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Promote item on Sears Marketplace – Promotion Overview

How to offer discount or Run Promotion on Sears

Discounting your products can be an excellent way for your business to attract new customers and generate more sales. To increase sales, attract new customers, and retain current customers, many retail stores implement various sales promotion techniques like offering discounts or offering discount coupons to the customers. 

In this article, we will discuss on how to run a promotion on Sears.

Offering Discount on Sears:

Like other marketplaces we can’t define the percentage of discount or amount of discount in Sears, like we can’t define 20% less of an item in marketplace backend directly, we need to define the price only (Regular Price and Sale Price), then percentages or discount amounts will define by the Sears system and show it on Sears customer end.  To create promotion we need to follow the below steps.

Step 1:

Log in to your Sears seller account and from the top-most menu bar in the dashboard, hover over the “Product” & select “Product Mgmt” from the dropdown menu, hover over “Product Mgmt” and select “Browse & Edit” from the dropdown menu.

Step 2:

After selecting “Browse & Edit”, you will get a search option and can search your product according to your product SKU or UPC or Name.

Step 3:

After searching the product, you will get the product listing of Sears. Just click on the products url as shown in screenshot below.

Step 4:

If the item is a simple item, go to the “Offer Tab”. But if it is a variation item then go to the “Offer / Variant Tab”. Here you need to update the cost & pricing details of your product.

Cost & Pricing Details: In “Cost & Pricing Details” you need to input cost and price information of your product, like standard price, sale price, date etc.

Standard Price: Standard Price means suggested regular price of the product as provided by a manufacturer, supplier or seller.

Note: List price in US dollars, without a $ sign, commas, or quotation marks. Do not include taxes, shipping costs, rebates, coupons or bulk discounts.

Sale Price: Sale Price means the discount price of the product as provided by a manufacturer, supplier or seller within a time duration.

Note: List price in US dollars, without a $ sign, commas, test or quotation marks. Item is put on sale when the sale price is provided and goes off sale when end date is reached.

Package Quantity: The Package Quantity provides customers with information on the number of identical units within an offer. It is important to always include the package quantity for products that could be sold either in a set or as single units.

From Date: From Date means sales price started to date.

To Date: To Date means sales price end date.

Click on “Save” for updating price.

Important Note: If it is a variation item, we will put information for every single child item we have to give the sales price and sales date for every individual child item.

Marketplace strategy of showing discounts or promotions on Sears marketplace (Customer End):After listing an item Sears may merge the listing with other listings of Sears if there are listed items with the same UPC already exist in Sears. If the other sellers also use the discount price then it will show in a range. You can see the below screenshots to understand more clearly.

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