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Wayfair Advertising: How to Optimize Wayfair Sponsored Products Campaigns| Tips & Tricks 2022

Wayfair is an influential, fast-growing eCommerce platform. If you are interested in getting your brand and home goods products in front of a wide audience, Wayfair offers a marketing and advertising platform for businesses that sell home furnishings and other similar goods. However, as the platform continues to grow, it is becoming more competitive day by day. Without implementing best practices, brands need struggle to be discovered. This guide is created to share the tips and guidelines you need to build a successful Wayfair advertising strategy.

 Wayfair Campaigns optimization:

After running a wayfair campaign for a time being, it’s important that we optimize our wayfair campaign perfectly. For optimizing wayfair campaigns, we have to optimize some metrics that are related to wayfair  advertising. Most of the products in wayfair are advertised through  sponsored  products campaigns.

Sponsored products Campaign optimization:
Sponsored  products have two types of optimization: Product level optimization and Keyword level optimization. For optimizing these two, we will use some factors generated by wayfair .

  • Product Level Optimization: The higher the ad spend, the more often you should optimize a campaign.The best way for optimizing product level campaign is to take help of products based reports.

    In Wayfair Sponsored Products page, click Reporting on the top menu.This report represents a real-time overview of your campaigns’ trend.

After generating the product based data, you have to optimize based on some factors:

1.Adjusting Bid: We have to make changes on bid on product level sku based on the data we get on this report. For best practice, we can keep our products level bid greater than suggested bid for the good performing “SKU”.

2.Calculate CTR: If you have a high CTR (Click Through Rate) and low sales, it means your product detail page must need to be optimized. In other words, people find your listing and landing page on the product page, but they don’t complete the purchase. Usually, the main product image and the title need to be good. If they aren’t, you can’t have a high CTR. 

3.Using Suggested Bid : After ruuning campaign for a time being, if you are not getting enough impression and clicks, it’s high time you put your bids greater than suggested bids. By doing that, you can generate more traffic to your campaign and thus increasing high conversion possibility for your desired “SKU”

4.ROAS: The main fact that comes when calculating the profit. it’s based on
”ROAS” .We have to optimize our Bid based on this .If ”ROAS” is profitable we have to increase our Bid ,Increase the bid unless the “ROAS” stops increasing.

  • Keyword’s  Level Optimization: We can optimize our campaign on keywords level also,it’s like manual targeting in amazon,For optimizing this one we have use a keyword based report.

The first high level optimization is to periodically adjust the bids of your keywords.To do so, you can download the Product-Keyword Report which shows the performance of your keywords according to products and match type

1.High ROAS: The first advertising pillar is the correlation between bids and ROAS. When ROAS decreases, bids should also be decreased to stop ad waste. When ROAS increases, bids should slightly and progressively be increased until ROAS growth stops.

2.Adjust Keyword’s Bid: When impressions are too low, you should raise the bids to show your ads to more people. But low impressions are not only affected by bids. If a keyword is too specific, it won’t generate many monthly searches to be relevant and, consequently, it will have low impressions. relevant and, consequently, it will have low impressions.

3.Using Different Match Types: When your keywords get matured with time ,you can now know different match types in keywords.The match types allowed in Wayfair are smart exact and smart pharse match types . After using smart phrases as match type in the initial level we can now move on to smart exact for better conversion of your campaign.

So,that’s how you can optimize your wayfair camapign perfectly. If you aren’t optimizing your campaign perfectly you may never get the best outcome you should get from your advertising from wayfair. If you can use the factors mentioned above, you can make a good profit from your advertising and can sustain in the long run.

Hopefully, now you have a clear idea about how you can optimize campaigns for your wayfair advertising. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any queries on any advertising field of eCommerce. Please let us know if you face any issue. We are always here to hear from you.

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