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Amazon Advertising: Expanded Product Targeting Feature in Amazon Sponsored Product Campaign

Amazon advertising is growing rapidly. It is constantly adding new features to make seller effort more easier and comfortable. Recently, it has come up with a new “Expanded” feature for product targeting in Sponsored Products campaigns.

What is Expanded in PPC?

Expanded is defined to target a single product along with others closely related to it. This can include substitutes, complements, and other products shoppers engage with related to the original product.

How will it work in product targeting?

Expand your product’s targeting to additional closely related items.

By using this expanded feature of product targeting in your Sponsored Products campaigns, you can expand the product targeting to items that are closely related to the original product targeted. This feature is the default setting for campaigns. 

Expanded product targeting helps you to discover additional products related to the items you’re already targeting. 

For example, if you’re targeting a “work boots” to promote your own item against, this feature enables you to target items that include substitutes (other work boots), complements (boot socks), and other items that shoppers may browse for along with the targeted work boots.

How to Use?

If you want to use expanded product targeting in your Sponsored Products campaigns to the existing campaign you can use this section as given below screenshot.

Scenario 01: Expanded product target.

Benefits of using expanded product targeting include:

There are some key benefits described below that you can easily get using this feature.

  • Closely related items only: Amazon uses closely related items to the original product target based on past interactions and views. It can help you to discover other high-performance product targets.
  • Limit on expanded product targets: Each product target is only expanded to a limited number of additional products with the highest performance potential.
  • Expanded product targets updated daily: Amazon automatically updates the underlying products targeted daily. This type helps ensure that high-performant product targets are included in the expanded list without having to constantly curate new product targets.This feature can make it easier to manage and optimize your expanded product targeting.
  • Performance reports of expanded product targets: The impressions, clicks, and conversions generated by the expanded product targets will be visible in the available reports. Expanded product targets appear in available reports with a “Product-expanded” prefix in the targeting column. This allows you to identify the expanded product targets that meet your performance criteria to promote them as individual product targets.

Additionally, you can use negative targeting to exclude individual products or brands from the expanded list.

Finally, if you want to use Expanded product targeting in your Sponsored Products campaigns, you can expand the product targeting to items that are closely related to the original product targeted feature is a great opportunity to assist you.

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