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In the year 2017, eCommerce sales were 24.8% and this year 2018, is has already increased by almost 10%. It is predicted that by the year 2021, eCommerce growth will certainly be around 50%. Of course, the eCommerce filed is spreading vastly. These are happening only due to the present eCommerce trends. No know more about upcoming trends for the business, first, read this article. In this article, you will find “Top 5 trends that will take over half of the physical marketplace in 3-4 years”.

Current Scenario

Before, If we look at the past few years, we will see that more than half the population of the USA are into online shopping and that every year eCommerce has been growing at a high rate.
The e-Commerce field is shifting dramatically. If we review the current state of retail, then we will discover the vanishing of retail is affecting an incredible amount of household brands and stores shutting at a higher rate.

Our Thoughts

Important to realize, That day is not very far from now when we don’t need to do business physically. In future people will run their shops by sitting at home, using just pcs’, mobiles and tabs. There are many reasons why this eCommerce field will rock the world.

Future Predictions of eCommerce

On the positive side, we expect eCommerce to change at an even faster rate as now. Surprisingly, brands embrace the power of voice search and Omni-device options. 40% of millennials are using Voice assistants. It is expected to go beyond 40% by 2020. This transformation of the digital retail landscape will only continue to grow as more and more consumers bring digital devices into their shopping habits.
Enough of the Introduction. Now, you are gonna know the top 5 eCommerce trends that will rock the eCommerce business.

Top 5 eCommerce Trends

Trend 1: There will be an Entrepreneurial eCommerce Breakout:

eCommerce will become more important than ever before in 2018. Fortunately, it’s also pretty easy to get started. It is expected that a hell of a busy time is coming for eCommerce business people. It has the scope to grow more and more. Businesses with physical outlets are now stepping onto the online platform. Due to buyers frustration from traffic, distance or lack of transportation facilities they were falling apart.

eCommerce provides us with the ease of purchasing. People can easily buy with a few clicks laying in bed. If not just yet, it has a really wide window to grow through and take over physical businesses.

Trend #2: The Rise of Smarter, Faster, Blockchain-Enabled Artificial Intelligence:

AI will focus on personalized shopping for eCommerce customers. Now, brands are beginning to highlight customer-based engagement in all of their online business area. They use their social media platforms. Buyers will see personalized ads relevant to their shopping habits. Hence, higher chances to buy a product. AI will figure out the interest of buyers based on browsing and shopping history. Then it will show them products according to their interests.


There are high chances that chatbots will replace the employees at customer service. Especially, day by day, technology is raising them to a smarter level. Furthermore, combined with opportunities like blockchain technologies.

Trend #3: Customer’s journey In the Field Will Get Smarter and easier:

From AI-software powered virtual personal shoppers to personal recommendation technology, the future of retail will undoubtedly become more personalized.

Mobile is the New Normal

Rishabh Software stated in 2017 that a report from comScore showed eCommerce growth overshadowed all another online retail spending, with over three times.
It is predicted that the number of smartphone users will top five billion by 2019. Hence, eCommerce will continue to expand the abilities of online shopping and mobile spending.

Trend #4: Video in Content will have a huge influence:

It is predicted that this year will definitely be a year where brands get smarter about measuring their ROI, but there will be a larger allocation of content and videos will occupy a huge proportion in it.

A few important data to mention the use of videos:

  1. Use of videos has been seen by over fifty percent marketing professionals globally to bring highest ROI.
  2. Marketers who use video grow revenue almost twice as fast as non-video users.
  3. Data show that 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social videos!

Reasons to use video content

Most executives agree that buyers, in most cases, choose videos over texts and images on any topic. Demonstrating the use of something physically is always more reliable. According to statistics, social video produces way more shares than images and text combined. This is a new, extremely effective tool for bringing our audience together around our product.

Trend #5: There is also a prediction about the upcoming change in online shopping and it goes as follows:

  • Very soon, people will not be required to undergo the hectic process of card verification while making a purchase.
  • Today e-commerce model is filled with friction and creates a lot of burden on customers. In the near future, the digital fingerprint of a buyer will allow retailers to identify a customer.
  • Boundaries between channels associated with online commerce will start to fade.
  • Today retailers are focused on the surge in mobile transactions. At present, it’s certainly important. However, a couple years from now categories will get less highlighted and it won’t make a difference whether we pay via phone or web browser, locally or internationally. As the consumer’s experience begins to look the same regardless of where customers enter to make a purchase, they will find the method very seamlessness.
  • Detection and prevention of fraud will be through the use of complete automatic equipment.
  • There will be real-time decision-making equipment fed with rich data. This will bring less friction to customers, be less costly and lower loss of merchants all of which arises from manual reviewing of transactions.
  • There will be same-day shipping everywhere.

Fast Shipping

Currently, Amazon Prime’s two-day shipping is highly demanded by many. Who would want to hold on and on till they would receive their desired, awaited products! With time, people will become more and more habituated in the easy-purchase methods. Hence, they will only demand more. It is only a matter of time that people would be concerned about the delivery time. Indeed they would compare with instant product-receiving opportunity at physical outlets. Some companies are already moving towards testing one-day or same-day shipping.

Perfect Time to start your business

eCommerce certainly has a bright future. Stretching from customer behaviors to marketing, to the tools and strategies that are being used to build experiences at present, the future of eCommerce looks very promising. That was my predicted top 5 eCommerce trends for upcoming days. It will be better for you if you embrace these trends as early as possible. Whether you run a small business or large business, these will help you. Nowadays your inventory managing has become very easy with the help of software like sellerclouds, channeladvisor. If you are thinking to open your eCommerce business, you can open it without hesitation. You can contact us for any kind of help regarding your business. Day by day the competitor will increase. In the end, This is the time for you to open up your own business.

That was all for today. If you have any queries, feel free to comment and contact us. We are always there for you to improve your business.

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