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5 Launching strategy for a brand new product on Amazon

Amazon, the world’s largest online marketplace, continues to dominate the e-commerce industry, attracting millions of buyers and sellers daily. With its vast customer base and efficient logistics, selling on Amazon presents an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to launch a new product. In recent data, it’s evident that Amazon’s market share has only grown, with more and more consumers turning to the platform for their shopping needs.

Five Crucial Strategies

If you’re an aspiring Amazon seller at the beginning stage, you might be wondering how to effectively launch your product on this bustling platform. Fret not! In this blog, we will guide you through five crucial strategies that will help you succeed in your Amazon venture. From optimizing your product listing to implementing PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns, we’ll cover it all in a compact and effective manner.

Start with an Optimized Product Detail Page

The first step towards launching your product on Amazon is creating a compelling and optimized product detail page. This includes several essential elements, starting with choosing the right product category. Conduct thorough research to identify the best-suited category for your product, keeping in mind the level of competition.

Next, focus on keyword optimization. Utilize tools like Helium10 to perform keyword research and identify relevant and high-ranking keywords for your product. Prioritize long-tail keywords initially to improve your chances of ranking higher. When optimizing your listing, ensure that your title, bullet points, description, and backend search terms are strategically optimized for maximum visibility.

Pro Tip: Aim for a title close to 200 characters, ensure each bullet point is at least 150 characters, and craft a description with over 1000 characters for better SEO results.

Focus on Graphical Presentation

Visual appeal plays a critical role in capturing potential customers’ attention. Your product images should be of high quality, meeting Amazon’s image requirements, and showcasing your product from various angles. Consider including lifestyle images, infographics, and comparison images to provide a comprehensive view of your product’s features and benefits.

For registered sellers, leveraging Amazon’s A+ Content and Brand Story features can significantly enhance brand awareness and customer engagement. Make the most of these opportunities by creating visually appealing and informative content, supported by alt text for backend keyword optimization.

Choose the Right Fulfillment Method

Deciding on the appropriate fulfillment method is essential for ensuring a smooth customer experience. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) offers numerous benefits, including faster shipping, increased visibility, and access to Amazon’s marketing programs. However, it comes with associated fees and long-term storage costs. Alternatively, Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) allows you to handle shipping yourself, giving you more control over the process.

If you opt for FBA, strive to achieve Seller Fulfilled Prime status, as it can significantly boost your sales. To qualify, meet the specified criteria, such as offering premium shipping options, maintaining on-time order shipment, and using supported shipping carriers.

Price Strategically for Success

Pricing your product effectively is crucial for attracting customers and generating profits. Initially, set a competitive price lower than your desired target price. Gradually increase the price over time until you reach your target amount. This strategy allows you to build momentum and generate positive reviews.

Also, consider setting a higher Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) and a lower selling price. Amazon’s algorithm often favors lower sell prices and higher MSRP, creating a perception of value and encouraging more sales.

Remember, be cautious when making price adjustments. Incremental increases allow you to gauge customer response and make informed decisions.

Embrace Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Running PPC campaigns is essential, especially when you’re just starting. It helps increase your product’s visibility and exposure to potential customers. By bidding on relevant keywords, you can display your product as sponsored listings, increasing the chances of making sales.

An added benefit of PPC is that it can positively impact your organic rankings for targeted keywords. As your organic rankings improve, you can reduce or stop PPC for those specific keywords.


Launching a brand new product on Amazon can be a daunting task, but with the right strategies, it can lead to tremendous success. By optimizing your product detail page, focusing on visual presentation, choosing the right fulfillment method, pricing strategically, and embracing PPC campaigns, you’re well-equipped to make a strong impact in the competitive Amazon marketplace.

Remember to continuously monitor and adapt your strategies based on customer feedback and market dynamics. With dedication, perseverance, and a thorough understanding of Amazon’s platform, you can pave the way for your product’s triumph on this thriving e-commerce giant. Happy selling!

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