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For clothes and shoes and other apparel products, the one-size-fits-all approach does not work for all individuals as their sizes vary from one another. Also, the listed sizes of clothes differ from one online store to the other. As a result, shoppers find it challenging to choose clothes of the right size. Buyers do not get to take a trial of the items in online stores. To address the problem of sizing, shoppers try out solutions such as the size chart. With a size chart, an eCommerce store can give the right impression to buyers regarding the size of clothes.

As Amazon is the most competitive e-commerce platform in the world and offers all good features for sellers to operate their business smoothly as well as for a better customer shopping experience. So, a seller should add a size chart on his products to increase sales and reduce return rates and higher customer satisfaction.

So today our topic is how to add a brand-specific size chart on Amazon. But first of all, we need to be familiar with two more topics, one is size guide eligibility and another one is for which department and categories are eligible for size chart on Amazon. So, let’s begin with this.

Eligibility for size guide on Amazon

Brand-specific size charts are only available to Amazon Brand Registered Sellers at this time. Once the required data has been processed, the seller needs to select the size chart link on the product detail page to access a window with the branded size chart. The size chart is available for the below departments.

Available size charts

Available Departments

The below departments are available for applying size chart on Amazon now 

  • Women
  • Men
  • Boy
  • Girls
  • Baby

Available Category

 The below categories are available for applying size chart on Amazon now

Category name: Jewelry

  • One size chart per Marketplace / Brand / Department / Product Type combination.
  • Size charts are only available for Rings. A brand can provide one size chart for each Department (Men, Women, Girls, Boys) mentioning size, diameter, and circumference.
  • Currently, we do not provide image-based size charts for Rings.

    Category name: Shoes

  • One size chart per Marketplace / Brand / Department / Product Type combination.
  • Brands can provide one size chart per Department. For Unisex products, a chart is required for each Department. For example, for Unisex Sandal, a chart will be required for the Men and Women department.
  • Men and Women product types:
  • Boot 
  • Shoes
  • Shoe Accessory
  • Sandal
  • Technical Sport Shoe

Category name: Apparel

  • One size chart per Marketplace / Brand / Department / Product Type combination.
  • Unisex products require a size chart for each Department. For Unisex Hat, a chart will be required for the Men and Women department.
  • Girls, Boys, and Baby have one size chart for all garments. The size includes several sub-tables to accommodate tops, bottoms, and so on.
  • Men and Women’s Product Types:
  • Accessory (gloves and belts)
  • Blazer
  • Bra
  • Dress
  • Ethnic wear
  • Hat
  • Kimono
  • Outerwear
  • Pants (includes jeans)
  • Shirt (includes tops)
  • Skirt
  • Shorts
  • Sleepwear (tops, bottoms, and nightgowns)
  • Socks and Hosiery
  • Suit
  • Sweater
  • Swimwear (bikini tops, bottoms, and one-piece)
  • Underwear (briefs, camisoles, shapewear, boxers, etc.)
  • Adult-sized costumes

Product with special sizes

 A single size chart can include sub-tables to accommodate product sub-categories and special sizes. For example, the US Women Pants size chart includes:

  • Jeans
  • Jeans – Plus Size
  • Jeans – Petite
  • Jeans – Curvy
  • Jeans – Curvy Plus
  • Rompers
  • Pants
  • Pants – Plus Size
  • Pants – Petite

Note: If a sub-table is left empty on the template then no data will appear on the size chart. For example, if you do not sell Rompers leave this sub-table empty.

Information to include in size chart Template

 After getting the template from the Amazon support, you need to fill the template (Excel file) with appropriate data. But before that you need to be aware of the below points.

Local and other country sizes

  • The local size is the most important information and the actual size a customer will be selecting for their purchase.
  • This information is particularly important for shoes. For example, there is no universal translation for EU size to UK size.
  • If you mention several local sizes on your label, ensure that your size chart aligns with your labels.


  • Provide measurements that are relevant to your Product Type Detail. Men’s Pants need Waist and Inseam measurements but not Hip. Women’s Dresses need Chest/Bust, Waist, and Hip but not Inseam.
  • When providing a measurement, list the metric(s) that correlate to the dimensions of the product. For example, XS (inches) Waist 28-30, Hip 40. These measurements can be one value or a range. They need to be in the local unit of measurement.

