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Overview of JoeLister | Best Inventory Management Software for eBay and Shopify from Amazon FBA

In today’s eCommerce, selling your product on multiple marketplaces is good for your business growth. Sell your products in multiple marketplaces rather than selling in one place. The more you sell, the more you are profitable in your business.

For selling items in multiple marketplaces, you need to list products but manually listings products in different marketplaces are very time-consuming. So, you must list products through software to solve this listing problem in different marketplaces.

The aim of this article is to give you an overview of one of the easiest and most user-friendly multichannel software JoeLister. So keep reading to know more about JoeLister.


JoeLister is a web-based software that converts your Amazon FBA inventory into eBay and Shopify listings in just a few clicks. It makes your listing easier and manages all your listings and inventory in one place. 

JoeLister automatically creates a fulfillment order for eBay and Shopify using Amazon’s Multi-Channel Fulfillment program. This means you can have your FBA inventory live on Amazon, eBay, and Shopify at the same time. So you don’t need to worry about your multi-channel fulfillment. 

JoeLister leverages Amazon’s Multi-Channel Fulfilment (MCF) program to create an automatic fulfillment order for eBay and Shopify customers.

Features of JoeLister

Here are some features of joeLister:

  • Easy One-Click Listing 
  • Quantity Sync
  • Automatic Fulfilment
  • Smart Pricing
  • Automated eBay Repricing
  • Variations Listings Support

Listing Just One Click

JoeLister automatically adds images, descriptions, and product information to your eBay and Shopify listings. With just one click, you may publish hundreds of listings, allowing more buyers to locate your products and increasing your sales.

Pricing Your eBay & Shopify Inventory

It’s simple to use the FBA Revenue Calculator to ensure you’ll be profitable when pricing things for FBA. After MCF, eBay, and Shopify fees, you’ll want to make sure your eBay and Shopify listings are profitable.

Setting eBay and Shopify prices is easy using JoeLister. You have the option of sticking with their preset pricing choices or modifying them in Settings.

Inventory Quantity Sync

Although it may seem self-evident, JoeLister would not function without Quantity Sync. JoeLister will constantly keep your Amazon FBA inventory and eBay inventory in sync. This implies you won’t oversell or double-sell an item by accident.

Other precautions are also in place with JoeLister. JoeLister will set your eBay and Shopify available quantity to 1 when you create a new eBay and Shopify listing (you can change this to another number). If that was your only quantity on Amazon, it will be set to 0 by default. JoeLister will, however, reset the eBay quantity to 1 if you have more in stock.

Automatic Fulfilment

When one of your JoeLister listings sells on eBay and Shopify, JoeLister will fulfill the order from your FBA inventory. In your JoeLister account, go to the “eBay Sales” or “Shopify Sales” tab to see the status of any sold listings.

As soon as JoeLister receives tracking information from Amazon, they will mark the item as shipped on eBay and Shopify.

JoeLister may even go one step further by posting feedback for your buyer automatically.

Variations Listings Support

Yes, JoeLister has full support for eBay and Shopify variation listings. Joe will automatically recognize which of your listings are Amazon variations and nest the children’s listings within that listing for eBay and Shopify.


You’ve seen how easy it is to use JoeLister. All you have to do is press the List button and JoeLister will handle everything else. Multi-Channel fulfillment is an option with or without JoeLister. But with JoeLister you can easily customize eBay and Shopify listings as they are. But using JoeLister makes it so easy (you could list all of your FBA inventory on eBay and Shopify in a matter of minutes) that there’s no reason not to try it. 

Always Adapting

JoeLister is very much a live service. We update on a daily basis based on Amazon and eBay updates, marketplace trends, and customer feedback.

Accurate Tracking Information

JoeLister will update the eBay and Shopify site with all tracking information as it becomes available. In comparison, Amazon often takes 24 hours to post tracking information.

Who should use JoeLister

The Listing software JoeLister can use both Amazon FBA sellers and Amazon Merchant sellers

Is JoeLister Worth the Cost?

JoeLister is a monthly fee service. You pay a monthly flat price based on the quantity of eBay listings you want to make. The cheapest plan is $25 per month for 100 eBay listings, while the most expensive plan is $139 per month for 2500 listings.

For eBay

For Shopify:

The best thing is that you don’t have to list all of your Amazon FBA inventory on eBay and Shopify. You can list the items according to your convenience. Suppose you have 1000 items on Amazon stocks, but you want to list only 100 items on eBay and Shopify then you can do it with JoeListe. So, how many products do you want to list in your eBay and Shopify accounts, you need to pay only for this, this is the best thing about JeLsiter.

Drawbacks of JoeLister:

Nothing is flawless. Also, JoeLister has some drawbacks. Let’s look at the drawbacks of JoeLister. It might help to rethink, whether will you use this software or not.

Sometimes Joelister creates a problem when you go to automatically listings on eBay and Shopify in your Amazon FBA inventory. When Joelister imports the titles of the products, it often takes the title directly from the parent ASIN of the products. That parent ASIN title doesn’t include any info about the size or color variation that you actually want to sell on eBay or Shopify. When this happens, then you need to manually add the size and color for the variation to the title. Amazon and eBay or Shopify product descriptions, titles, and other things are different. So this problem of JoeLister gives you so much trouble with your eBay and Shopify listings.

To sum up,

JoeLister automatically populates your eBay and Shopify listings with images, descriptions, and product info. You can see how easily you can list products on eBay and Shopify through JoeLister with just one click.

We hope that this article will help you a lot in your listing easier. If you have any queries about JoeLister then let us know through the comment section. Our Expertise will help you with that. 

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