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Why Groupon? | A Professional Review About Selling in Groupon

There are lots of giant marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, Walmart….etc etc. Among all of these marketplaces Groupon is one of them. Groupon is an E-commerce marketplace which is ruling all over the world. Groupon company Headquarters is situating in Chicago and it was launched in November 2008. Enormous business growing by Groupon today there are 49.6 million active customers.

Basically Groupon word is a blend of “Group” and “Coupon” word. The First deal of Groupon was a two-pizzas for the price of one offer at Motel Bar which is a restaurant on the first floor of its building in Chicago. After growing business step by step then it was not looked back. In the 2016 Groupon revenue became 3.143 billion USD with 10000 employees.

If you want to promote your business for some quick exposure, attract a new base of customers, get a quick revenue blast or introduce yourself to the market then choosing Groupon marketplace will be the best choice.

Groupon’s Popularity:

There are 2 reasons of Groupon popularity.

  1. The First one is Groupon’s subscribers are so much modern buyers who love to spend money. If there is a chance to get a discount or perceived bargain then Groupon’s subscribers  love to spend money to buy their desire products. Groupon Works exactly the same thing. For their motivated group of buyers Groupon provides motivating choices.
  2. The Second one is Groupon can easily advertise itself and its quickly spread through email about their daily offers. Also subscribers encourage their friends and families to forward the deal of the day as recommendation links. So in this era an email suggestion means a lots of important matter. Most Interesting matter is Groupon subscribers can get $10 if he/she motivate to refer friends/families. So subscribers get extra motivated to know other about Groupon personal networks.

Basically Groupon promotes your city’s stores and restaurant. In a word it is a middleman service. Groupon motivates people to try a extraordinary store or restaurant everyday and gains a commission whenever they able to refer a client. when a deal announced by Groupon it will remain online 24 to 72 hours. This is the Unique nature of Groupon. After purchasing Coupon these coupons expire will be 6 to 12 months later. So there no need to be rushed to reedem the Coupon in the same day.

Groupon Service For The Customer:

Groupon is a totally free for everyone to join. Everyday Groupon will send an email news to Groupon subscribers about deal-of-the-day in that nearby area of their subscribers. Generally deal will be 50% or 40% or anything at a particular restaurant Or 50% or 40% or anything at a particular store. If you like the deal then you will brought an electronic coupon from Groupon via credit card or paypal account. Simply print that electronic coupon, show to that particular restaurant or store and enjoy your facilities.

Groupon Service For The Merchant:

We have already knew that Groupon is a middleman commission-based service. They motivate their customer base to the seller and promise merchants to gain target sales for everyday. If Groupon don’t kept their promise then there is no value for the seller to provide any discount services, nor type of commission pay to Groupon. Besides  Groupon Business system is beneficiary for all the 3 parties (Groupon, Seller, Customer).

If The Deal Of The Day Offer Not Pleasure:

If the deal of the day offer not matched with your criteria then no need to do anything. Just wait for the another offer. There is no charge for you to see everyday Groupon news offer/discount. These offer news will reach in your mailbox everyday.

Groupon Now Application:

Groupon developed an application for the smartphone and tablet users which was starting in 2011 and the application name is “Groupon – Shop Deals, Discounts & Coupons”. The application consists of two buttons

  1. I’m Hungry.
  2. I’m Bored.

When a user click one among this two options then the apps will locates the closest and best deals for food or entertainment nearby your location.

Groupon “VIP”:

Groupon announced a “VIP Membership” program On February 20, 2012. The membership fee will be $30 annually. For the VIP members they can access  deals 12 hours earlier than non-members. Also they can access to expired deals (in the “Deal Vault”) and easy returns of deals (in exchange for “Groupon bucks”).

So that’s all about Groupon Marketplace.

As we are e-commerce specialist so we are really encourage to you if you are looking for deal-of-the-day marketplace then don’t look to the other marketplaces. Just Choose Groupon Marketplaces wisely.

For now this article is END. In the next article we will come another topic about another marketplace. So that you can boost up your business.

Have a nice Day !!

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