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How to Download Sales & Return Reports from Overstock Seller Account

To drive sales and increase your business growth exponentially, a sales report is necessary to give everyday insights for better performance. It provides you with a clearer understanding of how well the current quarter is going, how well last quarter went, and what the next quarter may look like. Maintaining a weekly or monthly sales report is easy if you know the tactics and right business strategy.

Let’s show you the whole process with some effective screenshots. 

Step 1: First log in to your Overstock seller account and go to the reports option from the dashboard.

Step 2: After that, Select the Sales Dashboard and Return Dashboard and open them in two new tabs.

Step 3: Now you have to import/select the date (Start Date & End Date) for a particular period of time you would like to have the report for the span of time. After that hit the “Run Document”.

Step 4: Then select the “Full SKU Details” tab & finally click export it into excel and the report will be downloaded automatically.

Step 5: For the return report, go to the “Returns Dashboard” & select “Return Quantities” from the top of the page. From the filter option, select the desired date for a particular period of time you would like to have the report for the span of time.

Step 6: Finally, click export and select excel than overstock returns will be downloaded automatically. 

So this is the short instruction about downloading sales and returns reports from Overstock.

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