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Jet is the new affiliate in the eCommerce Marketplace which is a direct challenger to the Amazon eCommerce empire, launched onto the retail scene and promises lower price (made stronger with several hundreds of millions in venture funding). Jet has expressed itself with a strong start and has already moved up at the fourth position of the eCommerce marketplace staircase as far as originating GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) for concerns of its sellers. Within a couple of months, Jet is becoming a larger than established marketplaces like Tesco, Best Buy, Sears, and many more such platforms.

Looking for a jet marketplace management service?

eComClips will be the partner for all your Jet Marketplace needs.

Product Listing Management:

If a merchant wants to sell a product that matches an existing item on the Jet catalog, providing the following information is required:

  • Merchant SKU: Merchants use Unique Identification Code to identify products.
  • Unique IDs: For every products at least one unique ID is required but multiple unique IDs are preferred that are not specified by merchant. Standard Product Code and Manufacturer Part Number can also serve as the Unique ID.
  • Product Title: A Short Description of less than 500 characters presenting the product.
  • Multi-Pack Quantity: Number of products based on unique ID that builds Merchant SKU. Ensure product listing integrity, rectification of this field is obligatory .
  • Product Price: Considered the overall price of the product.
  • Inventory: A complete list of items such as property, quantity of stock of the product in a given Fulfillment node.

However, if the product does not match with any item on Jet’s catalog that a merchant wants to sell then the below mentioned additional information are required as well as the above mentioned information.

  • Jet Browse Node ID: Unique ID to define where your product will be found on Jet.
  • Product Description: Elaborate Product Description of less than 2000 words.
  • Product Image: An Additional Image with Main Image in formats such as JPEG, GIF, and PNG for enhancing your listing. Having 1500 x 1500 pixels or larger dimension are preferred.
  • Package Dimensions: Shipping Dimensions of your product in length, width and height.
  • Shipping Weight: Shipping Weight of the product mentioned in pounds.

Product Listing Optimization:

Jet considerate to offer customers positive experience, jet ensures that sellers provide relevant, accurate and useful information about the listed products and hence, encourages inclusion of as many data fields as required.

Experts at eComClips perceive your requirement to get your products listed on Jet marketplace quickly, completely and without losing quality. We are well-acquainted with the guidelines and strategy set by Jet and assist you to upload your product catalog along with content requirements and compliances on all products.

Product Integration:

If you are thinking to sell on Jet, it’s essential to have an API so that you can import your product feed to Jet. Programmers at eComClips are skilled at Jet API to list and take orders from Jet.

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