How to use Type tool in Adobe Photoshop

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The Type Tool in Photoshop is sometimes underestimated, despite the fact that it offers a huge amount of potential for designers and small company owners. From social media visuals to client paperwork, text may be used in Photoshop in a variety of ways. In this section, we’ll learn how to add, alter, and work with text.


The Type Tool is signified by the  “T” icon on the toolbar. When you click or hold the icon, you’ll get more options, just like with many of the other tools on that bar. Both horizontal and vertical text tools are available in the Type tool.

A new Type layer emerges in your Layers’ panel each time you add new text to your Photoshop document. The “T” mark distinguishes Type layers from other layer types, such as adjustment and image-based layers. Under Window > Layers, you’ll locate the Layers panel.


By clicking anywhere on your canvas using the Type tool, you may add text as a single line. You will be able to create one 

lengthy line of text as a result of this.

Alternatively, you can click and drag a rectangular shape to make a block area for your text. This block will contain your text. Simply click inside the block with the Type tool and drag the handles that appear to change the size. To make changes to your text, pick the relevant layer and use the Type tool (chosen from the toolbar) to click within the existing text with the Type tool active.


The vital Type properties appear in the Options Bar only when the Type tool is selected. Additional modification options are available in the Character and Paragraph panels. The Window > Character and Window > Paragraph menu’s  have these settings.

In the Character window, select your font family and weight, as well as font size and color. This window also has a “fake” option.

For typefaces with limited selections, use font attributes. With the mock font, you may add ”fake” italics, bold, strike-through, and other effects characteristics.

The paragraph window has formatting options for text blocks. Paragraph justification (left, right, center, full)

There are other options available, including indentation and hyphenation.


The distance between lines of text is measured by the leading between them. Although it may not appear to be a significant component, it is one of the most important aspects in determining your type’s readability.

If the leading is excessively tight, large paragraphs of text may be difficult to read. When the wording of a paragraph is too 

loose, it can appear disconnected. In a headline or quote, on the other hand, loose line spacing might be visually appealing and make it easier to read, especially given the speed with which we scroll through social media.


Tracking is the term for the space between characters. According to In Design Skills, “Tracking adjusts the letter-spacing evenly throughout a span of characters.” Tracking is distinct from kerning, which likewise deals with character spacing and is covered further down. Their article contains additional details.


To improve legibility, Kerning modifies the space between individual characters. Kerning is rather difficult, therefore it’s 

best used for logos, headlines, and posters rather than body text.


As a vector shape, the type is placed in a Photoshop document. Vectors are mathematical representations of lines, curves, and colors that define the appearance of a shape (in this example, text characters). Because vectors are not made up of a fixed number of pixels, there is no quality loss when they are resized.


Your vector text will be transformed to pixels, just like an image, if you “Rasterize Layer.” You won’t be able to change the text’s appearance, and any size modifications made with Transform, will result in a loss of clarity and sharpness.

Right-click the text and select Blending Options. If you don’t see this option on the menu, select Layer Style first, and then 

select Blending Options at the top. 

This brings up a variety of effects for professional looking type. The Blending Options allow you to add shadows, outlines, glows, and even 3D options, each of which is fully customizable. While you should experiment freely in the Blending Options menu, some key effects for good text include.


This will make the text 3D. It reassembles, turning the lines of the text into 3D cylinders, like pipes.


This outlines your text with the line of a color, thickness, and texture you get to choose.


These will change the color of your font, placing a gradient, pattern, or new color over the shape of the text. You 

can even lower the opacities of these overlays, allowing you to do some fun shading and blending.


Puts a moveable, short shadow behind your text like there was a wall a foot or two behind it. You can change the 

angle, softness, and size of the shadow.

While most people think of Photoshop as a photo editing program, it also has graphic design applications. As a small business owner, it’s critical to have at least a basic understanding of design.

Spend some time looking at how text is laid together in periodicals, posters, and other printed materials. Color, size, spacing, closeness, hierarchy, pattern, and other design concepts should all be considered.

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