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Overview of Groupon | Global E-commerce Marketplace Connecting Subscribers with Local Merchants

Groupon is the fastest-growing e-commerce marketplace that offers a variety of products and services at discounts via its online store. It is a global scaled two-sided eCommerce marketplace that connects consumers to merchants by offering daily deals, virtual coupons, activities, travel, goods, and services. Groupon enables consumers to access the marketplace through its mobile app and its website sites in various countries. Groupon is also providing a variety of customized marketing solutions, advertising options, and tools that merchants can use to grow and manage their businesses. In this article, we will give you an overview of the Groupon marketplace which will help you to understand why you need to start your next eCommerce business here.

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What is Groupon?

The name Groupon has come from the combination of Group and Coupon. Groupon began operations in Chicago in November 2008, and as of right now, operates in more than 500 markets across 48 countries with about 48.2 million active customers. No other company, in comparison, achieved such prosperity in such a brief period. They are making real-time commerce possible for a growing number of industries, including small enterprises, tourist attractions, consumer goods, and live or active events. Through its website and mobile app, it gives customers coupons, rewards on purchases, and group promotions. People may purchase almost anything, anywhere, at any time, thanks to Groupon’s worldwide marketplace. Typically, Groupon’s deals are only available for a limited period of time, usually 24 hours. A discount coupon won’t become active until a predetermined number of individuals commit to buying the advertised good or service.

What kinds of businesses does Groupon work best for?

What kind of business you run will frequently determine whether Groupon is a service that would be beneficial to you. Businesses that find the most success from using Groupon include:

Local small companies: Due to the high volume of customers using Groupon to find local services, many local businesses thrive there. Even better, Groupon provides a section called “Nearby” that allows customers to find businesses based on their locations to aid in the discovery of neighborhood shops.

High-volume companies that sell things at reduced prices: Groupon is ideal for businesses who already have a high number of sales because the things you list there typically come with big discounts. The best thing to do is to highlight your discount on a product with lower production costs.

Service providers: If you’re providing a service, Groupon is a terrific platform to use especially for businesses in the service sector. When your business is suffering slow times with fewer consumers, advertising a deal attracts additional clients.

Entertainment venues: By offering a discount on Groupon, you can simply increase your venue’s attendance if you are having trouble selling out tickets at your show.

Businesses in the hotel and travel industries: Groupon is used by some hotels, resorts, and airlines to advertise open positions or seats that must be filled quickly.

Advantages of the Groupon marketplace:

The main advantage of Groupon is to bring a large number of customers to your business. Now day’s, many people are looking for lower rates, thus you have the chance to draw customers in by offering them reduced prices. Following are a few benefits of the Groupon marketplace:

  • It draws lots of customers: By appealing to people who are seeking low-cost deals and an opportunity to save money, you can attract new clients. If potential consumers aren’t willing to pay more, you can charge them a cheaper price.
  • Increase brand and product visibility: A Groupon deal can help you introduce your company who aren’t familiar with your goods or services. You get to persuade prospective buyers to try your products. The aim is that they will appreciate it so much that they will return and make another purchase from you.
  • It aids in moving inventory: Use Groupon promotions to sell slow-moving products in your inventory. Deals with discounts seem to be the most persuasive for retailers with the low cost of items offered. To advertise a reasonably priced product, use price promotions.
  • It creates bonds amongst people: Instead of only making one-off purchases, use price promotion offers to develop long-term relationships with your customers.
  • It generates additional revenue: You might generate profit from promotions if you have a low-cost or fixed-cost structure. By drawing more people into the facility, a coupon deal could actually make the business a little more money.

How Groupon can help your business?

Customers may easily find your company on Groupon and purchase your services. It assists you in bringing in new business and putting your company in the spotlight. Your business may be known to those who haven’t previously heard of it. Restaurants, merchants, producers, and small businesses can use Groupon deals to draw clients to their websites or encourage them to buy their goods and services. Through Groupon, Customers can learn about your exclusive deals and offerings. It can help:

  • Reach new customers
  • Re-engage customers
  • Build real customer loyalty

Is Groupon an SEO-friendly marketplace?

Yes, Groupon is an SEO-friendly online retailer like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. Your business can reach new clients with the aid of Groupon SEO. It also helps to promote your local business by building your brand, reaching a wider audience, improving your revenue, and enhancing your internet presence. It is therefore crucial for Groupon sellers to understand how their offerings rank. Use every relevant keyword that can improve your search result and help you attract people who are looking for your items if you want to rank your small, local business on Groupon. Therefore, you can advertise your firm using SEO, which is also a terrific strategy for long-term business success.

