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Channel Wise Data Import or Bulk Update Information Using Linnworks

In this documentation, we will describe how to define the Parent-child relationship on Linnworks and List Variation product on Linnworks using Excel template file in Bulk.

Linnworks is an eCommerce based multichannel software for online retailers. Importing and populating Variation Groups is a common use for Inventory Imports. The process of creating the import is identical to any other Inventory Import, but the preparation of the CSV file requires certain columns to be presented, in order to be successful.

  1. Preparing CSV file

In order to upload, we need to prepare an Excel or CSV file. No need to download any file from Linnworks, we can create a CSV file from Microsoft Excel. The CSV file requires a few columns that need to be presented. We can give the columns name by ourselves or matching with the Linnworks properties.

SKUUnique identifier to reference this item in Linnworks.
Is Variation GroupEnter Yes if the SKU is to be a Variation group.
Variation Group NameIf the item is the parent SKU of a variation group, this is the name given to the group as a whole.
Variation SKUThis is the Parent SKU that the Child SKUs will belong to.


2. Uploading CSV file.

2.1  Once logged into the Linnworks, we can see that, on the left side of the screen- Linnworks features are grouped into categories that we can use. To upload the CSV, we need to choose the Import Data from SETTINGS.

2.2 After that, we have to click on Import Now on the top right side of the page to upload our CSV file.

2.3 In Import Configuration, we have to give a Name and select the Type Inventory Import from the drop-down. Then click on Next.

2.4 Now we have to select our CSV file. Click on Choose File and then again click on Next.

2.5 In this section, we have to map File Column with Map to. After mapping properly Click Run Now. This section is very important, make sure we have to map the file column with the proper name. Although most columns will be mapped automatically, due to the CSV file’s column names matching with Linnworks properties, columns such as color would need to be mapped as Extended Item Properties of type Attribute

Also please note that when creating a variation group, ensure that the SKU and Variation SKU match.

Finally, the bulk upload variation item on Linnworks is completed. 

2.6 For checking our items we need to go to My Inventory from Inventory.

2.7 In My Inventory search box we have to search for our items and we will find our items.

If we click on that plus button with the parent SKU we can also find the child variations.

That is the end of this article. Please contact us for any kind of support. We would be glad to help you out. Thank you and best of luck for your business.

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