must follow the steps to highlight it.

  • Packaging.
  • Product ingredient.
  • There are no harmful chemicals.
  • All the ingredients are in ideal proportion.

These are some of the things that a buyer usually finds when they buy any beauty product. A customer is attracted by the look of the product. When they saw a good package, they became interested and began researching the product. When they find the product is very reliable as they maintain the adaptable proportion of all ingredients as needed, they will probably buy it, so product packaging is important. So, whenever we try to create an A+ beauty product, the product image and presentation must be of very high quality.

When making an A+ for any beauty product, we may first keep some must-have things in mind:

  • The product image should be in high resolution.
  • Model images based on the product.
  • A soft color theme for the A+ to match the product.
  • Focus on the product.
  • Make sure that in the image the product is standing out etc.

Now let’s see some A+ content images and describe them separately.

  1. In this particular module, we focus on the product and try to highlight the product in the first module of our A+. We chose a nice, soft, smooth color image with high resolution so that the first banner stands out and attracts buyers’ attention.
  1. Secondly, we explain all the details of the product so that the customer can see the product along with the description and get to know about it clearly. We highlight all the main information in this section that customers often want to know before buying a product.
  1. In the third module, we give the features, keeping in mind that the product needs to be highlighted in the image. All the features of the product are clearly highlighted along with a simple sentence.
  1. The fourth module contains a lifestyle image along with some slogans to highlight.
  1. In the fifth module, we use 3 500×500 banner modules where we use 3 different lifestyles to describe more about the product.
  1. In the sixth module, we again choose a lifestyle to show as gift material along with slogan text.
  1. At the bottom, we show all the product colors available so that the customer can find their favorite one among all the colors.

No need to follow this pattern. The pattern totally depends on your choice, what you want to highlight, and how you want to present them.


So, these are some of the points that are important for Amazon A+ content. But that’s not all. There are so many ways that are needed to know. We will give you more information and tips in the future. So be with us. If you find this information useful, please comment, like, share and be with Ecomclips.

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