Amazon Prime Day: Great Events with Thousand of Amazing Deals

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Amazon Prime Day means one-day-only global shopping event. It is exclusively for prime members with thousands of amazing deals worldwide. A great prime day amazon deals are placed on this day. Members get exclusive access to the biggest discounts on products they need and wish to buy them. The prime day deals are for everything in between across nearly every product category. There is something for everyone who is prime members. Next year prime day date is always fixed by previous year prime day event.

Amazon Prime:

Amazon Prime is a premium subscription, offering great benefits across Amazon’s products. It gives you unlimited one-day delivery service, on-demand prime video, and music streaming services. Not only these, but you can also borrow a book for a month from Amazon Kindle lending library. This will cost you only 79$. Prime membership gives you exclusive access to Amazon’s cloud-based Prime Photos app. It also receives two-day shipping for eligible purchases. Prime Gift Membership members also get access to this Amazon services. A Prime gift membership is available for either $99 for one year or $32.97 for three months, plus applicable taxes.

Prime Day means for eCommerce:

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur or eCommerce business lead, you must be wondering about the prime day. There is plenty of excitement and a shortage of questions in the hours leading up to Prime Day, but one thing is for sure, Amazon is making a savvy business decision that further establishes the company as one of the most progressive and profitable brands in the world. If it proves successful, other eCommerce sites are soon going to be interested in trying their own massive deal celebration.

Amazon Prime Day Deals:

For the best tech deals of Amazon Prime Day, anybody can browse Amazon to find a wider array of discount goods. To take advantage of any of these deals, a person will have to have an Amazon Prime account. So make sure she/he can sign up to Prime before doing anything else.
Amazon Prime Day

Seller Preparation for Prime Day:

Prime members and those on 30-day free trial can be availed of a series of ‘lightning deals’ over 24 hours with new deals appearing every five minutes. As an example, Amazon Prime Day 2015 witnessed 34.4 million orders at an incredible rate of 398 orders per second. The peak order rate on Prime Day exceeded Black Friday, according to Amazon. With some adverse publicity about the availability and quality of deals, Amazon would be keen to make Prime Day bigger, bolder and better organized than before. For both Prime eligible and non-eligible sellers, large volumes of traffic would mean more sales.

The best way to get ready for Prime Day:

Enroll in Seller Fulfilled Prime:

If you are a user of Amazon FBA, your products get automatically eligible for Prime. The other way to become Prime eligible is to use Seller Fulfilled Prime. The caveat is that it’s mandatory to use Amazon’s Buy Shipping API to get Prime delivery quotes from premium supported carriers.

Offer Free Shipping:

There would be a huge number of shoppers on Amazon looking for deals. Offering free shipping could increase sales and help you compete for the Buy Box. For products that are not eligible for Amazon Prime, sellers can offer free shipping to encourage more buyers. Amazon Prime members are charged shipping for Non-Prime eligible products so including free shipping would be appealing to everyone. There are three main ways to offer free shipping; set your shipping price to zero, upload a shipping override file or offer free economy shipping.

Price More Aggressively to Win the Buy Box:

Amazon Prime Day lightning deals are hard to compete with, particularly since Amazon can remove deals that don’t offer the lowest prices. That said, lightning deals would sell out quickly. On high volume selling days, pricing more aggressively doesn’t guarantee you’ll win the Buy Box but it improves your chances. Anticipate a higher level of orders and consider lowering your minimum price to encourage more sales. You could also clear out stable inventory on Prime Day by pricing it down.

Prepare for More Customer Support Issues:

For FBA goods, Amazon handles the support. Outside of that, any increase in sales will inevitably be followed by an increase in customer support activity. On deals days, buyers have higher expectations of service because they need answers faster. They expect you to be open 24-7. It means having systems in place around the clock to deal with extra activity. On Amazon Prime Day responding quickly is a key differentiator and can turn queries into sales.

Prime Day for Overcoming Competition:

While the inducement of adding new Prime members may be the ultimate focus of Prime Day, it is also clear that Amazon is putting a major emphasis on overcoming competitive threats in both physical retail and eCommerce. The ultimate goal of Prime Day is a one-day shopping experience for customers around the world. Amazon is a fiercely competitive company and taking this step gives it the advantage of offering new value to its existing customers, while giving potential Prime customers access to the great deals.

The expectation from Amazon Prime Day:

Amazon will list permanently fixed deals for Amazon Prime day. But the vast majority will take the form of Amazon’s Lightning Deals. These discounts will last anywhere from ten minutes to an hour, and once the stock has gone, it is gone for good at that lower price. Generally, Amazon will list upcoming deals, so it’s always worth keeping an eye out on something you might want and jumping on it when the chance arises. If you want the best offers, you’ll need to check back frequently.

In this documentation, we have discussed Amazon Prime Day.  Please keep reading our Blog, We will come again with another article about Amazon.

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