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Stagetry: A Premium Try Before You Buy Solution

Try before you buy is one of the most desired features influencing shoppers to shop online. If a listing offers the try before buying facilities, it converts sales much more than a regular listing. The try-before-you-buy facility gives the customer freedom and the feeling of shopping at a physical store. Like many big e-commerce platforms, Stagetry offers customers a premium try before they buy a solution. Stage Try is an end-to-end eCommerce platform amplifying AOV and conversions of online stores.

Features of Stagetry

Earlier, we have seen that Amazon offers the try before you buy services to their Prime members. Stagetry believes in customer satisfaction. Here is the list of key features that StageTry offers to consumers.

✅ Enhance your growth with superior features.

✅ Stage Try Button

✅ Product Listing on Stage Try

✅ Checkout in a single place

✅ Real-time reporting

✅ Analytics powered by artificial intelligence

✅ Monitor average order value and sales conversions

✅ Campaigns offering cashback

✅ Discount Campaign

✅ Ads Campaign

✅ Notification Campaign

✅ Email Marketing

✅ Packaging

✅ Order Tracking

✅ Courier Integration

✅ On-demand Support

✅ Easy Payment & Payout

StageTry: How It Works

Your products can move anywhere, anytime, and easy when you use Stage Try tools and integrations. All it takes is a click of the ‘Stage Try’ button. Now, here, we will see the points of the working mechanism of StageTry.

Extra Sales Channels

You can easily integrate Stage Try’s sales channel into Shopify and take advantage of awesome features. You can become a partner with StageTry and get the Try Before You Buy features on your store.

Button for ‘Stage Try’

Offer your customers a convenient checkout experience by adding a branded ‘Stage Try’ button to every product on your Shopify website.

You can add this Stage Try button after you get a plan and integrate your shop with the StageTry platform.

End-to-End Digital Fulfillment

Easily integrate with their Shopify Store to manage orders, payment, shipping, fulfillment, and accessing sales driver kits.

Returns are Hassle-Free

Your customers can easily return items. Our shipping methods are convenient and flexible, allowing us to handle exceptions and edge cases.

Payment Automation

Your bank account will be credited with the balance after keeping, and returning items are reconciled. A straightforward and automated balance is also available to you.

Acquire High-LTV (Loan-to-value ratio) Customers

Through Stage Try’s active network of customers, you can automatically list your Try-before-you-buy products for free on Stage Try.

Offer, Plan, and App

Like other premium platforms and e-commerce tools, the StageTry also offers some platform-based tools and affordable pricing.

Plan and Pricing

The Stage Try offers a few plans for the customers. The basic plans start from C$ 29 /month. And they also offer a 30-day free trial before you purchase.

Download App

Here are the application features for your Android and iPhone. The application is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Final Words!

Throughout the entire post, we have seen the basic features of stagetry and how this platform works to offer the try before you buy services to their customers. I hope this article will help you properly understand the notion of stagetry. 

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