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How to Conduct Product Research and Validate Ideas Using the AMZScout Tool

Product discovery on Amazon is indeed a critical aspect of building a successful business. It involves the process of researching and identifying profitable products to sell on the Amazon platform. For time-consuming processes like these, there are tons of tools to help you out. AMZScout is one of the most effective ones. In this article, we are going to show you how to conduct product research and validate profitable product ideas using AMZScout.

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What is AMZScout

AMZScout is a suite of tools and software designed to assist Amazon sellers with product research, market analysis, and decision-making. It’s almost a complete tool for any Amazon seller. From product research to analyzing market data, demand trends, and competition, you can do everything with this tool.

AMZScout offers tools like Product Database, Pro Extention, Quick View, etc. to do in-depth product research and come up with profitable product ideas. Now let’s know how to demonstrate the research with the AMZScout tool.

How to do Product Research Using the AMZScout Tool

So, when you go to, you will find the Tools option in the menu bar on top of the home page. Here you can see for product research they provide some tools, like Product Database, Pro Extension, Quick View and Drop shipping, Arbitrage and Wholesale Extension for Amazon.

We will use the Product database and Pro extension to show you how to do the product research and validate ideas with this tool.

Let’s start with the Product Database. Click on the Product Database.

Here you can select your preferred categories. You can also set the price range. Most of the new seller’s price point is between 20 to 30 dollars. So, if you sell products that are higher in price than 30 then the competition will be a bit lower. Of course, it’s up to you but must keep the competition in mind. You can state the reviews here and put a low review number, cause you need to see that lower review items are also selling. Obviously, at the start, you will have no reviews, so it’s an important fact to check if the lower review items are getting sales or not. Then you can set the estimated monthly sales to a minimum of 300. There are also other filters available to use, if you want you can add more filters. Also, remember to choose the marketplace in which you want to sell. Now click on Find Products. 

You will find tons of products based on our search. Here you can see the category, rank, estimated sales per month, estimated revenue, price, net profit, reviews & ratings, etc.

There is another way to find product ideas, right beside the filters, you can see an option named Product Selections, click on it to find ready-to-go product ideas with filter presets. You can choose any of these to look for different items.

From the items list you can save these items, just click on the + sign and it will be added to the product tracker.

Now, on the top menu bar of the product database page, there is another option Trends & Product Ideas. You can get the monthly trends and weekly hot product ideas from these options, and you can get a PDF file with a lot information of about the items.

Now let’s look at the PRO extension. When you are shortlisted for some of the items and want to do market research and competitor research, this pro extension will help you with tons of information. Like, suppose you find an item that is a Makeup remover pad, Let’s search on Amazon with this keyword. Then click on the AMZScout pro extension and here it is.

First of all, You can personalize the view of this extension. Also, you can check the Trend, Niche keywords, Suppliers from Alibaba, Niche Score and Visibility score. You can download the CSV file to check it later or send it to your team to work on it.

What Niche Score indicates is how hard is the competition, whether the profit is okay or, high/low; shows the Demand for the item in the market, and also the competition in this niche. 

The visibility score indicates how many sellers have found this niche, lower number means not many sellers have found this niche yet.

In the Pro Extension, you will all the data about the items, including price, net margin, estimated sales, reviews, and everything. 

Also when you click under the product name, you can see a hidden column from where you can find the product history, supplier on Alibaba, and a profit calculator to get the overall idea about the product and the niche.

Final Thoughts

AMZScout is a great tool for doing product research and getting an overall idea about the items. It’s crucial you do your research before you start on Amazon. Amazon is a vast marketplace with huge competition. Yes, you have a ready market and huge traffic already on Amazon, but you must know, what are people buying and with which product you have the best chance of being a successful Amazon seller.

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