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How Ecomclips Experts Revive Failing Advertising Campaigns

Nowadays Amazon is one of the biggest and most popular marketplaces. Amazon is so popular among online shoppers that some of them are so loyal to Amazon that they won’t even consider purchasing products off the platform. Amazon Advertising (formerly AMS or Amazon Marketing Services) is a service that works similarly to pay-per-click(PPC) ads in which sellers only pay when shoppers click on ads (regardless of whether or not the item sells).

Advertising on Amazon can be a powerful way to increase visibility, drive traffic, and boost sales for your products. There are several advertising options available on Amazon, and each serves a specific purpose. Amazon’s advertising business is thriving at an accelerated pace, especially as it reconstructs its products across its environs. Amazon DSP (Demand Side Platform) has allowed sellers to programmatically buy display and video ads at scale and target audiences on, Fire TV Sticks,, Kindles, Freedive, apps, third-party sites, apps, and platforms.

While advertising on Amazon most of the seller don’t know much about PPC and how to deal with sales fall down.That’s why they have faced several problems .One of them is Amazon’s advertising campaign’s performance fall down. We usually get this type of question from many sellers. So in this blog, we will cover What strategies or checkboxes do you need to follow when any advertising campaign’s performance falls down? We will try to show you how we manage or adjust our advertising campaigns if their performance falls down.

Table Of Content:

  • Real Time Example
  • Findings
  • Findings Recap
  • Final Checkbox
  • Insights

Here are some Real-time example for better understanding. From them you will get better idea about your sales  graph and performance. It is going down or lower and  profitable or not.

Real Time Example:

Here you can see the graph of this campaign. Our sales have been dropping recently. On the contrary, ACoS raised more than usual. So let’s look deeply and try to find out the reason behind this bad performance.

This is the campaign that we are talking about. These are the items that we are advertising in this campaign. These two listings are showing ineligibility in the campaign label. Because they are OOS currently. As they had a good number of sales previously so this might be a reason for lower sales and ACOS increasing.

This isn’t enough. Let’s check some other points if we find any more issues. Before checking the performance of the keywords, let’s take a look at the product detail page that is active now. 


Product Category:

The product category seems okay. The reason why I am checking the category is that sometimes this might be changed because of Amazon’s technical error or something else. If the products are shown in the wrong category, it also impacts sales. So you need to check this frequently.


Besides this, you also need to check the product title. Changing the title of a product on Amazon can have some potential disadvantages for the performance level. The product title is a critical factor in Amazon’s search algorithm. If a seller changes the title, it may take some time for the algorithm to reevaluate and index the new title. During this transition period, the product might experience fluctuations in search rankings, potentially leading to decreased visibility and sales. 

I am not saying that you can’t change the title – But don’t change it frequently. By the way , for our case, we didn’t change our product titles recently so it shouldn’t affect our performance

Buy Box:

Here you see we don’t have the buy box. For not getting the buy box that’s mean there are some issue with the products. There are some criteria for getting the buy box that need to be satisfied. You should also check your product buy-box and delivery time to make sure everything is perfect. Because if you don’t have the buy box but run ads for any listing you will end up spending money only without getting any sales.

Products Price: 


Here you see that the price is changed but it will not effect that much. If the product’s price changes sometimes it loses Buy Box, which impacts Profit Margins, potentially affecting a seller’s visibility and rankings in search results. In our case, we reduced the price recently so it shouldn’t affect sales but should help to increase the sales. Please don’t miss to check this out.

Anyway, if you have enough items in your accounts, it becomes tough to remember whether you changed any price or not. In that case, you can use some free tools like H10, Keepa, and so on. This will help you to track the price changes along with some other benefits.

Competitors Check: Also need to check if competitors are dominating my product detail page or not. There is a chance that competitors may offer lower prices or give discounts and show their ads on our product detail page.

 In my case, Mostly we have been able to defend our detailed page

Also need to check that competitors sometimes change the price or offer deals and discounts to keep themselves competitive in the market which could lower our sales sometimes. That’s why you usually need to check your competitors.


 Now let’s go to the review section and filter by most recent reviews. 

There are there are 3 negative reviews over the last 2 or 3 months. So, it will be the another  reason for sales drop.

Competitors research:

 Anyway,  For us these two are our primary competitors. 

It seems like they are sometimes changing the price or offering deals and discounts to keep themselves competitive in the market which could lower our sales sometimes.

keywords : 

 There are some keywords that generated maximum sales this year. 

So I can check if my products are still appearing on the top of the Amazon search result page with those keywords or not. We have found that for some keywords our products are not appearing at the top of the Amazon search result page so I need to push them more.

Final Checkbox:

I am sharing the final check box that you should check if you see any bad performance for any of your advertising campaigns.


Ecomclips Experts understand the importance of targeting the right audience. They revisit audience segments, demographics, and keyword targeting to ensure they are reaching the most relevant potential customers. This may involve refining existing targeting parameters or experimenting with new ones. Resurrecting a failing campaign is an iterative process. Ecomclips Experts regularly monitor campaign performance, make data-driven adjustments, and test new strategies to ensure ongoing success.

We hope this blog will help you to understand how our PPC experts approach when any advertising campaign’s performance falls down. 

If you need any help with your advertising account, you can contact us via email at with this blog reference. 

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