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In this article, we will discuss on “Linnworks Inventory Mapping” Feature. We will also discuss about channel integration and manual unlink process. This document will guide you to map or link items of multi-channels like eBay, Amazon, Magento through Linnowrks with illustration.


Linnworks is a Multi-Channel Inventory Management Software that helps us to control Inventory, Order Management & Listing Management and more. The main feature of Linnworks for which we are using it is Inventory / Quantity Management on Sales Channels or Marketplace. To manage inventory or quantity we need the help of Linnworks Mapping feature. By mapping items of Marketplace with Linnworks quantity would sync to Marketplace otherwise quantity will not change. To map an item of Marketplace to Linnworks, we need to follow some steps. Let’s discuss it below.

Inventory Mapping:

Basically, in Simple words, mapping or linking means make a connection between Linnworks and live to list of the marketplace. Those items are already listed on the Marketplace but we want to control the quantity or inventory from Linnworks. In order to do this, we need to make a connection with Marketplace listing to Linnworks that is done by mapping or linking feature of Linnworks.

By making a connection between Marketplace listing to Linnworks, Linnworks gets the idea about what listings to revise when stock level change, when any stock item has been ordered or quantity changed. Basically, Inventory Mapping is the process where a Linnworks stock item is linked to a listing on a selling channel. This connection allows the item to pass the information like quantity or inventory between Linnworks and selling channel like eBay, Amazon, Magento and more and also this way Quantity or Inventory will be controlled by Linnworks on Marketplace.

Inventory Mapping or Linking process is more or less the same for all marketplaces. Here we will show how to map an item of eBay to Linnworks.

For mapping or linking, we have to log in with a valid Linnworks account credential. After successful login to, we will be presented to the admin panel. Please see the screenshots.

After a successful login operation, we will land on the home page of Linnworks as below screenshot.

Linnworks Inventory Mapping

Fig: Home Page

There are several tabs on the left-hand side you can see on the home page.  First, You have to choose the ‘Setting’ tab for inventory mapping.You will get many options here. You have to choose ‘Channel Integration’.

Linnworks Inventory Mapping

Fig: Setting

Channel Integration:

In the page of Channel Integration, you will see marketplaces lists like Amazon, eBay, Magento and all integrated Sales Channel with Linnworks.  As mentioned above  we mentioned we will continue with eBay so here we need to choose eBay. Then you have to select the ‘Mapping’ Button. Please see the highlighted section of screenshots.

For eBay

  • Go to eBay
  • Click mapping
 Linnworks Inventory Mapping

Fig: Channel Mapping

Link / Map:

Please read the below step to map or link the item of marketplace with Linnworks

  • After selecting mapping button, a window will appear as below. Here we need to know that in Mapping window Left Section is for the marketplace and the Right Section is for Linnworks. In the left search bar, you have to give your product SKU of Marketplace. Then press enters or searches key. Do not use the right search bar because right search bar is for Linnworks.
  • After searching it on the mapping window, we will get the SKU with some more information like title, item ID etc.
  • If the item is already in Linnworks with the same SKU, then simply we need to double click on SKU in Left Section of Linnworks Mapping window and then on Linnworks section, the item will be automatically opened on Right Section of Linnworks or you can search it on right Linnworks section manually by SKUs or title on Left Linnworks portion and then we need to click on ‘Link’. The process is for those items which are already in Linnworks.
  • But those items which are not already in Linnworks, then we need to create it on Linnworks by clicking the button of ‘Create’. Then choose ‘Location’ and click ‘Save’ button. Note that, when you create an item on Linnworks, it will be automatically linked or mapped or with the marketplace. After completing the process the quantity will sync successfully from LW to Marketplace for this specific item. That means if you change a quantity on Linnworks or marketplace or there has been placed any order, the quantity or inventory will be successfully changed on both ends.

Linnworks Inventory Mapping

Fig: Link 

Unlink / Unmap:

Once the item is linked, there will be no option left for ‘Link’ again on Right Section of Linnworks and also then we can see the unlink option on Left Section and we can see with which item of Linnworks has been linked or mapped. Please see the below image.

Linnworks Inventory Mapping

Fig: Unlink 

Item Create Manually:

To create a new existence on Linnworks of an item, need to click ‘Create’ button. Please see the below screenshots.

Linnworks Inventory Mapping

Fig: Create

Sometimes you may not find the Marketplace SKUs on Linnworks Mapping Window when you search it although the item is available on Marketplace. Don’t worry about this as sometimes Linnworks system can’t download listing from marketplace sync those listing on Linnworks immediately. But we can do that manually. In this situation, you need to click ‘Edit’ button of ‘Channel Integration’ Page.

Linnworks Inventory Mapping

Fig: Channel Integration Page

  • After clicking ‘Edit’ button, a window will appear where you can see about Account, Inventory, Inventory SYNC, Listings, and Order.
  • From listing, you have to click ‘Download Listings’ for downloading your product SKU from your marketplace. When you click ‘Download Listings’, a small notification window will appear. This window will notify you that after how much time you can get permission for your further download. You have to click the close button for closing the notification. Then click the ‘Save’ button. It will take a few minutes to download. That was the work of your edit part.

Linnworks Inventory Mapping

Fig: Channel Edit / Download

After that, your product will be successfully mapped in Linnworks. Above solution is for For Linnworks desktop version, the process is more or less same. That was the short process to fetch an item from the marketplace to Linnworks and then make a link between them. Thank you and keep reading.

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