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How to Create Coupons Using Bulk File on Amazon

Amazon offers their sellers to create a digital coupon to promote their business. This option is just one more way to enhance your business by paying customers a discount on your products. With coupons, you can choose between a percent off discount or a dollar off discount. In this article, we will discuss Coupons in detail, and we will show you how to create coupons using bulk on Amazon.

Before we show you how to create coupons using bulk on Amazon, you need to know the benefits of using coupons on Amazon.

The Benefits of Using Coupons to Promote Your Products

The coupon is an easy and effective way to enhance the products you sell on Amazon. Here are some important benefits that you need to know before applying the coupon.

  • When you apply a coupon to one of your products, the coupon appears on the product detail page, in search results, on the Gold Box Deals page, as well as on a separate dedicated landing page. As a result, it helps products stand out more clearly to the shoppers.
  • By offering coupons, you can keep your old customers while attracting new ones. If you give coupons, customers will be attracted to visit your store more often and purchase more items.
  • Consumers love to avail and use coupons, you can use them not only to dispose of expiring products but also to introduce or advertise the product itself. Therefore, you can have a dual purpose by using coupons to address this area.
  • Coupons will play an advertising role by reducing the costs on other platforms. In your coupons, you can include your business name, address and other vital information customers need to know.
  • When customers will print their names, address, and contact numbers that will help you identify what type of customers and which areas in your business location has the most sales of a particular product.

Let us show you how to create a coupon using Bulk on amazon.

Step 1:  First login into your Amazon Seller Center Account. Go to the “Advertising” tab and scroll down to “Coupons

Step 2. After clicking on the coupon, you’ll find the “Create in bulk” option in the top right corner. Just click here

Step 3. Now click on “Download template file”. 

Step 4. After successfully downloading the bulk template, you need to fill all the required columns like ASIN list, Discount type ($ off or % off), Coupon discount “% Off” value or Coupon discount “$ Off” value, Coupon title, Coupon budget, Coupon start date, Coupon end date, Limit redemption to one per customer, and Targeted Segment.

Note: After adding the required information, please review it once again and save the bulk template.

Step 5. To upload the bulk template, please click on the “Choose file” option.

Step 6. After selecting the bulk template, your file name will appear beside the “Upload” button. Now, click on “Upload” and complete the process.

After successfully uploading the file, Amazon takes 15 mins to 24 hours to activate the coupons on your product detail page.

To sum up, coupons significantly motivate Amazon sellers and customers. It’ll also serve as one of the bases on the future development of your business where there are a significant number of potential customers. However, we hope that you understand the process and can create coupons in bulk on Amazon with full confidence. If you like our discussion, please comment, share, and subscribe to our blog. Also, do not hesitate to ask if you have any queries on any field of eCommerce. We would be glad to hear from you and answer your queries.

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