Benefits of Groupon SEO

When you put in the time and effort to learn the fundamentals of SEO and perhaps spend money on a few tools, it might be more beneficial for your company in the long run than paying for conventional sponsored advertisements. Here are a few Groupon SEO advantages that can help your company take advantage of organic search.

  • Improve the quality of your website
  • Find new customers
  • Convert site visitors into customers
  • Grow brand awareness
  • Give you the edge over your competitors
  • Drive more relevant web traffic
  • Save money on advertising
  • Advertise your promotions
  • Reach new customers outside of business hours
  • Grow your business

Campaign Manager Tools:

If you want to manage your business operations on the Groupon platform, you must be aware of the Groupon campaign management tools. Because campaign management tools are provided by Groupon to its sellers. With these tools, you can easily increase engagement while keeping complete control over your business. The following are some of the benefits of using campaign manager tools:

  • Build the campaign
  • Set the parameters
  • Style it up
  • Add the details
  • Get to work

What do you need to start a business on Groupon?

Several factors you should consider before starting your business on Groupon. These are: 

  • When registering your business on Groupon, keep all pertinent permits and paperwork 
  • You need a local business operating license
  • Ensure land use approvals and zoning

How much does Groupon take commissions?

The monthly subscription fee for Groupon is $4.99. Whenever sellers will use Groupon for deals on local services, local events, products, tickets, experiences, travel, and goods, the ads may appear for Groupon Select while shopping online.

Groupon creates sales and ensures a minimum level of revenue. Groupon also helps participating companies get ready for events by offering amazing discounts and coupons. Groupon receives a portion of every purchase made through the website in return for its advertising support and sales assistance. Depending on the vendor, this sum is frequently in the range of 50%.

For example, assume that a neighborhood salon decides to use Groupon to attract new clients in order to boost revenue after seeing a decline. So the salon owner decides to give a $50 cut and color treatment instead of the usual $100 fee. As a service fee, Groupon retains 50% of the sales revenue. With 30 new customers, the promotion will bring in $1500 in revenue; $750 will go to the salon and $750 will go to Groupon. No matter how many Groupons were purchased, once a deal is advertised, everyone who purchased one gets it.

Groupon payment gateway:

Groupon has payment gateways but it’s limited. Basically, Groupon accepts 3 types of Payment Gateways. They are:

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay and 
  • PayPal

Also, You can update or add credit card information to your account on the Groupon website or in the mobile app.

Disadvantages of the Groupon marketplace:

Before choosing any online platform to start your business, always take into account the disadvantages of that platform because it might help you to thrive on this new journey. Following are a few disadvantages of the Groupon marketplace:

  • You must be prepared to manage the increase in customers that a Groupon deal can bring to your business. It could be difficult for you to meet demand if you don’t do it.
  • Groupon primarily aims to attract bargaining customers. Most Groupon customers look for ways to save money, and many of them have no desire to spend more than the amount of the deal.
  • The Groupon offer isn’t as lucrative for sellers as it used to be. Because Groupon will take a portion of your sales when you offer discounts like a service at a discounted rate. In the end, you will discover that, despite putting in a lot of effort, you didn’t earn much money.
  • Deals don’t bring in returning customers. According to the marketing professional, Groupon has a low conversion rate for returning customers. When customers utilize your coupon, you might never see those customers again. Alternatively, if they don’t have a coupon, they might decide not to do business with you again.

Wrapping things Up:

Groupon is a social commerce platform that supports the expansion of regional businesses all over the world. Additionally, it facilitates the development of relationships between customers and suppliers. Planning is the secret to a company’s success with Groupon.  Businesses must incorporate the deal into their long-term, comprehensive company plan. As you enhance visibility and market presence, the loss in profits should be taken into account and treated as paid advertising. Businesses should also be ready for potential inventory requirements, a sudden increase in customers, and the difficulty of luring them back without making another significantly discounted offer. That said, Groupon might actually be a terrific deal if businesses are prepared for it.

We tried to recap all the key elements of the Groupon marketplace to give you an overall idea that might help you to make the decision before using this eCommerce site. We hope, you find this article helpful and if you need any further assistance, feel free to contact us through the comment box. We will be happy to help you in all the possible ways. Please subscribe to our blog and share this with others.

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