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StoreFeeder: How to Create or List or Upload a Simple Product

In this article, we will briefly discuss on how to create a simple product on StoreFeeder. The document will be very helpful for you with the procedure of uploading items on StoreFeeder.

StoreFeeder is a Multi-channel Ecommerce Management Web App. We can list items from StoreFeeder on online eCommerce marketplace. Since StoreFeeder is a multi-channel software, firstly, we will need to create items on StoreFeeder. After the creation of a product in StoreFeeder, we can list it to other online marketplaces through StoreFeeder. We can list products on,,,, Newegg, Magento, Shopify and others through StoreFeeder.

The main features of this app are Warehousing, Inventory Management, Listing Management, Accounts Integration, etc. StoreFeeder can enable Inventory Management and Order Management quickly. StoreFeeder can be used to upload products, adjust prices, mapping the products, update the stock level and also so on.

Creating a Simple Product in StoreFeeder:

Step-1: At first, we have to login in StoreFeeder. After that we navigate StoreFeeder home page. At the bottom, we will see 3 tabs. From there we need to select Products Manage Product.

Step 2: On the top right side of the window, we will see a button named New Product. Click on this button.

Step 3: A window will appear where we will have to provide the SKU, Approximate product name and also select the product type (Simple) → then click on Create.

Step 4: After providing the SKU and Product name, our next step is to fill up product page with information need to fill up the left side tab according to the requirement. That tab has some mandatory options with (*) mark. Without filling up those mandatory fields, product will not be uploaded on StoreFeeder.

Step 5: After filling up all information, click the Save button to complete the uploading process.

And now, you are done. This is how you can upload a product on StoreFeeder with basic information.

Please keep reading our Blog, we will come again with another important article about StoreFeeder.

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