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How to Use Pen Tool in Adobe Photoshop and The Benefit of Using the pen tool

What is Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop is the most widely used photo editing and manipulation software. It can be used for everything from full-featured photo editing to creating detailed digital paintings and designs that look like they were done by hand.

What is the Pen tool?

A pen tool is a selection tool, it is used to select any object. That is, it helps you to fill, stroke, or choose whatever you draw.

In Photoshop, the Pen Tool draws paths and shapes that may be copied and edited to create various selections, masks, and objects. 

Why should you use a Pen tool?

The pen tool is used to cut out a detailed and controlled outline. So, if you want to cut anything with clean sharp edges,  you can use the Pen tool. This tool takes a little longer to use, but it will provide the best results for cutting any object. 

Pen tool settings___

Here is a guideline on how to use the pen tool.

The Pen Tool is found in the bottom section of the Toolbar by default. If you click and drag just on Pen Tool in the Toolbox,  you’ll see six different Pen Tools options (if you’re using an older version of Photoshop, you might only see five). 

The Pen Tool can also be used by pressing the “P” key on your keyboard.

We are creating a new path using the Pen Tool.

So, first, go to the toolbar and select the pen tool. We can see various pen tools, but now I’m using the first one.

If you’re starting to draw a path with the pen tool, I suggest,  starting at any point on the object’s corner.

Now, if you click and drag it, you’ll see a moving control point handle that bends the path as you can see. With the help of this handle, we can properly set our path.

Click and drag for the next control point, then bend its handle in this direction to properly position it.

You can see how the path moves out of line since we curved the previous control point’s handle when drawing it. To solve this problem, hold down the alt key and click on the previous control point before creating a new one. It will remove the handle, helping you to properly draw the path.

Continue drawing the path like this. Until the whole object is finished, draw it.

After finishing the draw, click CTRL+ENTER to select the object for creating a path, and then press CTRL+J to create a new layer. Here you can see I cut the teacup properly from the image.

Pen Tool benefits.

As you can see, the object’s edges are still sharp. They haven’t been blurry in any way.

Because it uses vector technology, you can create a much cleaner, sharper, and more realistic extraction with the pen tool than with any other extraction technique in Photoshop. 

Pen tool helps to make or create interesting and precise lines and designs creating shapes and selections, or smoothing paths. While the Pen tool isn’t the fastest, it’s the most effective tool. So, this proper way to cut out any object using a pen tool.

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