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Shopify Free Email Marketing: Run Free Email Campaign without any Paid Tool

Shopify email lets you create free email marketing campaigns that will increase the number of visitors and create the chance of making sales. It helps you to build up good relationships with the customers and run the business successfully. With Shopify Email marketing, sellers can create awareness, improve customers’ loyalty,  nurture the customers, and generate leads. This article will show you the process to run Shopify free email campaigns effectively and efficiently without any paid tool. 

By using Shopify Email, you can have the access to the following features

  • You can have five campaign activities per week
  • Per campaign, you can email up to 40 000 subscribers that will reset every week
  • You can create groups for more than 40,000 subscribers, or split your list into smaller groups.

At the beginning of every month, all the merchants who have the paid plan can send 2500 free emails. If you want to send more than 2500, Shopify will charge $0.001 per email.

Why email marketing?

  • Encourage your customers to buy more and maintain good relationships through email. It also returns customers. By attaining more customers, you will be able to expand your brand.
  • Email marketing presents your latest styles to your buyers and helps to draw attention, so it’ll generate more sales.
  • It is becoming harder to climb higher in the Google search ranking, and Email marketing is a comparatively easiest approach to go on top.

Creating and managing your email subscriber list

  • You can not buy an email list to gain new subscribers because it will damage your reputation by spamming customers who do not love to have your mails. It is better to offer newsletter signup then the customer will have the option to choose your newsletter. And the most involved customers will subscribe who wait for your mail eagerly.
  • Check your email list regularly not to send mails to any generic or role-based inboxes like Because you will not have any reaction from them and you might lose your sender reputation over time.
  • Creating customer groups is a good decision. Like you can create a group for formal shirt lovers who love to buy various kinds of formal shirts. You can offer them your new collection after a periodic interval. They will love to have your offer regularly. You can also offer them various types of discounts and they will just grab this offer. Offering the newest designs can also catch their eyes.
  • Anytime anyone can unsubscribe you and they will not receive your emails anymore.

Marketing Email creation

Log into the store, go to “Marketing”. Click on “Create campaign”.

You will find the branded templates, select the right template. You can enter Subject and Preview Text. Your customer will find your email like the following.

You can design your email. You can increase and decrease the size of your logo and add pictures, store, and payment information.

Now, everything is set to send emails to your customers. You can send the email immediately or can schedule it for later. Before sending the email, please review it carefully, and make corrections if needed.

To sum up, you can increase your store traffic by sending emails to the customers with your personalized text at the right time. Please keep in mind, do not overflood your customers’ inboxes because they will lose interest. As a result, they can unsubscribe you permanently. That is all the process. If you like our discussion, please comment, share, and subscribe to our blog. Also, do not hesitate to ask if you have any queries on any field of eCommerce. We would be glad to answer your queries.

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