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Etsy Advertising: What is Etsy Advertising and Where will it Shows

Etsy is an American E-commerce marketplace where small entrepreneur sellers can sell their items.  This marketplace is unique compared to other marketplaces because small entrepreneurs can easily sell their homemade, vintage and crafted items. In other marketplaces it’s comparatively hard to do business for small entrepreneurs. So, in recent years, the Etsy marketplace is being crowded by small sellers and buyers who love vintage & craft items.

In 2021, Over 120 million items were advertising through Etsy marketplace and Etsy earned about $2.33 billion revenue. As Etsy is getting more and more crowded every day, it’s very important to take every necessary action to step ahead from other competitors. That’s why sellers need to understand everything about Etsy advertising.

Where will Etsy ads show?

Etsy advertising is different from other marketplaces advertising. In Etsy marketplace, Organic advertisement normally comes at first pages by their organic ranking where organic ranking depends on the number of items sold. If your item is new, then it’s quite hard to show your ads in the first page just organically. In that case you need to buy your Advertisement. To do that you need to start Etsy Ads.

In Etsy ads, there is no option of keyword-based campaigns or different keyword-based strategies. Etsy runs an algorithm which matches the customer’s search terms with every item active by sellers from Etsy. Based on Relevancy, Tags and other attributes, Etsy will show your items with other competitors. In that case, it’s very crucial to do proper SEO and optimize item listing and title. If the title and tags behind the title are optimized, it will be easier to find your items in the first pages.

How do you find Etsy ads in search pages?

Different from Amazon, there is only one type of Etsy Ads. Like Amazon ads, there are no brand ads or display ads. So, searching your item relevant keywords or Tags in the search bar of the Etsy search page, you can expect your item will appear with other similar items in the first page. But how can you identify whether it’s organic or not? It’s very simple. If any item contains “Ad by Etsy seller” below the item’s thumbnail and price, then it’s the Etsy Ads and not the organically ranked ads.

As there are so many organic ads going around in the first pages, you need to run Etsy ads to get advantage and be one step ahead from competitors. But, you have to make sure that your listings are well optimized with titles and tags before running Etsy ads.  

Hope you find this blog helpful. If you have further confusion please let us know in the comment section. We will be happy to assist you. Thank you from Ecomclips.

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