How to Create Kit or Bundle Items On Ecomdash | Easy Guided Tutorial

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Ecomdash allows us to create kit as many as we like. A Bundle or kit is created with similar products named here as components. It allows you to sell a bundle of grouped products altogether. Not only that, there are other time-saving benefits of using kit or bundle items. We the experts will discuss here, the usage, benefits and the guide to create kit or bundle items on ecomdash.

First, before starting the tutorial we would like to explain a few things, which you can be confused about.

About Ecomdash:

Basically, it combines a web-based inventory management platform with the features of order management and shipping management capabilities. The platform is developed specifically for small, online retailers who sell their wares via multiple channels.

Create Kit In Ecomdash:

As we Create kit, It enables our customers to purchase multiple products without the hassle of multiple searches. On the other hand, kitting can create damage to our inventory. We have to take into consideration not only how many of a product you are selling all by itself, but how many are being added to the kits, as well.

Kits & Bundles:

In Ecomdash, a Kit is an inventory item that has its quantity directly assigned from the available quantity of one or more components. Kits are constructed from a Kit SKU and one or more component SKUs.


Kits are used to sell bundles of different products grouped together for easy selection. We can customize The price of a kit. It is not directly tied to the price of each component. This enables you to provide incentivized pricing for bundled purchases if you wish to do so.


There are two main types of Bundles:

  1. Bundle
  2. Bill of Materials “BOM”

Ecomdash tracks items within kits and bundles at the product level. The quantity of the kit displayed on all of sales channels will be based on the number of individual products that make up the kit. We can sell the individual products alongside the kit and define the price as we see fit. We will remove the kit listing once one or all of its individual product listings have sold.

Advantage of Bundle:

Increased unit sales and order value:

The bundle is an important way to increase your average order value. Besides, it typically increases your unit sales volume. Because most people would like this item to be on one package.

Create a new product:

They also allow a new product to be created. So it also creates a new product in your listing.

Increased Margins:

Bundling can lower the cost of products.  As it increases your sell it can also create a better average margin for your products.

Customers satisfaction:

Many customers often prefer to get a certain type of items together. This also raises the level of customer satisfaction. It also proves that you know about the customer needs well so you have bundled them up. Customers are more comfortable to buy a well-made bundle.

How To Create Kit Manually:

  1. We have to navigate to Inventory > Inventory Management
  2. Then we will choose ‘Kit’ from the Add New Menu.

create kit or bundle on ecomdash

  1. This will bring up a kit details screen to enter in all information for the kit.

create kit or bundle on ecomdash

  1. Scroll down to the ‘Kit Contents’ section and click the blue ‘Add Products’ button to add products to the kit. Enter the Quantity Kit Includes’ for each product which auto calculates the kit quantity.

create kit or bundle on ecomdash

  1. Scroll down to add more information for the kits such as attributes. Use the different tabs such as ‘Listings’ and ‘Images’ to add additional information.
  2. create kit or bundle on ecomdash

    1. Then we click the ‘Save’ button.

    How To Create kit in Bulk:

    1. We can view this format by navigating to Administration -> Inventory Import/Export and we will see the pre-built kit import format.

    create kit or bundle on ecomdash

    2. Next, we will want to create.CSV file matching this format.

    create kit or bundle on ecomdash

    1. Once our file is all setup, then click the ‘Quick Links’ action with the lightning bolt icon and choose ‘Upload Inventory’.

    create kit or bundle on ecomdash

      1. Choose .CSV file and the pre-built kit format.
      2. Then we will click ‘Upload’ button.

    How to Adjust kit Quantity in comdash:

    In order to do adjust quantity of a certain kit, we have go to inventory management page under inventory option.
    create kit or bundle on ecomdash
    Then we will get the below page. We can see here is the all of our items with current inventory.
    create kit or bundle on ecomdash

    Now we will search the kit item for which we want to update inventory in the search box. Here is the item

    We will go to the edit option and we will adjust the inventory according to our needs. After inventory adjustment, we will click the save button.

    Limitations of Kits/Bundles:

    • Up to 10 component items can be assigned per bundle. Every account (PID) can create up to 60,000 bundles.
    • When a Bundle is active or live in a marketplace listing then we cannot add or delete component items of that bundle or change the number per bundle of existing component items. If we need to add or delete component items than we must first withdraw the listing.

    Okay, that is the end of creating the kit or bundle items on your ecomdash. Hope, this tutorial helped you all. If you have any queries or any better solution please share with us in the comment box. Have a nice day and good luck with your business.

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