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Amazon Seller Policy and Seller Code of Conduct Guide 2

The year 2020 and 2021 has proven to be the best years for a huge percentage of Amazon sellers who are following Amazon policy and seller code of conduct to the point. As a result, their sales continue to increase rapidly year after year. Seeing the high profitability and fast growth, many sellers are becoming more and more interested to start their business on Amazon. But there are 2 sides to a coin. The remaining Amazon sellers are facing enormous problems and barriers as their selling accounts are being suspended and banned by Amazon due to not following the Amazon Policy and Seller code of conduct accurately. 

Amazon Seller Code of Conduct and Selling Policies Guide

Amazon has over 2.5 million active sellers and 2.7 billion monthly visitors in The United States alone and is still growing exponentially. Amazon has become a worldwide marketplace that ensures trust and follows its policies, rules, and regulations strictly to the point.

For this reason, Amazon has become even more aware and active in taking instant actions against sellers who are failing to comply with the policies and are either suspending, denying, or even banning them to maintain quality and services. 

So, if you’re a new seller or an existing seller who has many items listed on Amazon, you must know the basic Amazon policy to keep your account health good and generate more revenue. Also, you need to follow the seller code of conduct as shoppers can also play a vital part in suspending or worse banning your seller account. 

Hundreds of Sellers Getting Suspended, Learn Why?

Every day, Amazon is either suspending, denying, or completely banning hundreds of Amazon sellers. There are many reasons for sellers to get suspended, denied, or banned on Amazon. Doing so completely halts your shop’s activities and until and unless you solve the issues behind the suspension or denial, you won’t be able to go back to work.

Most of the sellers are not caring about the Amazon Policy and Seller code of conduct while they hanker after quick cash. So, if you want to achieve the glorious Amazon Choice batch, you must avoid the activities that Amazon has prohibited. 

How You Can Get Suspended On Amazon

Suspension means that your business has been stopped completely but you will still have a chance to lift the suspension. To lift the suspension, you will have to first, find out the reason(s) behind your suspension. After pinpointing what you did wrong, you will then have to write down steps and actions you are willing to take to prevent those mistakes from happening again. 

How You Can Get Denied On Amazon

Deny refers to the action taken by Amazon if they are not satisfied with your submitted plans and proposals. Even though your appealed plans and proposals were not accepted by Amazon, you will still have a chance to update your plan of action and re-submit it to Amazon again. This does not mean that you are getting multiple re-appealing chances, so using your appeals correctly and efficiently will help you to regain full control of your Amazon shop. 

How You Can Get Banned On Amazon

Ban is the worst action taken by Amazon against your seller’s account. Banning an account means that you have appealed more than once and failed to show a clear and vivid plan of action report. After your account is banned on Amazon, they will not engage in any of your plans and report emails after that point. You will no longer be able to access your shop and Amazon will also remove your shop from their marketplace. 

You might be thinking that you can open another account on Amazon after getting your previous account banned. This is wrong as Amazon believes in 1 account for 1 seller. For this reason, Amazon takes extreme steps and measures to fulfill its belief by any means necessary.

Issues that Lead Amazon to Take Strict Actions Towards Seller’s Accounts

As Amazon is growing day by day, they are focusing all its resources to provide customers with a better experience and gradually gain their trust. This is why Amazon is becoming even more strict toward sellers who commit offenses against customers and taking immediate actions based on their reviews. There are 3 main reasons that Amazon focuses on when deciding if an account should be suspended, denied, or banned. 

  • Amazon strives to make its marketplace very competitive and provide very good customer service. So, if your overall performance plunges rapidly and you fail to meet customer demands, Amazon will immediately take notice of it and observe your every step. 
  • Amazon has put in place numerous policies, rules, and regulations for sellers to follow. These guidelines are made to help customers have a very good shopping experience and bring them back to Amazon again. So, Amazon rigorously checks every product thoroughly to ensure everyone is following their policies, rules, and regulations to the letter. Accounts that violate any of the guidelines put in place by Amazon will be strongly reprimanded.
  • As Amazon can be accessible by anyone, Amazon has restricted many products from selling on their marketplace. Failure to comply with this rule will lead to serious consequences that may lead to full account banned. 

Amazon will not suspend, deny or ban any account without prior notice. You will be notified every time you make any wrong moves and have the chance to fix them. If your account has been suspended, you can easily access Seller Central and check the “Performance Notifications” to see the reason behind the suspension or denial of your account. 

When sellers get suspended, Amazon will send them a notification that reads, “Your selling privileges have been removed.” You will also receive a list of your products with the following ASINs that Amazon thinks are violating their policies and rules. You will get many chances to fix your wrongs and get back your selling account from Amazon before they permanently ban your account. 

Accurately Following Amazon’s Policies, Rules, and Regulations

There are many rumors and misconceptions about how Amazon suspends and bans seller accounts. It does not matter if you are a big or small seller or the number of times you have been suspended by Amazon. Amazon does not look for profit but focuses more on customer services as they are the main reason for its growth. Secondly, Amazon believes in second chances and also provides the same benefits to sellers. They help you learn from your mistakes and keep growing. Amazon provides sellers with numerous warnings, and tips to fix their mistakes before Amazon personally intervene in the problem before it gets big. 

