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How to Create Product Attributes | Magento 2 User Guide

In this documentation, we will describe how we can create attributes on Magento.

Magento is an eCommerce platform built on open source technology. We can easily create products on Magento. We also need to set product attributes like color, size, etc.

A very simple process to create attributes on Magento. We need to go through step by step.

Step 1: For the very first step, we have to log in to Magento and go to the Magento Dashboard.

Step 2: In this step first, we have to click STORES first and then need to click Attribute Set.

The below page will appear and have to click on Add Attribute Set.

Step 3: Here we will give a name. For example, we have set the name as Color. Then click on the Save option.

Step 4: After saving the process the below page will come. Here we have to set a group name.

For this, we have to scroll down to find the Item Specifics. After this, on Item Specifics, we can see an option item_spec_color and have to select it.

After selecting this item_spec_color and scrolling up to place it in the Product Details.

Then click the Save button.

Our attributes are created now. Hope this article will help you to create attributes on Magento 2. If you need any assistance, please let us know by commenting in the below section.

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