Manufacturer size and label

  • While the local size is the most important for customers and the one they will select when purchasing a product, your product should be labeled according to the local size format. 
  • If your product is labeled according to another size format, it is important that you provide the labeled size and corresponding dimensions for the product when creating the size chart. 
  • You can also add a disclaimer to the Product Description, for example, runs small, preshrunk is done.

Now it is time to drive onto the main topic of how to add a brand-specific size chart on Amazon.

How to add a brand-specific size chart: 

 You need to follow the below process to add a size chart on a product type or category on Amazon.

  1. First, you need to select one specific ASIN for a particular Amazon Marketplace (US, CA, UK etc), Brand, Department and Product Type.
  1. Then Contact Seller Support by following these steps-

Go to seller center Seller Central

·         Navigate to “Help” section

·         Click on “Get Support”

·         Select “Selling on Amazon”

·         Click on the “Or, browse for your issue in the menu”

·         Click on the “Fix a product page” by navigate the “Products, Listings, or Inventory”

·         Click on the “Contact Us”

 Now provide the information as below.

  • Contact reason is “size chart”.
  • Describe your issue as Marketplace / Brand / Department / Product Type.
  • ASIN ID is the Parent ASIN for the Product Type Definition (PTD).

3. Seller Support will reply with the appropriate template to capture the sizing dimensions.

4. After getting the templates, complete the template for your PTD using dimensions relevant to the PTD. Empty cells in the template will not appear on the product detail page.

4. Attach the completed template(s) to your Seller Support case. Seller Support will convert the templates into size charts.

Important: You need to provide a size chart as soon as you sell an ASIN in a new Product Type for your brand. You will need to create the ASIN in the Department and Product Type for Amazon to load a size chart.

 Note: Do not load a new size chart for each new ASIN within the same Product Types. There is one size chart per Marketplace / Brand / Department / Product Type combination. If you already have a size chart for the Department “Women’s Dresses”, it will extend automatically to new Department ASINs of the same brand when created in the same marketplace.

How to fill up the template

The given templates are country-specific and information requirements will be unique based on the Marketplace. The unit measurements (inches or cm) will also be localized based on the country the product is being sold in. The templates are Excel files and do not add or delete rows/columns as this will cause the template loads to fail.

 Size chart header and title: Your Brand’s name will automatically be added to the size chart title. For example “Levi’s Women’s shirts size chart”. You cannot edit the size chart header or title.

 Table header: If you are selling a peculiar sub-category of products, you can edit the table headers. Also the column headers, mandatory, and optional values can be modified.

 Column headers: For the column header the following might have minor differences in translation between countries:

  • Manufacturer and label size: The size listed on the label if it is different from the local size.
  • US and other countries: The local size is mandatory and it should match the size customers choose in the drop-down menu.
  • Bust, waist, hip, and other body measurements: Enter the exact body measurement for the garment or enter a range. For example, waist (inches): 29 – 31.

 Rows: Rows are numbered based on the requirements of our templates. If you want to add rows then you need to contact Seller Support for assistance. Rows that do not have data will not appear in the size chart. 

Cells: You need to follow the following instructions for cells.

  • When displaying a size range use this format: number(s), space, hyphen, then number(s). For example, 13-45 with no leading or trailing spaces. Otherwise, Excel will interpret this entry as a subtraction operation. 
  • Convert fractions to decimals. For example, 3 1/2 = 3.5. For sizes that are brand specific, change the cell format to “fraction” otherwise “36 1/3” will become “36.33333”. For example, Adidas 1/3.
  • HTML tags are not permitted.
  • Only enter data in the highlighted sections.

Save and upload the template

 After completing adding all information you just need to save the file. Then attach the completed template(s) to your Seller Support case. Seller Support will convert the templates into size charts and apply for the selected department and product Type.

 For each template, Seller Support requires the below information

  • Marketplace name
  • Department name (e.g. Men, Women, Baby, Boys, Girls)
  • Product Type (e.g. shirt, shoes, All PTD for kids)
  • A sample Parent ASIN
  • Include this information in the file names you upload e.g. “US Men’s Levis Pants xx”.
  • If there are no item data quality issues, publishing takes up to 24 hours after the template is uploaded.

 That’s all. In this process, you can easily apply size charts on your product on Amazon.


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