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eBay Sales Hack: A Real-Life Experiment on eBay Off-Site Ads

eBay Offsite Ads is an eBay advertising program that empowers sellers to promote their eBay listings on external platforms and websites, such as Google. 

Through this off-site ad program, sellers can expand their reach to a broader audience and attract a larger pool of potential buyers to their eBay listings. By actively participating in Offsite Ads, sellers can enhance their visibility and significantly improve their chances of successfully selling their products.

Now we are going with a real-life experiment that aims to assess the impact of eBay Offsite Ads on promoting eBay listings. By tracking visibility, click-through rate (CTR), and conversion rates on external platforms like Google, we’ll determine its effectiveness in reaching a broader audience and attracting potential buyers. Valuable insights from the data will boost confidence in using eBay Offsite Ads for your listings.

Table Of Contents: 

  1. An overview of eBay off-site ads.
  2. How does eBay’s off-site ad work?
  3. How to create an eBay off-site ad?
  4. Real-time performance track. 
  5. Additional Tips.
  6. Insights.

1. What is an eBay off-site ad?

eBay’s Off-site Ads program allows sellers to promote their listings on external platforms like Google, Bing, Facebook, and Instagram to attract more buyers. It aims to drive additional traffic to eBay listings and may undergo changes based on user feedback before a full release.

2. How does eBay’s off-site ad work?

eBay’s Off-Site Ad process involves promoting eBay listings on external platforms, expanding the reach to a broader audience beyond eBay’s website. To get a clear idea about eBay offsite ads you can check out our another blog “eBay Off-Site Ads | Boost Your eBay Sales and Maximise Profits with eBay Off-Site Ads”.

4. How to create an eBay off-site ad?

The process is quite simple. Eligible sellers can access the Off-Site Ads option in their seller dashboard under the Marketing tab. By clicking “Off-Site Ads,” they can easily follow the instructions. By adding a daily budget sellers can able to run an off-site ad.

5. Real-time performance track

It’s time to show a real-life example of eBay’s off-site ad. We are thrilled to share that our run-off side ads for the following four categories have yielded incredible results:

  • eBay Motors category.
  • eBay Consumer Electronics.
  • Cot & Crib Mattresses.
  • Home, Furniture & DIY.

The performance of these ads has been exceptional, and we are excited about the outcomes achieved for each category. We look forward to showing you the impressive results of eBay’s off-site ad.

  • eBay Motors category: In the eBay Motors category, our Off-Site Ads have been incredibly successful, generating $8,476.82 in sales over the last 90 days. In the past month alone, we received 1,575 clicks with a low average cost per click (CPC) of $0.60, indicating quality traffic at an affordable price.

Our sales conversion rate for eBay Motors was an impressive 1.53%, resulting in a remarkable Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) of 8.94, meaning we generated $8.94 in revenue for every ad dollar spent.

Though the total ad fee for the last 90 days was $948, the substantial sales achieved clearly justify the investment. Our Off-Site Ads have proven to be highly effective in driving sales and maximizing profitability for the eBay Motors category.

  • eBay Consumer Electronics: In the eBay Consumer Electronics category, our sales performance over the last 90 days has been outstanding, reaching a total of $1,777.81. Now, let’s dive into the impact of our Off-Site Ads on these results.

In the past month, our eBay Consumer Electronics Off-Site Ads successfully attracted 868 clicks, maintaining an impressively low average cost per click (CPC) of only $0.24. This indicates that we are driving substantial traffic to our listings while efficiently managing advertising costs.

In the Off-Site Ad’s performance for eBay Consumer Electronics, we achieved a remarkable sales conversion rate of 3.41%. This highlights the effectiveness of our ads in converting interested shoppers into satisfied buyers. With a commendable Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) of 8.54, we have generated an estimated $8.54 in revenue for every dollar spent on ads.

Throughout the last 90 days, the total ad fee for eBay Consumer Electronics amounted to $208. As evident from the results, the return on investment more than justifies the ad spend, affirming the success of our advertising strategy in the Consumer Electronics category.

  • Cot & Crib Mattresses: Over our other category’s item’s performance in the last 90 days, eBay  Cot & Crib Mattresses reached an exceptional £672.04. Now, let’s see how our Off-Site Ads have contributed to these numbers.

The sales conversion rate for Cot & Crib Mattresses was a remarkable 5.84%. This shows how our Off-Site Ads effectively turned interested shoppers into satisfied buyers. Also, with a ROAS of 4.3.

The ad fee for Cot & Crib Mattresses in the last 90 days was £156.16. Once again, the results show that the return on investment more than justifies the ad spend.

  • Home, Furniture & DIY: Let’s delve into the performance of our Home, Furniture & DIY category, where we achieved outstanding results with total sales reaching an impressive £1,046.64. Now, we’ll analyze the impact of our Off-Site Ads on these numbers.

Over the past month, our Home, Furniture & DIY category generated a substantial 1,273 clicks, maintaining an incredibly low average cost-per-click (CPC) of just £0.17. This efficient advertising strategy has allowed us to drive significant traffic to our listings while effectively managing advertising costs.

The Off-Site Ads performance for Home, Furniture & DIY, we can proudly report a remarkable sales conversion rate of 6.20%. This clearly demonstrates how our Off-Site Ads have successfully transformed interested shoppers into satisfied buyers.

Additionally, our Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) stands at an impressive 5.96, showcasing the effectiveness of our advertising efforts in generating substantial revenue for the category.

6. Proved benefits of eBay Off-Site ad

To increase sales on eBay, the eBay Off-Site Ads have truly exceeded expectations across all categories, showcasing outstanding performance. The results have been remarkable, with a significant boost in sales and a wave in customer conversion rates. What’s even more impressive is the exceptional return on ad spend we’ve achieved, indicating that our advertising investments have offered substantial returns in revenue.

One of the key factors contributing to this success is our ability to keep the cost-per-click at a minimum. By optimising our ad campaigns, we have managed to drive substantial traffic to our listings while efficiently managing advertising costs.

This outstanding performance reflects the effectiveness of our advertising strategies and their ability to capture the attention and interest of potential buyers. It also speaks volumes about our products and the appeal they have for our target audience.

As we continue to fine-tune and optimise our advertising efforts, we can look forward to even more impressive results in the future. The eBay Off-site ad campaigns will undoubtedly continue to drive growth and success for our business with a good number of revenue.

7. Additional Tips

Off-Site Ads Program Eligibility, Fees, and Impact on Profitability. For eBay sellers contemplating the use of the Off-Site Ads program, it is essential to be aware of certain eligibility requirements and associated fees. Thoroughly reviewing the program details, including costs and potential benefits, is crucial in determining if it aligns with your business goals and budget.

Make sure to carefully assess the terms and conditions of the Off-Site Ads program to understand its implications on your overall profitability. Being well-informed about the program will empower you to make strategic decisions that can positively impact your eBay selling experience.

8. Insights

eBay’s Off-Site Ads exceeded expectations, delivering remarkable results with boosted sales, high conversion rates, and exceptional ROI. Effective strategies and minimal CPC contributed to capturing potential buyers’ attention. With continuous optimization, future growth and revenue are promising.

We trust that this article has provided helpful insights. Should you have any further inquiries about eBay advertising, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Our team is always available to assist you with any e-commerce-related solutions.

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