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How to Run Lightning Deals in Amazon Seller Central

Lightning deals is a popular form of promotion in Amazon. By using this promotion, a seller can sell his limited items in a quick time. With the years of experience in working with Amazon seller central, we have found easy ways to run lightning deals in Amazon. We will share one of the easiest methods so that you can also sell your items fast!

Tips for engagement

Most important part is, to accelerate your brand growth, you will need to increase the online awareness & engagement of your products. Take part in activities such as promotions, social media marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing….etc. You can easily pick up your sales, gain new loyal customers and open up new opportunities by offering well placed and well-timed discounts. Amazon offers many amazing promotional opportunities. Such as Social Media Promo Code, Free Shipping, Percentage Off, Buy One Get One, Giveaway, Lighting Deals and more. Among all of these promotions Lighting Deals is very popular. Aside from some sales this gives the seller sell his limited items quickly. It can also be very effective to gain popularity if utilized strategically and timely.

Lightning Deals

Basically Lighting Deals are special offers that are accessible on Amazon temporarily. Specifically, its duration time is for 4 to 6 hours. It can be visible when you click on today’s deals. By adding an item in a Lightning deals, you have the chance to expand sales and it also offers a speedy method to finish your stock.

The following picture is showing Amazon’s “lightning deal” products.

Why should we Run Lightning Deals?

  • It will Appear on the todays deals page.
  • It will show up as a special offer in the search results.
  • To Enjoy the Halo effect.
  • It will improve your search rank.
  • It can finish your item stock very quickly

Now we will show you “How to Run Lighting Deals in Amazon Seller Central” so that you can do it yourself.

How to run lightning deals in Amazon Seller Central


First of all, go to the “Amazon Seller Central” Portal. Amazon Seller Central is the control panel where every seller on Amazon can control everything and do whatever they want with their product.


Go to the “ADVERTISING” section & click to the “Lightning Deals” option.


After clicking that option you will directly go to the “Lightning Deals Dashboard” page. Here you can control all about Lightning Deals like creating lightning promotions, promotion status checking, deleting promotions, Recommended eligible lightning deals products etc.


To see all of your Recommended eligible lightning deals products, you need to click “See all recommendations”.


Here you have to choose your product that you want to start “Lightning Deals” on.


After selecting your product, you will find the “Deal information” section where you can find “Internal Description”. Edit your promotion name or whatever you want for your own better understanding.


In the Schedule section you will need to choose a time when your lightning promotion duration will be declared. Also here you will find the “Fee” box where a rate will appear. Basically, this rate will be charged to you as Amazon lightning deals fees. Because after all, this is a paid promotion.


Then in the “Product Details & Pricing” section you will find your product that you want to run a lightning deal promotion on.  It will show you the product image, product name, Product present price, Deal price ( Lightning Promotion Price), Quantity for Deal & Deal Potential.

** Note :

Under the Deal Price & Quantity for Deal box, you will find the price & quantity. By default, this will be provided by Amazon. You can only edit this price when the price can be then the default price & You can only edit the quantity when the quantity can be greater than the default quantity. **


After completely providing all data please click to the submit button to finish the process.

STEP 10:

Then travel back to the “Lightning Deals Dashboard” page and click on the “All” option. Here you will see your Lightning Deals Promotion status, whether it is enabled or canceled or ended.

Tip no: 1

If you want to make a successful promotion in Lightning Deal, then you have to add your products with all styles, sizes & color variations in this Lightning Deals promotions. Also, you should provide a larger discount than the minimum required.

Tip no: 2

If the offer is lucrative for the customer you will make you profit back with the number of sales. Also, it will give your product and store some great visibility which can create some good regular customers for your store.

One More Thing..

For Running this Lightning Deals Promotion, the product needs to meet some criteria. These products must be Top-selling, must be Top-trending & must have sufficient FBA inventory. Without meeting this you can still run the deals but it really is not a good practice. For a successful promotion session, we advise you to meet these few requirements.

That was all about lightning deals. We have tried to give you the easiest of the ways. Hope this article helps you. If you have any queries regarding this post and eCommerce please let us know on the comment box.
Thank you. Have a nice day.

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