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Size Chart to Your Target Listing to Increase Conversion | Target Listings Product Page Improvement

When it comes to selling clothing, shoes, apparel, or custom-made items, it’s important to have accurate measurements to ensure a proper fit. This is where the size chart comes in handy. Size charts are one of the most interacted with content types on the product detail page for or any other online marketplace. It provides measurements of different sizes of clothing or other items. 

By using a size chart, customers can determine which size to order or request based on their measurements. It ensures customers that the clothing or items they order will fit perfectly. As a result, it reduces the refund rate.

If your product has a size chart and a guest interacts with it, then it can lead to the highest conversion rate on the marketplace, which is 3x higher than average.

In this article, we will guide you on how to add a size chart to your Target Listing.

So, Let’s dive into the process….

Step 1: First, take an excel file and rename it as Master Grid. After that, input size chart information like TCIN, product title, and keywords (Size Chart Reference)

Step 2: After completing this, you need to take another tab in the same file and rename it with Size Chart Reference Keywords like the below screenshot. In this tab, you need to provide all the size chart information with text. 

Note: You can’t provide any images or products URL here because images or URLs are not allowed.

Step 3:  Now go to the seller account and click on the Help Center.

Step 4: From the help center, you need to search with the word size chart on the search bar.

Step 5: After that you will see Size Chart Submission Form option. Please click here for the next steps.

Step 6: After that you will see the below form. Now, we have to complete the required fields like Vendor/Partner Name, Brand, Contact name, Contact email, and need to upload the prepared size chart file. Once you have completed all of them, please click on the Submit button.

After submitting the size chart , it will take  2-10 days to reflect on the detail page. 

To conclude, clarify the customers of your product is of utmost importance and having a size chart on your listing gives you the edge over your competitors. It provides customers with a clear understanding of the measurements and sizes available, allowing them to make informed decisions when selecting their purchases. A well-designed size chart can also help to reduce returns and increase customer satisfaction.

We hpe that, know you are able to add the size chart to your Target listing by following our instruction. Still, if you are facing issue, feel free to let us know through the comment box or by emailing us at the following email address: 

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