Channel Wise Data Import or Bulk Update Information Using Linnworks

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How to Change or Edit Information for specific Marketplace Like eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, Magento and other Website from Linnworks

Linnworks is one of the best Multi Channel Listing Management software from where we can list our item to marketplaces. When we use Linnworks as Listing Management Platform, it is necessary to import data on Linnworks according to specific channel requirement since there are major differences in the operation of different channels. For instance, the maximum title length for eBay is 80 character only, whereas, for Amazon, it is 200! Also, in Amazon key product features are displayed in bullet points on the product detail page, unlike many others. For such kind of differences, it is essential to import channel-wise data on Linnworks, which basically provides a common platform to handle all the channels. Also, sometimes we need to Edit or Update information on Specific channel too like, We want to update the Title or Description from Linnworks to marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and other platforms. In this article, we will show how to import data according to marketplaces using an Excel CSV file.

Different channel-wise data import or update has been shown below:  We can import product information either directly on Linnworks Interface or using Excel CSV File for bulk operation. Here we will show the Bulk process of import data on Linnworks as well as on Marketplaces.

To begin, we need to prepare a CSV file including:

  • SKU
  • Titles for different channels
  • Descriptions for different channels
  • Prices for different channels
  • Other specifications

Note: This is not mandatory to use the same column header as like below screenshots. File Header can be user specific but when we upload the file on Linnworks we need to map the column header with Linnworks built-in value.

The next step is that we need to import or upload the file on Linnworks. And to do that we need to go Setting – > Import Data

After that, click on Import Now

Here we need to fill up some information like, ‘Name’, ‘Type’. For a ‘Name’ field we need to give a friendly name according to our wish, but type must be selected from dropdown. As we are going to import product information we need to select ‘Inventory Import’ from the dropdown.

Now we have to select the file which we want to import on Linnworks

After selecting the file we need to map the file column header with Linnworks built-in header. As well as we need to select the Source and Sub source to define the Channel.

  • SKU will map automatically if the file header is called SKU

Map Specific marketplace Titles to ‘Title by Channel’

  • This will create new text boxes
  • We fill in the Source textbox by Channel name
  • We enter our Sub-Source in the second textbox, in this example, it is Beararmed

Map eBay Description to Description by Channel

  • This will create textboxes identical to the previous step

Map eBay Price to Price by Channel

  • This will create textboxes identical to the previous step

Linnworks screen had been shown below:

  • We do the same for other channels
  • We map any other columns as appropriate
  • Click on  Run Now

Now if we only want to edit or update some specific information on Linnworks we can do it with the same procedure.

For example, we want to update the title of a binocular on eBay. The existing title on eBay channel is in the below image

We have to create a CSV file like below:

Now, we have to go to settings on Linnworks and Reimport

Now, we choose Template

We map Title by Title by Channel, we choose Source & Sub-source. Then we click on Run Now.

Now we have to revise the item to reflect instantly on eBay Marketplace. So go to Ineventory -> My Inventory

From my inventory, we search for the SKU

We revise the Title.

We click on Edit EBAY Listings then on the URL

Our title on eBay channel has been updated as below:

In this way, data can be imported or updated on specific channels Like Bigcommerce, eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, etc. Titles and descriptions on specific channels can be imported or updated like we showed above.

Thanks a bunch for reading our content. Our sincerest hopes that this will help you in your eCommerce business. Keep reading our blog and stay with us!

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