Providing Accurate and Correct Information for Amazon Listing

Amazon Policy states to provide proper and accurate details for all your listings. Your accurate description helps shoppers to get an overall idea about how your product works and the benefit they might obtain. Putting correct information about your product listing allows you to dodge buyer confusion and complaints. 

Amazon truly trusts its buyers and shoppers more than the sellers. So, complaints from customers are taken with all seriousness, and if your product listing has numerous complaints against it then you will be prone to account suspension. 

That is the main reason you should always follow Amazon’s Policies and stay on their safe side. The Amazon Policies are made to keep your account safe and provide a proper guideline to how you should manage proper account health status. 

Maintaining Official Seller Code of Conduct on Amazon

Amazon wants you to always be straightforward with buyers and not mislead them to buy your product. You will need to be respectful and courteous towards everyone and be a high valued Amazon seller. As Amazon policy states that you are not allowed to put inaccurate and inappropriate information about your products that may be offensive or misdirect buyers. 

If Amazon spots you violating their policy and not having a proper seller code of conduct then Amazon will definitely come after you.  They will monitor every move you make and see all your conversations and decide if you should be suspended or banned as their seller. 

To prevent this from occurring to you, always maintain a professional voice when dealing with customers and be open about your products and their usefulness. Avoid putting information that might misdirect buyers and shoppers.

Manipulating Sales Rank to Boost Your Amazon Account

If you are a new seller or an existing seller, you should always be patient and strive to list products that will generate a regular buyer visitation to your account and follow up with authentic purchases. This is very hard but persistence leads to genuine success. 

But if you do not want to wait and make fake purchases, it will lead to your account being suspended or worse completely banned. This process is known as Manipulating Sales Rank which Amazon Policy is totally against. 

Making false orders, payments, providing discounts outside Amazon, or even providing external refunds completely goes against Amazon’s core Policy. If you are found out then your account will be suspended or banned. Amazon takes this as a serious offense and may take other actions too. 

Be transparent and clean in all your operations. You should always use the Amazon “Seller Center” to provide discounts, refunds, purchases, and other activities. Putting information regarding sales rank on product title or description will also be violating Amazon’s Policies.

Inappropriate Activity Towards Amazon Buyers

If you increase the pricing of a certain product after the purchase goes against Amazon’s Policy and seller code of conduct. This is unlawful and rude towards the buyer. And as Amazon values their buyer more, they will identify you and may suspend your account due to your improper behavior and action. 

Amazon will not consider your action when deciding whether to suspend or ban your account. You may accidentally make the pricing change and not notice the purchase made. This will not be an excuse for your action and you will also need to explain what happened to Amazon in detail. 

To avoid this kind of situation, you should always check your product listings and update all the information daily. Proper maintenance and updating will help you to always maintain good account health and follow Amazon’s policies. 

Artificial Web Traffic Generation on Amazon

Using any sort of application to wrongfully generate beneficial ratings is unlawful and dishonest. Amazon is completely against these sorts of actions and takes very serious actions against those users. Falsely increasing traffic for your account using bots or paying for clicks will get you suspended or even worse banned from selling on Amazon. 

You should always maintain and update your product listings to authentically draw buyers to your site. Providing detailed information, proper images, and pricing will help you generate good site visitation. Amazon policies are made to help you become successful too. So, if you follow Amazon’s policies and seller code of conduct, then you will do very well. 

Search Result Manipulation on Amazon

Amazon constantly looks at whether your listings are organic or not and if you are keyword stifling. Keyword stifling means putting highly searched words together without arranging them into proper sentences and being meaningful. This goes against Amazon’s policy as it invokes it to have multiple searching word phrases that may or may not be related to the product. This makes the product misleading and new buyers may confuse it for another product resulting in wrong purchase and buyer dissatisfaction.  

You can implement useful keywords to your product listing which are related to your products and you will not be violating any Amazon policy. You can not use a certain keyword for the whole listing as it will become useless and not attract much engagement. You will need to articulate all the keywords together to make a meaningful and accurate listing for your specific product. 

Intentional Interference with Other Sellers on Amazon

Amazon will not tolerate ganging up on a specific seller to harm their performance. Amazon strictly takes massive steps to prevent any kind of cyberbullying and may suspend or ban any seller for their actions. Amazon gives every seller the opportunity to do their business and become successful. If any seller misuses their privileges then Amazon will take drastic actions against them as it completely goes against their policy and seller code. 

You should always check what you are listing and if it collides with any other buyers. This will help you to make your listing more accurate and also maintain a good seller code of conduct and not violate any policies. 


You can easily become a very good seller on Amazon if you follow all the policies and seller codes of conduct that we have listed. We have also discussed what you should do to avoid getting your seller account suspended, denied, or banned by Amazon. 

If you have any questions regarding this content, please comment below and we will try to provide a solution for you. You can also contact us through our email to get any kind of facility you need. 

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