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Shopify Items Review and Rating Integration on the Website

What is Shopify Platform :

Shopify is the second most popular eCommerce store builder in the world, mainly because of its low barrier to entry. Shopify is an all-inclusive online selling platform and is a great option for small businesses of all sizes. 

Our topics today are to integrate review options in the product pages and homepage. But before jumping on that process, let’s check what are the main benefits of the product review option.

Advantages of a Review option in your e-commerce site :

Product review is most important for e-commerce sites. It creates sales boosting, increases trust and loyalty, gives customer insights into your product, customer service, and product quality can be improved, great social proof, increase search engine ranking, great marketing tool, and so forth.

Do you want to make this type of review set? So, today, I will show you how you set up a review option on the homepage’s product section and product page. So let’s get started.

Installation process of Product Reviews apps on Shopify store :

First, we need to go to the Shopify admin panel and click the apps section on the left side at the bottom. Then we need to write a Shopify review in the apps search box and press the enter button. After searching it, we need to find out the Product Reviews app from several apps suggested by Shopify. Now, install the app and go to the admin panel of Shopify.

Now, we can see here the Product review app showing at the apps section. Just click the app, and it will show the first enable or disable option. If it’s disabled, we need to enable it. And also, below are all the things you can change as you want, or you can keep it as default.

Now, we will show you how you can integrate a review option on your homepage section and product page.

Product Reviews option set up on Shopify store Homepage :

First, you need to go to your active web store and click the customize button. 

After going on to customize the page, by default it will be shown as a homepage. Now click on the Featured collection section and there will be shown some settings. Let’s scroll down, and here you will see the Show review rating option. Click to enable this option.

Here, you need to add a review on the product page to show review rating on this section. And after all these settings changed, you need to save the whole page setting in the top right corner click the green “SAVE” button.

Product Reviews set up on Shopify store Product page :

Now, how can we create a product review option on the product page? You will see on your customize page at top middle as a dropdown option. Just click there, and you will see a product page option there. Clicked on this and here the default page option showing. 

Now, after clicking on the default product page, you need to go to the section and below you can see review app suggestions. Just click it and Congrats. You created the product review section on the product page. You can also drag this section to where you want to keep it.

From the product details section, you can also add a review rating star on there. You need to click the product information section and click again add block option. There, you can see multiple options and just find the review star option. Here you can see the star option.

Click this and boom. Here the review rating stars showing in the product information section. You can also drag this block where you want to place it. After doing this, don’t forget to click the green “SAVE” button. Otherwise, all settings will be gone after refreshing or reloading the page.

Now you can check the front end from your website, go to the product page and make a review of your product. After completing the review, you can now see the review ratings, comments on the product page. Also, the homepage product featured sections showing the review star.

Wow, isn’t it too easy? Hopefully, you enjoy the process. Thank you.

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